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BBalazs CTY File Editor     This will be a work in progress, so check back here often for new versions.
Fudgy The Collection of Bitmaps--Gaia 04/10/31 2000Kb When my ROR had a problem and all the background went black, I had an idea of taking advantage of this situation and make every unit, boat, and building(and lots of things under the "gaia section") facing every possible direction. It wasn't hard to do, and I am gladly sharing it with everybody. Oh, sorry if the legs of some units look a bit wierd, because I really couldn't figure out the different between background-black and shadow-black:)
HeroPatrick 04/10/31 107Kb This is a utility that allows you to change the music MIDI sequences for AOE. Take out all the old MIDIs and store them in a folder (I reccomend one close to the AOE sounds folder or on the desktop) and replace the new MIDIs in their place.

SM= Sailor Moon (for moonies of the AOE kingdom)aok= The Conquerors(from the AOk: TC Demo)Maybe there will be more. ... Don't write to me about the fact that it is cruddy or anything. I had to take a loooong time to listen to those things to sort out where they should go. Rearrange the orders of the sequneces at your leisure, although the default setup of the MIDIs is reccomended. Take off the abbreviations as shown above and the MIDI files should play in game properly.

Your friend,
HeroPatrick of AOE and AOK Heaven

P.S. Share it with your friends! Plus, I have an extra list of MIDIs just to listen to coming up someday, for somebody.
HeroPatrick AOE MIDI Package II 04/11/20 126Kb This is a utility that allows you to change the music MIDI sequences for AOE. Take out all the old MIDIs and store them in a folder (I reccomend one close to the AOE sounds folder or on the desktop) and replace the new MIDIs in their place.

fiddleronroof = Fiddler on the Roof (1970's)

oliver! = Oliver! (late 1960's based on Charles Dickens's "Oliver Twist")

westside = West Side story (1960's)

Maybe there will be more. ...

HeroPatrick AoE Xmas MIDI 04/11/29 135Kb I'm giving everyone a Christmas gift early: My new XMAS MIDI PACKAGE. It has a HUGE list of Christmas MIDIS , and a bonus: GODSPELL from the 60's, a cool musical. Check both out!
FireLegion_56 04/08/31 59Kb The reason why I made this is becuase why should AoE player with out the expansion pack should miss out on such a good thing. This map is bigger than huge map. So enjoy.
98/01/14 7Kb List of .ai file type
A list of all the .ai file types. Kind of like an updated strattyp.doc.
  46kb SLPCNVT was created by me over the past few months to account for the proprietary format of SLP files, the most commonly used graphic file for Age of Empires. What first led me to writing the program was the fine utility created by Stoyan Ratchev, DRSBUILD, along with the SLP file list created by Brian Yip. Looking at his list, I realized that many of the images that really had to be there somewhere, were missing and I couldn't seem to find them, which led me to examine the SLP files more closely. Finally, after many road blocks, I cracked the commands used to create the images and wrote this utility to convert SLPs to BMPs and back.
99/12/12 365Kb Adrian's Civ Chooser
I wrote this program because it was hard to pick wich civ to use in a multiplayer or singleplayer game.
00/02/20 299Kb Age of Empires Campaign Manager v3
A more powerful, Windows-based version of CPNBUILD. Works with AoE or AoK.
2000/06/03 58Kb Age of Empires Personality File Editor V1.1
perEdit is a Windows application for creating and editing Age of Empires (AoE) and Age of Empires Expansion: The Rise of Rome (RoR) computer .per (personality) files.
99/01/05 1449Kb Age of Empires Population Limiter
This utility allows you to edit the AOE population limit without performing any registry editing by hand.
98/10/14 989Kb AOE Guide 2.0
All-around reference guide utility for AOE.
00/08/12 34Kb AOE Icons
These are a bunch of icons from AoE. You can use them to change any shortcut file in windows 95 & 98. They are only editable in a program like MicroAngelo.
99/08/01 251Kb AOE Scenario Instruction Bitmaps
I know how boring it can be when trying to make a map for the scenario instructions, especially if you want a unit from AoE. So in this file I have put most of the AoE units on grass or water background, all you have to do is paste them onto the map default and you'll be on the way to a superb map for the scenario instructions.
99/08/01 65Kb AOE Screen Backgrounds
AOE Wallpaper for your Windows desktop.
  121Kb Age of Empires AI Editor Version 2.0 Copyright 1997, 1999 Stoyan Ratchev All Rights Reserved. INTRODUCTIONAI Editor (AIEDIT) is a Windows application for creating and editing Age of Empires (AoE) AI (artificial intelligence) files. AI files are basically text files with extension .ai. By modifying them you can create new computer player strategies. They can be included in scenarios, and this generally makes scenarios a greater challenge and more fun to play. The game does not include any utility for editing such files - the text editor is supposed to be the one. But if you have tried it with the text editor, you know it is not the easiest job. So I decided to write a little utility to fill the gap.

This version of AI Editor implements a number of new features, such as support for RoR AI files, support for games, support for civilizations, overall AI status and listing of invalid items, status bar, clipboard support, editing of comments, and viewing statistics.
  32Kb CPNBUILD is a command-line utility for building MS Age Of Empires campaign files (.CPN) from scenario files (.SCN). It supports such actions as: adding/replacing scenarios in campaign files, deleting scenarios from campaign files, extracting scenarios from campaign files, listing scenarios contained in campaign files, and changing the versions of scenarios in campaign files. CPNBUILD command-line interface fully supports wildcards, which means that all actions can be performed on multiple campaign and scenario files and will affect only the files matching the specified wildcard arguments.
  30Kb DRSBUILD is a command line utility for building/extracting MS Age Of Empires resource files (.DRS) from/to wave files (.WAV), shape files (*.SHP), RLE shape files (*.SLP) and various binary files (*.BIN). Unlike other history-oriented strategy games, like Civilization, AoE doesn't provide a way to create 'modpacks', or sets of rules, graphics and sounds that customize the game making it to look and feel different, while retaining the same game engine. A reason for that could be that the resources of the game are too big - the full set of resources used by the game consists of 5 DRS files with a total size of 30.3 MB (trial version). Still anybody who has played a good Civ2 modpack knows that by editing the game resources the best game can be made even better! I've played many Civ2 modpacks that I loved more than the original game, so I feel that the same thing for AoE is a must. That's why I decided to write a builder/extractor utility for the AoE resource files. This utility can be used be modpack creators and modpack players to achieve an unexpected AoE experience!
99/01/05 68Kb AoE/RoR DRSlist 2.0
This contains descriptions of all the files in the various DRS files for both Age of Empires and Rise of Rome. If there any mistakes or suggestions, please let me know at brianyip@tm.net.my as I would like this to be a definitive description list for the DRS files.
99/01/05 328Kb Bills Mod Pack
This ModPack will change some of the graphic files and sound files in Age Of Empires. It contains new town centers, houses, wonders, a Red Dragon and a new car.
99/12/12 108Kb Bitmaps for Map Editing
Collection of bitmaps to use when making intro map screens for scenarios.
  11 KB I'm usually the Yamato civilization when I play Age of Empires over the internet because they seem to have everything I need. However, I've often wondered if there's another civilization out of those twelve that would suit me, because the Yamato don't have heavy catapults. I'd also like to try out war elephants sometime, but I still like centurions.

Rather than try to play matchmaker with the civilization attributes page of the AoE manual addendum, I thought I'd write a program that would help me find a civilization that has everything I want -- without a hassle.

So was born the "Age of Empires Civilization Chooser". You can do two things with it: First, you can see very quickly the attributes of each civilization without having to look at yellow dots in a hard-to-read grid. Rather, you now just select the Civilization and see for yourself.

Second, you can try to match a civilization. What you do is select the units you want your civilization to have. For example, you might feel you need War Elephants, Heavy Catapults, and Centurions. After you'd select those three check boxes, you'd press "Match" and it would report to you that two Civilizations have those three attributes: The Sumerian and Hittite. Those two would now appear red rather than brown at the top of the window.

Thank you for your interest in this program. All you need to run it is CIV.EXE and CIV.TXT in its own directory and the Visual Basic 5 DLL's.
99/12/12 228Kb Colored BMP Backgrounds
Collection of bitmaps to use when making intro map screens for scenarios in different background colors.
This free Hex Editor allows you to change the language.dll files to alter unit names, tribute messages etc.
99/05/12 1609Kb Dragon's War
Modpack to turn AOE into a fantasy setting. Includes a scenario highlighting the modpack's features. In the scenario you are a knight of a vast empire, an Empire on the verge of being overtaken by a powerful but evil sorcerer called Lord Dragon.
  1Mb DRS Explorer is a Windows utility to make it easier to use Stoyan Ratchev's excellent DRSBUILD utility, documented in the file "drsbuild.txt". DRS Explorer supports everything that DRSBUILD can do: adding, replacing, deleting, and extracting files from data resource (*.drs) files.I owe much to Stoyan Ratchev, whose DRSBUILD utility inspired me to write this Windows application to simplify using that application.
98/04/20 18Kb AOE Excel Reference Sheet
I made this spreadsheet because I was sick of checking the foldout and the manual whenever I needed some info about a civ or a unit - like what technology do I need to be able to research a cataphract?  or how many hp does a horse archer have?  or can my civ make heavy catapults?  All these questions and more are answered by this spreadsheet which prints on a single page.   It contains all the info on the foldout and in the Appendix.  Check it out!
99/08/01 137Kb Fort ModPack
Another new ModPack for AOE.
  4.95 MB This is the AoeEdit v1.1.0 .AI & .PER Editor.
98/09/01 56Kb Granary DB
This file contains a listing of every file in the Granary as of August 21, 1998. This includes campaigns, scenarios, taunts, utilities, and misc. files. With it, you can search for any file by a specific author, list files in order of rating, or perform other tasks not available in html. The database shows (when applicable): title, date, author, file size, rating, difficulty, type, and # players/scenarios. All files are numbered. The database is in MS Works 4.0 format. If you don't have anything capable of viewing works files, don't worry. Text files have been included that can be easily copied into other database programs. The zip also contains a .txt help file.
This is a more powerful Hex Editor, with more features than Cygnus, and it's my favourite price - free!
99/12/12 83Kb Hero 12 Template
Use this template to create your own scenarios.
99/03/06 7Kb Horses Template
You can now have as many of those cool black and white horses in your scenarios as you want by starting with this medium grass map and editing 'around' the horses (there are 16 in this template!). I made the template completely flat with no trees to give you a clean canvas to work on. Instructions for adding more horses are contained in the template instuctions. Enjoy!
98/08/04 102Kb IP Locator
This is a small programs that makes it easy for a user to copy his/her IP to the clipboard with the press of a button... If you have ever used winipcfg.exe you'd know that it's a pain in the ass to not be able to copy your IP... you have to remember it or write it down. This just makes it nice and simple so you can paste it wherever you want.
99/08/01 2404Kb Kings ModPack Imperial Version
Final version of Lukarnage's AOK-styled ModPack.
99/08/01 83Kb MagicPopAoE
Use this program to modify population limit in Age of Empires for multiplayer games. You don't need regedit anymore, MagicPopAoE works for you!
2000/06/03 43Kb MAMIU v2.4
This utillity was designed to easily install, uninstall modpacks and to restore original .DRS files.
98/01/02 1.2Mb TIPS for editing the mapdefault.bmp
This contains a Photoshop way of editing the mapdefault.bmp to include in custom scenarios and campaigns. The file included the setup used to do the graphics for the scenario instructions in The Summit. 4 files are included
SetupMapdefault.txt :     TXT format description
mapdefault.psd        :    Photoshop 4.x layered RGB with example
defaultmap2.pal       :    PaintshopPro .PAL color palette
Result16Mcolor        :    16M color .JPG version of example

If you figure out how to do the palette customization without using PaintShop PRO - let me know, Okay?Hamlet
CenturionZ_1 Microscopic Map   93Kb This is cool, a tiny map that is even smaller than the smallest in the editor. Great for small introductory scenarios or for bloods.
99/08/29 139Kb Mod Installer
Use this program to install ModPacks for you. This version is for Windows 95, 98, or NT.
99/08/29 123Kb Mod Installer
Use this program to install ModPacks for you. This version is for Windows 98 only.
99/05/12 7Kb Photon Man
In this template, you are given 10 photon men. Use the scenario builder to move them around, delete some, and add others. To add more photon men in the scenario builder, just click on the player you want to have a photon man (player 1, 2, etc.). Then button "move" and move one around. Then, click the button "place" and then place all you want and position them!
Just photonman in player color
Use slpstud.exe to replace gra00603...gra00607.slp in graphics.drs (data folder)
    I got sick of having to go into regedit and manualy changing the multi-player population limit in Age Of Empires So I made up these .inf files to help save time and for people who didn't know how to change it.
99/01/05 18Kb QuickTech 1.0
QuickTech is for all those people like me who can never find their foldout techtree, have trouble finding all the things in the Rise of Rome manual, want to quickly look up their civ, or if you've already commited your favorite civ's attributes to memory ;) to quickly look up an unfamiliar civ's strengths and weaknesses. This program is also for those of you who have been playing Age since day 1 and are now looking for some variety in your games, this app has a quick and easy solution for you.

First off, this app comes with a quick, easy reference tech tree for each of the civs in both Age and ROR. By selecting each civ from a drop down menu you can see :
1) Civ name and modifyers (advantages or bonuses each civ has)
2) Every bronze and iron age technology the civ has which are grouped into the catagories as in the Age foldout tech tree.
3) A quick access button to switch the view to see all the techs that the selected civ is missing.
4) Quick numerical reference to how many missing techs the selected civ has, and how many out of 110 total is does have.

QuickTech also comes complete with a settings generator. Under the drop down menu under Disply, you can select Random Map Settings. In a new window you can select which settings you wish to randomly select by double clicking the settings to turn them on and off. This provides a fun and sometimes gaming experience with friends. (Have you ever tried a tiny, hill country, 25 pop, reveal map, high res game, both of you stuck with Greek?)
This is a small fun, and very useful little application, hope you can find a good home for it on your hard drive.
99/05/12 9Kb Rise of Rome Unit Chart
Remember with the original Age of Empires came a beautiful chart that displayed the name of the civilization at the top, with unit name at the left and dots in the columns if the civilization has that unit? When I got The Rise of Rome, I looked everywhere in the instruction manual for an updated chart like the aforementioned one. To my dismay, the organized chart had been replaced with a tech tree for each civilization. So I set to work to make a chart for the Rise of Rome. The result is attached to this E-mail, in Microsoft Excel '97 format. Please post it on your website so all the viewers who would like a better unit chart can refer to it. Thank you for your time.
99/05/12 50Kb Rise of Rome Vic Properties and Tech Tree
This zip file contains an Excel spreadsheet with all of the civ properties (what units they can and can't get, advantages and disadvantages, etc.) and the Rise of Rome tech tree.
99/01/05 1468Kb ROR Civs
ROR Civ picker utility. Includes VB run time libraries that are required.
99/12/12 7Kb ROR SLP List
This is a list of all the graphic files (SLP) in the graphics.drs file on the Rise of Rome CD. Use it with Joseph Knight's (knight@sad50.k12.me.us) SLP Studio to find files you want to make animations and stuff for your Age of Empires Fan Site.
99/12/12 572Kb Sand Dunes Template
Use this template to create your own scenario on these cool sand dunes. The dunes were made by arranging zillions of terrain cracks in such a way that the result will look like the sand dunes of the Sahara.
  14Kb This list contains descriptions of all the .SLP graphic files contained within GRAPHICS.DRS.

The .SLP files were extracted from GRAPHICS.DRS using Stoyan Ratchev's excellent DRSBUILD utility. Suffice to say that without it, this list probably would not have been compiled in the first place. A lot of credit must go to Stoyan.
  371 KB This is a Windows program which works directly with the DRS files distributed with Age of Empires. It allows the user to view, extract, and replace any file found in a DRS file, as well as change and save SLP files.
  6kb By popular demand, I've written SLPCREAT.TXT which are more explicit instructions for creating your own SLP files.
99/05/12 94Kb Snow Modpack
O.K. all you AoE/RoR designers here are a couple of mod packs that allow you to use snow in your scenarios. This is a new and updated installation routine which simplyfies install and removal of the Snow Mod. What these mod packs do is replace some of the slp files in the graphics.drs file. The graphics that are changed are the gaia "grass clumps" and some of the pine trees.
99/01/24 163Kb Snow Terrain
Another snow mod pack, based on terrain.drs.
98/10/14 2Kb Sounds.DRS WAV List
This is a listing of all the WAV files in SOUNDS.DRS
Unknown Speed Editor   146Kb Very useful utility that allows you to change the game speed of AoE and RoR beyond normal. Useful for testing scenarios or just for a laugh. N.B. Set the speed before launching the game.
Bob Smith Taunt Maker 03/06/26 244Kb Full instructions on how to make your own taunts are included. Enjoy.
99/12/12 251Kb Technology Map
When you exit the trial version of Age Of Empires/Rise of Rome, you can see a cool technology map in the background. I have worked a lot to make a version of this on my own, and now im sending you the result in two versions, white and grey. The grey one look nice, but the white one is using very little ink on an inkjet printer.
00/10/21 86Kb Trade Workshop Templates
This is a template to help you designing a map with these odd buildings. There are five sets of trade workshop: Gaia, Asian, Babylonian, Egyptian and Greek.
98/09/01 18Kb Tribe Picker
This program is for people who don't know which tribe to pick. The program tells you what is the best tribe against a tribe and special features.
  16 Kb Tribes.exe is a Program that is supposed to Help Select Tribes based on own and enemy units. It was created with Visual Basic and therefore needs the Visual Basic Libary DLL. Basically it should be used by People who are just interested in the aspects of the Age of Empire Tribes or by Somebody who is new to the game.
99/01/05 45Kb Unit Power Database
This is a database containing every statistic of every unit in AOE and ROR. It can be viewed online at http://members.aol.com/shadow8357/UnitPower.html, and is available in five formats.
98/08/18 2Kb What Civs Don't Get
This is a text file that lists what each Civ in AOE does not get in the way of technology.
99/05/12 580Kb Wild's ModPack
Another Modpack based on replacing DRS files.
99/05/12 26Kb Zone Rating Calculator
Calculates Internet Gaming Zone skill ratings.
KeA_Extreme Zone Answering Machine 03/11/05 1437Kb Zone Answering Machine
This excellent little program takes and stores all messages you get while on the zone, and leaves a custom message when you are busy. A must for busy zoners.

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