DM Strategy – Generic

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DM Strategy – Generic

by Blitz

Opening DM is like RM in that you need a good building pattern. This is what I do and seems to work fine.

Opening move vill 1 BE and vill 2-3 BN,BN,BN. Make 20 vills in each TC.

Have a couple do housing behind your base. Don’t group houses all together.

Have a couple do technology buildings like Market, gov center, granary, and storage pits by TC.

Assign a group of Villagers to start staking out military buildings. Don’t stake really close to your base. Give yourself some room.

Assign a group of Villagers to start Towering.

The primary unit in DM’s is the Armored Ele. Learn how to use it and kill it to survive and win.

I will always make at least ten Priests. Number them and use to convert Armored Eles. Make your opponent have to make more than that one unit.