Crappy Bronzing Revisited


If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
-Sun Wu, The Art of War

The first step is to “know thyself.” In order to become a good (or even great) AoE player, you must not only know how to execute a particular strategy, but you must know what it is you’re doing and why
Because of the inconsistencies of random maps, sticking to a set routine or a particular build order is likely to get you into trouble when played on maps which do not correspond closely with what you have practiced. It is for this reason that a fluid, adaptive strategy is often superior – it allows you to maximise bad starting locations, and more importantly, get the most out of good starts. Too often, players get good spots only to waste them. 
That being said, routines and build orders are still useful as general guides. However, the point to be made here is that without a thorough understanding of why you are doing a particular routine, you will not know when to depart from routine in order to minimise the effects of a bad spot or to maximise your opportunities in a good one. 
To this end, I will try my best to explain, in as much depth as possible, why I choose to do things the way I do. It is my hope that armed with this knowledge, you will be able to improve on this formula and go on to many satisfying games. 
Please remember though – whatever I write in this document is merely my spin on this matter. They represent only my opinions, and you are free to disagree. I have never been very good at this game, and have given up all hope of ever being the best. But what little I do know, I will do my best to share. 

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