Editing Scenario Data

Compressing your altered .hex file to a .scn (Scenario) file

If you are satisfied and done with editing the .hex file using Cygnus, save it. Now you must compress it again by doing the following:

Step 1. If you are using the Zlibnoh Compressor/Uncompressor programs, Type the following command, either in Run under the Windows Start menu or by typing “CMD” in the search box, or you can do it in MS-DOS mode:

C:\zlibnoh\compr.exe deep_water.hex deep_water.scn


 Note the difference here, the “deep_water.hex” and “altered_scenario.scn” are switched around this time (as opposed to decompressing).

Make sure you double check for spelling mistakes, then press Enter. The scenario is now being compressed and the corresponding .scn file is created.

If you are using AoK Trigger Studio, navigate to “Tools” in the menu and then select “Raw Compress….” to uncompress the .hex file to a .scn file:


The last and final thing you have to do is the following:

Step 1. Open your compressed”altered_scenario.scn” file in Cygnus again.

Step 2. Copy the 28 byte data (the bytes you removed at the very beginning of this guide, before decompressing) from below and insert it into your “altered_scenario.scn” file at the very beginning of the data (BEFORE the “ECDBCD6A …” bytes part) as seen in Step 3:


Step 3. The result should look like this:


The 28 bytes you added represent the version of AoE the scenario was created with (1.11). 

Step 4. Save the file and put it in your AoE scenario directory (default location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires\scenario\) and start Age of Empires. Open your “altered_scenario.scn” file in the editor and verify if the modifications you made are correct. This may require additional testing to be sure everything works exactly as you want it to.

If the scenario somehow does not load or AoE/RoR crashes, you did something wrong (most likely you edited one of the wrong .hex values). Always make sure you double check after each modification to verify you did it correctly.

And that conludes the Editing Scenario Data guide. If you have questions post them on the forum and we’ll try to help you out the best way we can!

Credit and thanks goes to the following persons:

David Tombs/DiGiT (Author of the zlibnoh compress/uncompress and AoK Trigger Studio programs)

Zapdotep (Author of the Enhanced/Composite Editor, and several custom templates made through .hex editing)

Scenario_t_c/Trisolo (Author of the original custom map size, terrain and unknown civ tutorials, as well as custom .dat files)


Thanks for reading, and have fun modifying your scenario’s – PhatFish


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