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Age of Empires Keyboard Shortcuts

These are the basic shortcuts. See below for common combinations.

Game Play Keyboard Shortcuts



Space Bar Views the selected unit
Arrow Keys Scroll the game view
ENTER Enter chat mode or send chat message (Cheat mode as well)
ESC Unselect a unit or building, cancel an order
+ / – Increase / Decrease game speed
TAB Display next unit or building if multiple units or buildings are selected.  Cycle through selected units and buildings.
(while selecting units)
Add this unit to the selection already made.  Select multiple units by dragging a selection box around them or shift-clicking individual units in turn.
(while selecting a place to build)
Build multiple buildings by shift-click on the map where you want the buildings to be.  Works for all buildings but the Town Center.
(while telling a unit where to go)
You can set waypoints (a path) for unit(s) to follow by shift-clicking on the map where you want the waypoint to be.
SHIFT+TAB Cycle through units backwards, displays previous unit in a selection (Opposite direction of TAB)
F1 Help System
SHIFT+F1 Individual Help (Like the ? Button)
F3 Pause Game
F5 Debug Mode (Displays debug information in the top bar where the resource counters are normally)
PAUSE Pause Game
F10 Game Menu
F11 Displays Elapsed Time and Game speed (1.0 = Normal, 1.5 = Fast, 2.0 = Very Fast)
1 – 9 Select group assigned to the number
CTRL+[1-9] Assign selected units to the group number
ALT+[1-9] Select group assigned to number and center view on that group
SHIFT+[1-9] Select this group number in addition to units or groups already selected
CTRL+A Select and view Archery Range (Repeat to cycle through other Archery Ranges in turn)
CTRL+B Select and view Barracks (Repeat to cycle through other Barracks in turn)
CTRL+D Select and view Dock (Repeat to cycle through other Docks in turn)
CTRL+K Select and view Siege Workshop (Repeat to cycle through other Siege Workshops in turn)
CTLR+L Select and view Stable (Repeat to cycle through other Stables in turn)
CTRL+P Select and view Temple (Repeat to cycle through other Temples in turn)
CTRL+Y Select and view Academy (Repeat to cycle through other Academies in turn)
H Select and view Town Center (Repeat to cycle through other Town Centers in turn)

Scenario Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
CTRL+A Shows the collision boundary
CTRL+B Toggles the positioning grid


Common Combinations



Select one or more Villagers, then press B. Follow this with the letter of the bulding you want, e.g B+B will build a Barracks.

Special note – the Town Center and Storage Pit are special cases. 

The Town Center is selected by the letter H but to build one is B+N. 
The Storage Pit cannot be selected in the game with a shortcut key, but the shortcut for building a Storage Pit is B+S.

Training units


Villager: Ctrl+H, C


Clubman, Axeman: Ctrl+B, T
Slinger: Ctrl+B, L
All Swordsmen: Ctrl+B, Z

Archery Range

Bowman: Ctrl+A, T
Improved & Composite Bowman: Ctrl+A, A
Chariot Archer: Ctrl+A, R
(Heavy) Horse Archer: Ctrl+A, C
Elephant Archer: Ctrl+A, E


Scout: Ctrl+L, T
(Scythe) Chariot: Ctrl+L. R
Cavalry: Ctrl+L, C
Camel Rider: Ctrl+L, L
War & Armoured Elephant: Ctrl+L, E


Priest: Ctrl+P, T

Siege Workshop

Stone Thrower & (Heavy) Catapult: Ctrl+K, C
Ballista, Helepolis: Ctrl+K, B


Hoplite, Phalanx, Centurion: Ctrl+Y, T


Fishing Boat & Ship: Ctrl+D, F
Trade Boat & Merchant Ship: Ctrl+D, R
Small & HeavyTransport: Ctrl+D, T
Scout Ships & upgrades: Ctrl+D, E
Catapult Trireme & Juggernaught: Ctrl+D
Fire Galley: Ctrl+D, G