Goldmine Distribution in Rise of Rome

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Goldmine Distribution in Rise of Rome

by Angel Omnivac

[Zen: Forum post written in response to a question about the distribution of goldmines in RoR compared to AoE]

It’s not really different than AoE. Sandy gave the numbers once and it goes like this…

Map Type is not really important, other than gold mines will be more crowded.

Map Sizes
Tiny 1 Gold mine / player + (0-2)
Small 2 Gold mines / player
Medium 2 Gold mines / player + (0-1)
Large 2 Gold mines / player + (0-2)
Huge 2 Gold mines / player + (0-3)
Gigantic 2 Gold mines / player + (0-4)

So on a Huge map with 6 players, there will be from 12 to 15 Gold mines. Same thing goes for Stone mines too.

There is some small differences sometime. I ran several tests on different settings, and once on a Gigantic Mediterranean map with 8 players, I got 21 Gold mines.

Besides Tiny maps, in RoR you will have two gold mines near you (relatively speaking, you still search for them) for each players… The other gold mines will be somewhere else on the map between players.