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The Return of Jason

Author File Description
Phill Phree
File Details
Difficulty: Hard
This scenario was inspired by the excellent "Let my people go". It's a puzzle solving journey back to your own people to regain your homeland. I have tried to make the puzzles as original as possible. It is quite difficult in spots and does require a lot of thought but each puzzle is solvable. I've thrown in some battles on land and sea just to round out the scenario. I have tested it extensively and found no problems but please email me ( if you have any trouble or if you like it ! I have included broad hints but try it without using them ! I will send a detailed walkthrough if you ask me ! If you don't have the super aggressive per I have attached it . Story You are Jason the mighty king of Greeks. Your once faithful right hand man Herodotus has betrayed you ! While visiting the small island temple of Carpathia Herodotus has arranged for his Babylonian mercenaries to destroy your capital. He has also imprisoned your spiritual adviser Mor Havoc in a forest hideout. You have been left stranded on the deserted island with only your faithful servant. Fortunately your servant has managed to retain some resources. You now face a difficult journey through many hazards to return and revenge your citizens. Find the city of your old ally Caponicus and it's resources will be at your disposal. Some of your people have escaped Herotodus' pogroms and hidden in the forests. They may be able to help you get home. Victory Conditions 1. Move Jason and Mor Havoc to the flagged area (where your Government Centre was) 2. Destroy Herodotus' Government centre NB : This scenario contains quite a few puzzles which may seem quite difficult. I can assure you that each of the puzzles is solvable and you have the resources required (do not use any resources unless you are sure about what to do, with the exception of right at the start you must get an upgrade that will not be available later). Save regularly ! I have attached broad hints but if you want a complete walkthrough email me at Broad Hints Get an early upgrade to increase siege weaponry You need to increase a priests range The medusa is the guy to convert Juggernauts can destroy trees ! You need siege weaponry and what's the only thing you can build ? Their centurions are tough find the cats first (your centurions aren't the only troops there) Did you find the stone mine ? Well build some towers you've got the better range ! Watch the population limit. Sadly some sacrifices must be made !
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Phill Phree
File Author
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
OK, here is my first review ever over a 4. I played this for at least 6 hours, it's like a campaign in one scenario, it only dragged a little bit a few times. There were constant challenges and gratifying successes to keep me motivated to continue, even though I was tempted to quit a dozen times and say it was impossible.
It develops in two phases, the first half is a very stringent resource short journey through the countryside, using your limited resources and mainly your wits to continue. The second phase was a delight to my heart because I found a peninsula with unlimited trees which to a Navy man means unlimited Triremes. I used the triremes to clear the closer onshore opposition and later cataremes
to clear the onshore catapults. I never send my troop transports into a beach head assault until my Navy has silenced all the shore batteries to the best of their ability. Remember Dunkirk?

Balance: 5
I have never given a 5 for any scen in AoE or AoK because 5 is for perfection. Simply, the balance was perfect. It was never a walkover and there were many restarts but it was always possible to proceed to victory.

Creativity: 4
There were many puzzles (actually difficult combat situations which required creative solutions to proceed). Some of the puzzles seemed a bit contrived, not something that would occur naturally in a battle quest, but they were still inventive and enjoyable.

Map Design: 4
The bad: the map had absolutely no fish in any of the massive waters, and no gazelles in any of the land masses. It seemed a bit sterile. Some of the resources were squared off and some of the forests were painted with a rectangular brush.
The good: The map worked admirably for the purpose it served. All the distances between ranged weapons, visual sight range, and plot objects were calculated to the exact tile, showing the author has playtested this scen down to the bare metal looking for any loose ends (there were none). It fits together like a Swiss watch.

Story/Instructions: 5
There was no history in the history section but it was included in the instruction sections. The hints provided were exactly enough to get you through the quest but not overwhelmingly helpful so as to make it too easy.

Additional Comments:
Recommended for download. I suspect this scen must have been reviewed before and maybe the review was lost. Read the hints and abide by them. Otherwise you will be doomed to failure from the first 30 seconds, but it will not be apparent until much later. Use the resources extremely sparingly. Don't use any resource if you can find a way to save it.
Save before any new move. There are some moves you may make which would result in getting wiped out, and other moves which result in acquiring so many allies that you exceed your pop cap and cannot build the naval units you will need to clear the beach head prep to a landing.

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Map Design4.0
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