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A Knight's Quest

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Difficulty: Hard
You are a knight errant(and prince) who has lost his realm and his claim to the throne. Attempting to return to your homeland and retake it by force of arms, you are shipwrecked in a storm, captured, and imprisoned. Your only hope of rescue lies with your faithful squire, who swam to an island. This scenario has it all, huge land battles in various ages, small force scouting excursions, naval battles, and a few surprising riddles. Look for the custom .avi files. Multiplayer also : ; ; ; No
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Stone Cold
Map Design5.0
The author put a lot of effort into this scenario. I had a tough time with it. After finishing, I played three more times, just to see what would have happened if I didn't get that "one last slinger". The seven computer opponents are very active. Red is always attacking with axemen and slingers at the beginning. Another aspect of the difficulty is the lack of resources. The resources are very well and realistically placed, and without berries, it makes it hard to get to the Bronze, let alone the Iron, Age, just by fishing, but this is one of the aspects that makes it fun. Using cheats, I was able to reveal the map. Looking at the map, I thought it was cool. There was a canyon that looked like a real canyon (a first?) and a something that looks like a crater filled with water. The author placed mini "sub-quests" within the major objective, to destroy the tower of a powerful magician. All the instructions were beautifully done, the only thing keeping it from a five was the instruction map. It was ugly and had nothing to do with your objectives. All and all, I think this is worth a look, especially for players sick and tired of "easy" scenarios.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4.9
Oh wow, this is scenario is so captivating. From the first second, where you are Ramba, lost in the woods without an ally, you are instantly drawn into the game. The only weakness is that when the game starts, it isn't focusing on Ramba, but on a blue flag out in the open (it may confuse some people). Otherwise, it's outstanding.

Balance: 4.5
Very hard, yet very appealing. Not once did I say to myself "This is impossible", and after playing a few times, I looked at it in scenario editor, and found that no, it isn't impossible. Just out of curiosity (since I haven't got this far yet), is it possible to survive the well defended passage after discovery 6 with only your Ceaser?

Creativity: 5
The designer has invented a totally new story here, and it's executed perectly. I also like the introduction of discoveries to act as points where you recieve more information, it reminded me of newer games (Age of Mythology etc..) where instructions appear after certain events. A very creative way of doing it.

Map Design: 5
The map looks great, it's big, it's detailed, but it doesn't lag (like some maps do). There are paths from every key point to the next (at least on the first island there are), but they split up to give you a challenge. Great stuff!

Story/Instructions: 4.7
A great storyline, and the instructions based on discoveries are good. However, I didn't like the use of ASCII symbols througout the instructions, the most notable being the @ symbol repeated a lot. It annoyed me, and I think CAPITALS would've done the job just as well. The bitmap also seemed out of place, and didn't help in any way (a map would've been good, to help out those who aren't as good a RoR player)

Additional Comments:
Overall, it's a great scenario, just right for the advance RoR player. A few minor weaknesses, but definitely one to download.

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Map Design5.0
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