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Cty Files, Walls & Towers

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No one fully understands how .CTY or City Planning files work but over the years people have learned enough for self-created versions of these obscure files to finally become workable in a scenario.

Article by Bruce Deynes
The first comprehensive study of CTY files was done by Bruce Deynes. This article explains the findings of the many hours he spent trying to understand their format and how they function.

Article by SBE
A further look into CTY files was done by SBE. This article lays out his findings into these files.

Article by Devyn
More research was done by Devyn and this article covers his discoveries into CTY files as well as a small section on AI and Per files.

CTY Files by Devyn
Some specialised CTY files and demonstration scenarios. They have been extensively tested and work very well. Please credit him if you use them or modify them for your own use.

Article by BBalazs
The latest attempt to make these files easier to work with was done by BBalazs. This article also contains a guide to help you use his CTY Editor.

CTY Editor by BBalazs
If you are doing anything with CTY files this is a must have.

Walls and Towers Article by Bruce Deynes
This article contains methods and tips to control the building and placement of walls and towers by CP’s in Age of Empires Scenarios.