How to Bronze in under 15 mins on Medit

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How to Bronze in under 15 mins on Medit

by Blitz

Play some 1v1 large Medit games no reveal as Mino against the Comp. Note the following things and report your success:

1) Granary Time—- needs to be up with 5 berry pickers by 1:00. Anything more will give you Villager lag.

2) Pit Time—- needs to be up by 4:00. Villagers should be able to cut 75W stragglers around your TC until you get 120W.

3) First Dock Time—- needs to be up by 5:00. Send Villagers 10&11 to the sea after vill 10 BE by TC and vill 11 is born. Number your forwards group 1 and the dock group 2. This dock should make fb’s from the moment it goes up till you hit the Tool button.

4) Second Dock Time—- needs to be up by 6:30 and aprox. a screen apart from the first. Number it group 3, and keep it busy making fb’s till you hit the Tool button also.

5) Second Pit Time—- once your berry pickers are starting to cluster at the last 1-2 berries, have 2-3 of them go build another pit by a good forest. If your initial pit has any obstacles (hills, gold piles, stone piles, etc.) pit another forest. If not, then pit the same forest but in a way so there is no clustering of 20+ Villagers. This means 4-5 Villagers on each side of a pit chopping. I have found it is better to do second pit before third dock.

6) Villager high and ratio at 9:00—- Hit the pause button at 9:00 and see how you are doing. TTL Pop and real vills to fb ratio. This will help you see what will happen to you down the road in late Tool/early Bronze. Don’t make any real Villagers after 9:00 and stop your fishing boat production when your TTL Pop is at 38.

7) Third dock Time—after your second pit. This should be between 8:00 and 9:00, depending on how effecient things have gone up to this point.

8) Hit Tool button— at 10:00 with 38 TTL Villagers. Have forwards build a Barracks as they walk closer to the opponent. Start the Barracks when you are 75% to Tool at the latest.

9) Resources upon entering Tool—- Hit pause when you Tool and record your resources. Knowing how much food and wood you have entering Tool is critical.

10) Hit Bronze button—- Have woodies build a Market and forwards build a stable. Build a Villager from TC. Once your Villager is born, you should be able to hit Bronze button at 12:20 giving you a 14:40 Bronze time.

Throughout this trial use HC to create every Villager and use 2f 3f 4f to make fishing boats. Rely on the period key to find and center new Villagers and fishing boats as they are born.

If you monitor these 10 things, you can see where you start to fall behind…. meaning where you need to improve. Once you play several 1v1’s against the comp and really watch these times, you will improve. Post your progress with these 10 points, then we can move on to the Tool Age and Bronze Age. I will help you through that also.


Also one thing I think Blitz forgot to mention, a common mistake, is that you should never build your 2nd dock if it will stop FB production on your first dock. Same for when you build your third dock.

Blitz do you always follow that 1 screen rule? I always looked for 2+ sf before docking…


Correct…. once you build a dock, boom from it until you advance until Tool. When faced with the choice of docking again or doing fb’s, keep your boom going.

I always follow the 1 screen rule in 1v1’s. I usually get vills 10&11 down to the sea in enough time to walk around and find a good spot for the first dock. By the time I have walked a screen or so and had them build a house or two, I have uncovered another great spot for the second dock.

I never see people use good dock spacing on Medit maps. I think dock spacing is the single biggest key to success to offset slower Tool times. Having 6-8 enemy ships at your dock isn’t the end of the world.

Let me explain this more: Your dock spacing gives you so many more options. If you are under attack at your closest dock… chances are that it is your last dock you built, hence the smallest amount of fb’s. Your first dock you built that has the majority of your economy is at least two screens from danger. Basically you have a line of sight all along your coast with fbs and docks so you can use this “free scouting” to move fb’s before danger ever comes and continue to have them fish. You can group your navy at a good spot and confront when the numbers are in your favor. I will have my forwards build a few military docks close together and force my opponent to fight there. That will be half the map from the majority of my fishing.

This is all done because of thoughtful dock spacing initially. All too often players allow their opponents to win by simply having 3-4 docks so close together that they lose all of their navy and economy if they lose the initial Tool Age battle.

You shouldn’t need a second last food source if you dock under 5:00. If you are much later than that, you should consider a second land food source because you will be slow to Tool.

You need to find the right ratio of Villagers/fbs in Stone. When I do my big booms I make real Villagers up to 10:00. This allows me to have the woodpile to win the sea. If you do less fb’s, you will have more wood. However you might have to wait to get 800 food in Tool, as well as sacrifice any Tool army that you might of had with more fb’s in Stone.

Once the sea is mine I ALWAYS make sure I take advantage of it. I will make 10-15 more fishing boats, and they will feed several TC’s on the land booming Villagers. This will always lead to victory.