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Arno Ditscheid
File Details
Difficulty: Mod-Hard
German Language, instructions are also in english. -3 enemies - also for slower computers Multiplayer also : no
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skald This is a Fixed Force scen. You start with a team of Heroes and a transport, and a battleship. You get a message that you will lose in 2000 years because the enemies have all the artifacts. I sent the battleship exploring while I tried to load the heroes into the transport. Hector won't go. As we know, he gets deathly seasick and simply will not board a transport. This makes us wonder if the author actually playtested his scenario. Our battleship finds allies to the East as the hints tell us. Now we will send our transport to the East, pick up our allies, and attack the three fortified cities belonging to our enemies. And we will do this in the same amount of time it took us to get this far, because we have used up 1000 years already just finding the allies. You might want to take this one on as an uphill challenge against superior enemies while the clock ticks down. I chose not to.

[Edited on 06/16/08 @ 10:24 PM]

skald I was too abrupt in dismissing this scen as unwinnable due to the time required to stop the countdown. I am in process of playing it and will submit a very favorable review shortly.
Map Design3.5

Playability: 4.

As I said, as soon as you start playing the clock starts counting down. You will lose in 2000 years. The main thing you need to do first is stop the countdown. You can stop it by wresting away the Artifact from the rather weak enemy directly across the river. Having two priests, several transports, a battleship, several heroes of different types, and later more troops as you discover to the East, this creates a fascinating fox/goose/grain puzzle. I could think of at least 4 different approaches right away. The priest pop up where you land a priest on the shore and convert an enemy, then pop back into the transport, which branches into two variations, first having the convert join you in the transport, and second sending the convert to attack his former troops. There is also the hero pop up, the hero pops out of the transport, wreaks havoc on the enemy, then pops back into the transport and escapes back to friendly shores to be healed by a priest. There is also the question of whether to keep the priest on the friendly shore, keeping him safer, but taking longer to heal, or whether to land both priests along with the hero on the beach head and have the hero return immediately to be healed. I tried it many different ways. This is a case where the player can use the approach they like best.

Balance: 3.

The difficulty was high at first because of the initial need to get ashore and get the artifact. Later the enemy priests caused a lot of difficulty, converting all my troops I sent at them, and reconverting any of their troops I converted. Later I found ways to overcome the priest problem. I played through the entire scen using a fraction of the troops available, more than half of my forces spent the entire game idle in the rear lines. At the end I had made 40 conversions on a small map with limited forces, tipping the balance even more heavily in my favor.

Creativity: 3.

I admire the way the map was set up to create a lot of resistance with a minimum amount of troops, and the topology of the map was quite creative. Getting the artifacts seemed to be a creative idea but later turned out to be somewhat less than I had thought.

Map: 3.5.

The map was actually small but topologically quite sophisticated so as to produce long travel times between battle spaces and also very interesting closed spaces and openings. there were completely surrounded walled in areas where you could place a priest and allow him to operate untouched. The cliffs functioned as undestroyable walls but were not placed on elevations as they should have been in nature. This denied the enemy the advantage of towers on heights and also relived the player of computing ballistics when firing uphill. Ballistics are computed automatically by the game engine if you directly target an object but if you use Fire on Ground the rounds will fall short firing uphill. The sight distances were perfect and must have been play tested thoroughly.
Hint: playing this, do not destroy any enemy walls. You can use them later to control the enemy's mobility.

Hist/Inst/Hint/Win/Loss : 1.5.

No history. Instructions in English get 4 Artifacts. Hint allies to the East. No win, No loss.
I got all 4 artifacts and I was running down the clock for a victory but it was rather slow so I continued destroying the last enemy units. When I annihilated the last enemy with about 300 years left on the clock, I was Victorious. Later I checked and the designer has set no victory conditions for P1 and he has set the Global Victory to Standard, meaning you don't have to collect all 4 artifacts to win. Of course that's an easier way than wiping out all 3 enemy players, but it's still misleading.

Additional Comments: Hector is almost totally useless. There was no way to use my initial Hector because he refused to board a transport so he could never be used to engage the enemy. Later I converted a Hector from enemy territory. He absolutely refused to attack an enemy unit, instead choosing to attack a tower right next to the enemy unit, and thus dying uselessly.
Spoiler hint: Your priests can convert enemy priests.

Recommended for download, highly playable.

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Map Design3.5
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