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Greece has all Market technologies but no economic bonuses. It’s slow and gold dependent.


Greece has most Temple technologies but no great units for countering enemy Priests. If you don’t want to risk losing Cavalry or Hoplites you’re left with Tool Age units.


Greece has fast Academy units and war ships. Academy units are 30% faster – according to most this is a lame bonus. They still die against massed archery. The lack of archers beyond the Bowman makes Greece extremely vulnerable because of the popularity (and effectiveness) of archery in multi player games. Bowmen do get all technologies, full range and armour. 
The only fast unit with good line of sight is the Scout. The infantry is poor, only the Short Swordsman but good Slingers with all Iron Age upgrades and shielding. 
Most Pit technologies are available, only Metallurgy is missing. 
Greece has all siege weapons with all technologies. 
War ships are 30% faster – that’s good for dodging siege weapons, it’s also good against Fire Galleys. 
Greece has all towers with full range and Alchemy and all walls.

Best in Age(s):

Bronze and Iron.

RM Ranking:


Single Player:

Nice one for humans – provided you don’t want good archers. Their fast Hoplites are real murderers and the CP hasn’t much to stop them. The CP can use the Hoplites to great effect too, that is if it’s your enemy, so be sure that before you take them as enemies you figure out how to counter them. (And then I don’t mean Tool rushing them for then you don’t counter Hoplites.) CP allies are generally rather slow and may never think of using their best units.

Multi Player:

This is considered the weakest civ in the game. Like Babs they often get their bonuses too late to be of any use, and no archers is a big disadvantage in the early stages – with everyone else attacking with CAs etc Greece simply can’t match their speed except with Cavalry. A Hoplite rush can be devastating but especially in ROR nobody would have Greek Hoppers if they could have Mace.

DM Ranking:

Opinions differ; some say Greece rules DM with their combo of fast Cents and Siege, others say they suck.

Score: 67%
Ranking: 6th (joint)

Description: Like Carthage, Choson and Palmyran, Greece is another poor RM civ that shows its real colours in DM. They have all the siege weapons, towers and upgrades for them too. However, they are underplayed simply because they lack a killer edge in their civ bonuses. Don’t get me wrong, Greece is good, just not excellent.

Multiplayer: Build siege from the word go and hope you aren’t rushed early. Try not to use heles and cats when the cats are killing your heles.

Best when: You aren’t rushed early.