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Ian Hoskins
File Details
Number of Scenarios: 5
Difficulty: ?
The Overlords Campaign, by , Here is the first of my Age of Empires campaigns. In this one you are a priest seeking to aid fellow members of your order who are threatened by an evil empire known as the Overlords. To do this you must first past a series of obstacles that the enemy has placed in your path to prevent our success. Battle your way past these until finally you reach the city and save your fellow priests. INFORMATION: Name: The Overlords, #Scenarios: 5, Scenario size: Various, Difficulty: Medium, Build Time: 9 hours, Playtest Time: 10 hours. Author: Ian Hoskins
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 4 This was an all - around fun campaign to do. I think it had to do with good balance, nice mapwork, not all of the victory conditions being conquest, etc.. Also, it had a great story. It was really enjoyable to read. Creativity: 4 This campaign had a GREAT story to it! It was very creative, and probably took the author some time to come up with. The idea seemed totally creative to me too.. It wasn't a runoff of someone elses' work. Looks like there was some work put into the enemy forts. They were great. Balance: 4 The balance was great. They had a huge armies. Your priests were a good weapon for them though... In the later stages there were huge armies of elephants. There were some very awesome battles in the scenarios, but if you play your priests correctly you'll always come out on top. The enemies' forts were very well guarded by mostly elephant archers, legions, war elephants, and a large quanity of balista towers. Map Design:4 The maps were great! There was small use of waterfalls. There was good positioning of cliffs, rivers, resources, little secrets, and enemy units. The enemy forts were fabulous. The maps looked like they took some time to make. Story and Instructions: 5 Great story! The author even put more than 1 or 2 lines in the storyline after you've beat a scenario (most scenarios only have about a line saying "Good job!", or, "You have conquered your enemy. Your people will love you forever!"... The author of this campaign did not say that. He/She just made a story to tell you what happened after you had won <where you went, who you met, what happened to you>. They usually ended up being over 3 lines long, and telling you what went on after you beat a scenario. The Instructions were easy to read, and were very understandable, and were according. The only error I found in here was the author left out a few words in the story. It was understandable, though, if you had been reading the stories before that one. Overall: 4.2 By far the best campaign i've reviewed yet. It was a great all - around campaign, and very fun to play. The maps were great, the balance made it chalenging, the story was fun to read and I really felt that I knew what was going on, and the instructions were easy to read and I knew exactly what to do. I think all of the work that the author put in really paid off. This is a GREAT campaign.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3.5
The campaign was enjoyable to play as a whole. A total of five scenarios and each one will keep you interested. There were some scenarios that offset others. This means if one seemed easy to do the next was a little harder.

Balance: 3.5
The campaign started to look too easy, then as it progressed it changed. It was more on the lines of fixed positions and gathering large armies to fight large battles. You had to gather and watch your resources even though you had an abundance. You enemies scrambled to gather just as fast as you. In one scenario the battle seemed to last forever until you started to dwindle or tire your enemy out.

Creativity: 3
Although surely not a retread of other people's ideas there nothing truly unique about this scenario. The storyline was creative to begin with but seemed to trail fast. As I said, fixed positions, large armies and large battles.

Map Design: 3
Remembering that the map design is as of 1999 I rated it this way.
I liked the maps, as there was a good amount of cliffs, rivers, and elevation. The Overlords fortress in the scenarios looked well placed. The maps looked like they took some time to make although the resources could have been lessened. There were no bitmaps from beginning to end.

Story/Instructions: 2.5
The story starts off really well it gets you interested in what is about to happen. The trails off and lets you wander about. I understood what the designer was saying but only wished they had filled in the blanks. The instructions were well written and to the point and you know what you have to do.

Additional Comments:
Not saying that it is limited as it is an all around good campaign to start with. I enjoyed it and would recommend it for a first timer.

[Edited on 06/14/06 @ 06:15 PM]

skald With reference to the map, I would like to point out that in this, the first single player campaign posted to the Granary, the designer (at least in Scenario One)has taken care to create cliffs on 4 degrees of elevation, perfectly lined up, giving the cliffs the actual advantage elevation provides to ranged units firing down on the enemy from the heights. In many later scenarios we see cliffs across the landscape with no associated elevation, devaluing the cliffs effectively into mere boundaries with no range unit advantage as would be the case in real life, and as the designer has provided here.
Map Design3.0
Type: Fantasy
Scenarios: 5

Playability: 3
It wasn't too difficult but was still fun. Each scenario follows the previous well, and you can sense the world the designer is trying to create.

Balance: 2
It was a bit too easy. In some scenarios you face large numbers of war elephants and it is suggested that you go for a all-out war with your hoplites. However, your priests are more than capable of converting these beasts and running them straight back into the enemy town/city.

Creativity: 3
The story is creative, as with the sense of the journey you take (repeating characters, transports at start etc). However, the objectives are not so creative, and actually let it down slightly.

Map Design: 3
Some good map design in places although overall the maps were a little plain. Would have been nice to see little villagers to bring the fantasy world to life.

Story/Instructions: 4
Good story, clear objectives. However, the fantasy setting needed a bit more in terms of story. Minor spelling mistakes.

Additional Comments:
A good story but a little too easy. Possibly worth a miss if you are looking for something really good.

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Map Design3.3
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