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The Last Frontier - The Romans in Britain

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Number of Scenarios: 3
Difficulty: Moderate
My entry in the campaign design contest, it is a three scenario story that covers the complete history of Roman involvement in Britain, from the first arrival of Julius Caesar to the early Anglo - Saxon invasions. Difficulty ranges from moderate to hard, with a heavy emphasis on combat skills and a minor one on puzzle solving. I will take any questions/comments at I can only make my work better if I hear from the public, so don't be shy!
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Gordon Farrell
Map Design5.0
Added category for all contest campaigns: Historical Rating - 5 There is a great deal in this campaign that is first rate, attractive, exciting, and full of the feel of history. It's always tough, however, when a couple of miscalculations compromise the final experience and leave the author with a lower rating than the reviewer had hoped he'd earn. First off, this approach to the Roman assignment was clever, exceedingly well-researched and demonstrated a dynamic approach to history-through-AoE that I found exciting. Unfortunately the final experience of playing these three smart scenarios left me at times bored and irritated -- and for reasons that could have been fixed. Generally, it was the playability and balance scores that brought down Eggman's final rating. They were marred primarily by two factors: 1) The fact that in two scenarios one lost if one took too many casualties. In scenario one, we weren't even told that in the instructions (and the instructions score suffered because of it too! Imagine my confusion and frustration after playing for an hour or two and suddenly losing for no discernible reason!) Even in the second scenario, when we were warned ahead of time to limit our losses, it simply meant holding back a legion of troops and not using them for fear of repeating the experience! This put an odd restriction on the game and also hobbled the feeling that I'm-Caesar-and-I'm-really-there which the best games should evoke. 2) All 3 scenarios involved "destroy player x" victory conditions. The consequence was that after an enjoyable playing experience (once one got used to accommodating the attrition penalty), the game was reduced to hunting and pecking down lost villagers. Not much fun! Okay, enough of the negative stuff. On the plus side, this campaign has a rich, well-researched feeling of history to it and is imaginative in its manner of shaping history to fit the mechanics of the game. It was great running into Cassivelaunus in Britain, and Boadicea in her chariot. Superb instruction-writing (except for the omitted details about troop losses!) really draw you into this adventure and are a great example for everyone to see how much fun the background for an AoE campaign can be. Scenario three, "To Their Own Defense," was a particularly rich and lively adventure embracing not only all of England from the Scottish border to the Channel, but trading with Ireland and maintaining good diplomatic relations with as many barbarians as possible. This was the highlight of the campaign and would be enjoyable replayed many times.
Map Design4.0
Added category for all contest campaigns: Historical Rating - 5This was a very hard campaign. Perhaps even too hard. Many times I found myself losing because i lost too many units, and having to start over again from the beggining. These scenarios were far too long to do that over and over again. After a few times of losing and having to restart I found myself becoming extremely frustrated. The map was nice, but nothing too fancy. There was reasonable use of cliffs and shallows and rivers, but nothing that was too great. Not much elevation was used. The campaign seemed to be accurate in a historical sense. Also, the map on the Story and Instructions page was done excently. It was very nicely done. Balance wasn't so good on the other hand. You usually started out with very few units, and had to struggle to stay alive. Also enemy armies were massive compared to yours, and usually there would be a set limit to how many units you could lose before you were defeated. The story was excellent! It was lengthy, but not too long. It was well detailed. The only thing it lacked was a story line for when you lose a scenario. Instructions were accurate, and the hints were also very well done.
Steve Ryan
Map Design4.0
Added category for all contest campaigns: Historical Rating - 5OVERALL SUMMARY/COMMENTS ON THE CAMPAIGN: Overall the campaign was excellent. Great prose, nice balance and overall great gameplay.
Frank Steidel
Map Design4.0
Added category for all contest campaigns: Historical Rating - 5"The Last Frontier" does a fine job of covering the Roman's exploits in Britain. The scenario introductions are very good and the bit maps that accompany them are up to the authors usual high standards. The three scenario's cover the conquest, preservation, and finally the Roman's downfall on the island. Conquest The first scenario, "The Edge of the World" starts early in the Roman conquest of the island. The Romans have a small outpost on the shore and your goals are to build four transports, destroy the Belgae tribe which inhabits the area and to bring all of the area's religious sites under Roman control. You've only got a few villagers and don't have the ability to create more, so you will have to be careful not to lose them. You are also limited in the military loses that you can take. You must not lose units needlessly. Other tribes in the area have formed a Briton Alliance and do not take kindly to the Roman presence in the land. Preservation The next scenario, "By Fire and Blood", occurs later in history. The Romans control most of the island. There are, however, others which rise up to challange this hold. One of these rebellious tribes are the Iceni's, Led by their warrior queen, Boadicea. Their army must be defeated. As in the first scenario, you are limited in the number of loses that you can sustain. If casualties get too high, you will have lost. You start in a group with orders to bring some artifacts to Suetonius. Your group must not only keep the artifacts out of the rebels hands, but away from other Roman leaders, who may want them for themselves. Only after delivering these artifacts to Suetonius can you take command of your legions and begin to deal with Boadicea's troops. Your orders are also clear on one other point. Boadicea must not be harmed. She is wanted alive, for what purpose I shudder to think. Long and painful torture no doubt await her. The Downfall The final scenario, "To Their Own Defense", reinacts the end of Roman rule on Britian. You start with plenty of resources, but scant few troops to use to defend yourself from the attacks coming from Britains all over the island. And troops is what you will need, and fast. You start with 6 villagers and can't build any military builings, so guard the ones you start with. Between creating units and paying off tribute demands those starting resources will be used up at an alarming rate. Try to be selective in which tribes you pay tribute to, you can't continue to buy many off for long. Their demands are both pricy and frequent. One hint here, the most important tribe isn't even on the island. I thought this was by far the most interesting scenario in the campaign. The history in this campaign was both detailed and well written. I liked the stories in the introductions, especially the story of Boadicea in the second scenario. I did run into a few things I didn't like in the campaign. In the first scenario, I found that my own worst enemy was my own catapults. The approach to the enemy tribe of Belgae was rather narrow with enemy troops appearing regularly. Keep your catapults on a very short leash. I found that I could actually complete nearly the whole scenario by just using my horse archers. In the final scenario, I let the enemy tribes destroy my northern docks.I had three other docks further south that were easier to defend so I concentrated my efforts there. Later, when I was ready to set up a trade route with the Irish, I found that these docks were useless for trading. The trade ships could not find a route from Ireland to these docks. Now, this was nearly an hour into the game and I was forced to restart the scenario from the beginning, as this Irish Trade route is vital to winning this scenario. Also, in the same scenario, The victory conditions call for the complete elimination of three enemy tribes on this huge map. Long after the victory was assured, I was still moving around the map searching out enemy units and buildings. This wasn't necessary and the scenario would have been better served by a different victory condition. Something like destroying the government centers would have been much better. An author can get away with a total destruction victory condition on a smaller map, but on a huge map it doesn't work well. "The Last Frontier" has much to offer and has a lot of value. A recommended download for sure.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Scenario 3 was too hard on Moderate and Easy, and had some glitches. But scenarios 1 and 2 were good.

Balance: 4
Good balance for missions 1 and 2, but Scenario 3 had enemies who were too strong, especially since there were four of them, and I didn't have a town center.

Creativity: 5
Very creative.

Map Design: 4
Good map design, except Mission 3 failed with no clear reason a few times. ie. it seems to be that even when you are doing not awfully, the game announced "You are defeated!" Is this because there is some hero unit or building that you need to protect?

Also in Mission 3, there is a glitch where the Anglo-Saxon tribes switch to enemy with you even when you give them gold like they ask, and sometimes tribes (like the Irish) switch their relation with you to enemy for no clear reason (eg. maybe because you kill a Scot unit). So although you start off with the enemy tribes set to neutral (including the Scots who you are fighting in the north at the very beginning), you might as well set them to Enemy.

Story/Instructions: 4
Great story and instructions, but there should be a walkthrough for mission 3, and it should be clear what conditions there are that make the mission fail before all your own units are killed.

Additional Comments:
In Scenario #3: On MODERATE, my base was steadily overrun, even when I made priests and converted enemy villagers.

On Easy, I built Hadrian's Wall while saving 5 villagers at the beginning (not all walls must be completed, it's enough to mark them with pegs to block the enemies), but then the Scots destroyed it by shooting even the finished segments, and the enemies took out my southwestern forces, and almost destroyed both storage pits in Wales, and although I mounted a decent offensive against the southern Jutes, it ground to a halt and was killed off.

I finally beat it on EASIEST. Here is my walkthrough: Step 1. Switch the Scots and Anglo-Saxons to Enemy because the Tribute/Ally system seems very defective. Step 2. Rebuild Hadrian's Wall. Step 3. Send villagers and surviving Hadrian Wall soldiers to the forests and mines in Wales. There are deer to the east of your southernmost storage pit. Step 4. Build and upgrade priests and catapults. Step 5. Build fishing boats in Wales and Wood Merchants in Deva.
Map Design3.8
Playability: 2.3
Too difficult for no reason, especially the 3rd mission, not enjoyable at all

Balance: 2
If i could at least win without being slaughtered, my grade would be higher

Creativity: 4
Well, it lacks build and destroy not only fixed force and praying to survive against hordes of enemies and limited villagers

Map Design: 3.8
Not much interesting done here, most of the part was ugly and expendable

Story/Instructions: 5
If the rest was just like the introduction and the hints...

Additional Comments: like most of the campaigns of Heaven, i wouldn't touch it again

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Map Design4.1
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