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The Ceremony

Author File Description
Richard Wollmarker
File Details
Difficulty: Moderate
In your role as leader of one of the many japanese 'city-states'at the beginning of what we understand as the ChristianAge, you are constantly forging alliances and waging battles to gain control of this unruly land. Although your military might is not (yet?) much concern to the other cities, you have developed a plan to unify this island without unecessary blooshed. The folk lore of your tribe, passed on through the ages, tells of the magic of the 'Hanging River Gardens' and the 'Awakening Ceremony' performed every spring. It is said that the ceremony, carried out on the shores of the great sea, brought peace and tranquility to the island for 1.000 years until barbarians from the north fell upon the land, destroying the wonder and exterminating the line of descention of priests that were familiar with the intricate ceremony. Is it possible not only to find this ancient site but also a direct descendant of the garden priests? Could the wonder be rebuilt? Could a new pax nipponese be possible? To WIN you must: - Find the location where the 'Hanging River Gardens' stood before they were distroyed 1.500 years agp. - Find a direct descendant of the ancient tribe (a priest) - Build a new wonder on the same spot and have the priest perform the "Awakening" ceremony. You LOSE if: - Your ancestor falls into the hands of your enemies OR - your enemies gain control of all ruins (7) AND artifacts (9) AND are able to find all discoveries (6). NOTE: You may also win the game if you are able to gain control of all ruins (7) AND artefacts (9) AND were able to find all discoveries, but you will find these tasks to be VERY trying, much more so than for your enemies. BTW, conquest is NOT a winning condition. Multiplayer also : ???
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Angel SpineMan
Map Design4.0
This scenario had a lot of promise but in the end, it left a bad taste in my mouth. The instructions were well written but the "Hanging River Gardens" would have been impossible to find on the map without looking at the scenario builder first. There was nothing resembling hanging rivers or a garden by the site. The AI and PER files for the computer players were well done - I enjoyed all the messages I got when I attacked someone and the demands for tribute were nice, but it turned out that I was allies with almost everyone - I had 5 allies and 2 enemies! I paid tribute of course, since I'm a wimp and because it was only 100 gold. Winning the scenario was very easy with all those allies. I expected to build the wonder in enemy territory after a large fight. No such luck. A few archers tried to attack my wonder but my single trireme and a couple towers took care of them. This was way, way too easy of a scenario, but on the bright side, the map was very well done and enjoyable to explore. I liked wandering the map with no fear of being attacked. :*) The roads, cliffs and rivers were all nicely done although I'm still trying to figure out the point of some of the Gaia stuff I discovered. Walls and farms in the middle of nowhere? Weird.

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Map Design4.0
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