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Age of Empires Cheat Codes

This is a list of all the known cheat codes for Age of Empires. Remember, not all codes work in all versions of the game.

All cheat codes are entered via the Chat text box. Press Enter on the keyboard, type the cheat code in, and press enter to activate the cheat. Some cheats are not immediately obvious, such as if you kill player 3 and haven’t made contact with player 3 yet. For those cheats that give you a unit, such as Photon Man, the unit appears at one your Town Center in most cases.



Reveal Map Reveals the entire map
No Fog Removes the Fog of war
Pepperoni Pizza Give yourself 1000 food
Coinage Give yourself 1000 gold
Woodstock Give yourself 1000 wood
Quarry Give yourself 1000 stone
Steroids Allow instantaneous 100% progress on upgrades, buildings, units, and villager functions.  This grants the same to all the other players as well.  If you enter it a second time it will switch it off.
Diediedie Everyone dies (instant victory)
Resign You resign
Hari Kari Suicide
Home Run Wins Scenario
Killx Kills player x where x is the player’s starting position.  For example, to eliminate player 2, enter Kill2.
Gaia The planet player – gives you control over nature (note: You lose control of your own civilization for the rest of the game.)
Big Bertha Heavy Catapults have greater range and damage.   James pointed out that if you apply the cheat at a time when you are only capable of making stone throwers, this cheat will advance it to catapults.
ICBM Ballistas get 100 range points
Hoyohoyo Priests gets lots of speed and 600 hit points (Zen: it seems that if you enable this cheat it at the beginning of the game, then upgrade the priest later it’s possible to have a super priest with 1200 hit points with certain civs.)
Medusa Transforms villagers to Medusas.  Attack with a villager, and when the villager is killed, it will turn into a “Black Rider.”  When the “Black Rider” is killed, it will turn into a Heavy Catapult.
Black Rider Transforms Horse Archer into a “Black Rider.”  (60 Hit Points and Attack of 8)  When the “Black Rider” is killed, it will turn into a Heavy Catapult.  THanks to Vincent Voyard for finding this out.
Dark Rain Transforms Composite Bowmen into Stealth Bowmen – they look like trees while standing still.  Thanks to Anthony Akens and Randall Spangler for pointing this one out. (mickey pointed out that the “Dark Rain” units can also walk on water; and BigWorm pointed out that the cheat upgrades your Bowman to Composite Bowman if you still have Bowmen.)

Photon Man Gives you Photon Man, a soldier with a laser blaster, able to kill elephants in one shot.
Flying Dutchman Turns Juggernaughts into Flying Dutchmen
Bigdaddy Cool car with a rocket launcher, 300 attack points, 500 hit points, and a range of 15.  Very fast too.  (Note from Cheyenne: Bigdaddy is awfully easy for enemy Priests to convert, and then they get Bigdaddy to wail on you…)

Jack be Nimble Select a catapult and enter this cheat, the Catapult will then fire cows, super villagers with capes (and non pants!), or tumbling villagers, depending on orientation.

E=MC2 Trooper Photon Man with Nuclear Weapons! Attack of 300 and an 88 Range.

Runplay Seems to make units move faster, especially the horse units.  Might not work with others… (Thanks Airman No Class!)
Upsidflintmobile Accelerates your Chariot Archers
(Thanks to Dark Knight for the post!)




1p.gif (35 bytes)Rise of Rome Expansion Pack Cheats



convert this! Gives you a new, slow moving priest unit with thunder powers (Rayden!) (Thanks to Alex Ko)
stormbilly Mechwarrior like robot (Thanks to Alex Ko)
big momma Just like big daddy, but the car is white (Thanks to Alex Ko)
pow Baby on a tricycle with a gun (Thanks to Alex Ko)
king arthur Turns eagles into flying dragons with 999hp (Thanks to Alex Ko)
grantlinkspence Turns animals into super animals (i.e. lion kings, alligator kings, gazelle kings, etc.) (Discovered by Zen while game was released)
upsidflintmobile Makes your chariots super fast in both movement and rate of fire.  (Thanks to Angel Washizu)