Crappy Bronzing Revisited

V. Late Stone

Leave 6 villagers on wood. Whichever start you use, once you have a wood pit, the key here is that you only need 6 villagers on wood. Everyone else (except the explorer) should be on food, and use the excess wood to build new food buildings. If your first wood pit is not by a sweet spot, then put your idle villagers on wood until you have 120 wood for a new food building – then leave 6 woodcutters behind and put the rest on food. Run out of food? Just build a new food pit and move on.
When do you dock? Your explorer should hopefully by late stone (17-20) have found a nice stretch of water in which to dock. A nice stretch of water (on inland) contains at least 3 fish, shore or otherwise. Now, if your first wood pit was at a sweet spot, then you can afford to build a dock right after you build your wood pit. If your first wood pit was not at a sweet spot, build another food building first before docking – or you will find that your Tool time will suffer. Docks, while good, take a while to start bringing in food.
While your explorer is building a dock, get someone back at your town to build a house. This way you can build a fishing boat the moment your dock is complete.
Stop at 20 villagers. As explained in The Aims of Crappy Bronzing you want a fast tool. Hit the Tool button the moment you get 500 food.
Transfer 1-2 villagers from food to wood, depending on how fast you are getting food. You don’t want to hit Tool with 800 food but have to wait for 300 wood in order to Bronze.
Build 2-3 fishing boats, depending on your wood situation. From experience, any more than three fishing boats and you may find that you have to wait to get the 300 wood to Bronze. Of course, if you find that you have excess wood, build more fishing boats by all means.
Forward exploration. Once your explorer has finished the dock, his only role now is to build a Barracks and start looking for enemy. Cross whatever shallows you find, taking care to avoid any alligators in it. Locate the enemy wood, if possible. Try to stay unnoticed. Once you have scouted out the enemy town, find a quiet place and hide.

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