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 AoEd/RoRd Tutorial – Part 1: Basic

1a. Program Interface

Six options are available on the main menu of AoEd/RoRd: 1) Edit Settings, 2) Decompress Genie File, 3) Read Data, 4) Convert Data to Text, 5) Create New Genie File and 6) Quit.

1) Edit Settings: The location of “empires.dat” and the name of the new database file created by the program could be modified here. Data range of the file that would be accessed by the program could also be changed here.

2) Decompress Genie File: This command would decompress “empires.dat” into a file named “genie.unz” under the “ged_data” folder (at the same dictionary with AoEd/RoRd).

3) Read Data: This command would write the data within “genie.unz” into “maindata.db” (both file are inside the “ged_data” folder).

4) Convert Data to Text: This command would convert the data loaded within “maindata.db” into readable text files in the “ged_data\text” folder.

5) Create New Genie File: This command would produce a new database file with the data in “maindata.db” after modifiying them according to the contents you typed in “patches.txt” under “ged_data” folder.

6) Quit: This command would close the program.

1b. Basic Course to Modify the Database

The first thing to do before starting is to run AoEd/RoRd and check whether the settings are right or not. (The default setting of “empires.dat” location should be “C:/Program File/Microsoft Game/Age of Empires/data/” for AoEd or “C:/Program File/Microsoft Game/Age of Empires/data2/” for RoRd. Also, the data range should be set from 1 to 31).

Afterwards, you could access other commands in this order: 2) Decompress Genie File -> 3) Read Data -> 4) Convert Data to Text.

When you finished converting the data to text, you could open and read the output text files. To modify the database, what you have to do is copy the desired lines from the text files (with different set value) or write new codes into “patches.txt” under “ged_data” folder, then go back to the program and create a new file with the fifth command 5) Create New Genie File.

PS: If you close AoEd/RoRd between converting the data to text and editing “patches.txt”, it is suggested to delete “maindata.db” before running the program and read the data again before creating a new database file. 

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