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The Villagers get +15 hit points. This makes them as strong as clubbers, it helps keeping them healthy in the early stages of the game. 
Farm production is doubled. This bonus makes farming cheap and you can save wood for other things, like STs and chariotry. Also your farmers are busy for a really incredibly long time, taking much work out of your hands. That’s just as well as your STs require a lot of attention. Most Market technologies are available. 
Sumeria is one of the slow civilisations.


Sumer gets mediocre Temple technologies. Enemy Priests can be countered by Chariots and CAs.


Sumer’s best units are the Stone Throwers and upgrades with their +50 % fire rate. The rest of their army isn’t special in any way except that they don’t get a lot of units. Their Iron Age is remarkably good for a civilisation that died around 2000 BC. The extra hitpoints for Villagers make them good attack units in Stone Age warfare (Villager rushes against Sumie are rather pointless; Sumie Villager rushes can be devastating). 
The Slingers get all Iron Age attack upgrades. The infantry and Academy units are okay but have to manage without Metallurgy. Sumer has good Pit technologies. 
The archery has poor range in Iron but gets all technologies. There are no impies and compies. 
Cavalry is lacking but the Stable units get Nobility. 
Sumeria gets all walls and all towers with Alchemy. 
The navy is nothing special.

Best in Age(s):


RM Ranking:


Single Player:

Good civ for humans and CPs – but allies can be weak. The long-lasting farms take a lot of work out of your hands – and they save you lots of wood that you can spend on STs. Sumerian STs are awesome and you won’t like them used against you by a CP, especially as they’ll come in groups. Facing that is really frightening at first.

Multi Player:

Generally considered a good civ – at the start their Villies, with Palmy, have more chance of surviving attacks from overgrown pussycats and luggage. In Bronze the extra rate of fire makes their siege very dangerous and they’re not bad in Iron either.

DM Ranking:

Score: 62%


Ranking: 8th

Description: A brilliant AoE civ, probably along there with Hittite. But unlike Persia and Choson, who were helped by RoR, Sumeria was given a lot less bonuses from RoR. Being penalised the AE has literally made them extinct amongst Zone players. Their cats bonus has just been forgotten simply because of their AE loss. It’s not that bad. You can get HCats out before the AEs appear, you can but it is hard.

Multiplayer: Start like Hittite, stables and siege workshops. Now build eles and make them hold out until the cats arrive. Because you don’t have the AE upgrade, you have to rush first with your eles.

Best when: You can hold the opponent with eles till the siege arrives.