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The Rebellion

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Difficulty: Hard
STORY It began long ago, far from where you are now. Egypt had been expanding its borders steadily for some time, but finally met its match in the form of the Hittites. They held Egypt back in one direction, while in a different area, a war raged between Egypt and its mighty foe Persia. Egypt was eventually forced to fall back into its interior, giving land up to the Persians, but it managed to take many Persian slaves with it. Now, the stage is set. The Persian King has ordered that a single messenger be sent to stir rebellion among the slaves of the area. It is up to you, a young, well-trained cavalry soldier, to destroy a key element in Egypt's defense. A small band of revolutionaries hold a weak fort to the south of the Egyptian city. You will take command of this brash, yet resourceful company and lead them to victory. Obviously, these few troops will not be enough to destroy the entire Egyptian empire, so you must begin my attracting others to your cause. Beware, you will find powerful enemies nearby. They know a great deal about the arcane arts known as magic, and have been known to hypnotize, become invisible, cause objects to fly, even change forms. If you can capture one of their flying war ships, Persia will be able to use it to strike terror in its enemies. Persian couriers have brought back word that the Hittites are willing to help you throw off Egyptian rule. Win this battle, and you may become one of the Ten Thousand Immortals. THIS SCENARIO There are many things that you must be careful of when playing. If your starting cavalry unit is killed, you are instantly defeated. Once he is safe, you must be careful that you do not destroy the Flying Dutchman held by the Mystics as you try to capture it. Early on, you will have a few essential units that are irreplaceable, so that you may as well lose instantly if they die before their task is complete. You will have to get a message to a small rebel base, get more soldiers to join you, build up your forces, capture a magic weapon, and destroy your oppressors, meanwhile a war is being waged between Egypt and the Hittites. If you manage to Reach the area to the north of the river, you may find that Egypt has already been sacked by the Hittites, or you may find that the Hittites have been crushed under the might of Egypt. If you don't reach them in time to help your allies, all is lost. MULTIPLAYER Although this is mostly a single player scenario, I think this could make for some interesting multiplayer games. For example, the three players (leaving player three to the CP.) could agree to leave each other alone until everyone was ready. Allowing the Persians to build an army, while the Hittites amass troops and the Egyptians fortify themselves. A team game between players one, three, and four versus player two would also be interesting. Multiplayer also : Yes
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Angel SpineMan
Map Design4.0
I really did not like this scenario. It was boring, tedious and frustrating. The map was plain and uninpsired. It did have some creative ideas but they were poorly implemented and the puzzles ended up being annoying instead of intriguing. The one that really pissed me off was the whole priest, medusa, flying dutchman thing. Admittedly, I was playing on hardest but this was just crazy. If you lose your priest or your catapult or your cavalry, you're dead. If you kill the medusa or the flying dutchman, you're dead. All this was in the middle of ten or so babylonian priests who are way more effective than your one lousy little priest. You have one catapult which gets converted almost instantly and your archers are great but they fight uphill and they get killed by the flying dutchman, which you can't kill. Aaargh. Even so, I was convinced I could do it and I tried like 30 times or something until I finally did it - I converted the medusa and moved him away to build a town center without getting him killed, amazingly, when all of a sudden, I lost! Guess my stupid catapult destroyed the flying dutchman or something. Now, I'm all for puzzle maps that involve converting units but this was too much. Plus, I'm not a big fan of flying dutchmen in scenarios unless it's for a gimmick - it has no place in a serious scenario, imo. As much as I hated that one part, it was the only interesting or challenging part of the whole scenario! Up until then it was just search the bland map picking off towers with your one catapult and killing axemen with archers. No big deal. After that, it was build up to enormous proportions with your 99,999WFSG and kick butt - not really too challenging. So, the bottom line is that the only good part of this scenario, I hated and the map was lousy. Reviewer's Note: I discovered a while after writing this review that there is a trick to this scenario that I missed. Therefore, the above review was written with that frustrated feeling... the trick is to convert a lion (I think)... that's all I'm gonna say. The review score was updated with the trick's solution in mind.

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Map Design4.0
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