Crappy Bronzing Revisited

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Crappy Bronzing Revisited

By Celestial Dawn

Special Notice:

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Disclaimer & Copyright Information

This strategy is aimed at Intermediate to Advanced AoE players. This is not recommended for those who are new to the game. It is aimed at players who can already bronze at an average of 14:00 and under with one of the fast four – Shang, Phoenician, Assyrian, and Yamato, and who wish to further improve their bronze times and/or strengthen their bronze economy.
Permission is given by the author for distribution as long as:

  1. This document is reproduced in its entirety – no sections are omitted or amended during distribution.
  2. That distribution is not intended for the purpose of sale or profit. This includes web sites that hope to generate revenue through traffic through their site, by sponsor banners or otherwise.

All other rights except those explicitly stated above are reserved by the author.

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