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Drusus and Tiberius, Version 2

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File Details
Number of Scenarios: 2
Difficulty: Mod-Hard
Version: Age of Empires
Campaign Title: Drusus and Tiberias, Version 2
Original Campaign Designed by: Richard Ames
Edited and submitted as Version 2 by: Rakovsky
Date of Campaign Version 2: 8/28/2020
# of scenarios: 2
Difficulty level: Moderate-Hard
Designed for: AOE Version 1.0c, Single Player


This is a single scenario campaign [Version 2 puts the scenario into two chapters] where you play as Tiberius, a young man who is later to become the second Roman Emperor. You have a small base camp near the river, and a supply camp to the south west. The enemy is in close proximity to you so you may face attacks early on from two different fronts. You must also watch over your brother Drusus and his camp, on the other side of the map. Your objective in the campaign is nothing less than to subdue the rebellious tribes, and turn them into Roman provinces, and you, Tiberius, must lead from the front.

Play time is roughly an hour.


* This was designed for AoE. If you play it in Rise of Rome I will cry

* Although this is a short mission, it can be quite difficult. Not recommended for rookie players.

*There is plenty of reading there for you. The readme, history, and instructions are all optional, but you will need to read the hints and study the bitmap carefully to understand the mission.


This Campaign is designed for Age of Empires 1.0c, rather than on AOE 1.0 or on "Rise of Rome." The main problem with playing it on AOE 1.0 is that AOE 1.0's Pathfinding is relatively primitive and this Scenario has alot of "eye candy", with objects like trees, stumps, rocks, and allied units on or next to your own units' paths.

The problem with playing it on ROR is that ROR gives your Player the technology of map sharing with allies, and this reveals the bases of the Yellow Player who is put in the Scenario's setting to be your "Ally" so that he will not attack your units, just the units of your main ally, the aqua Drusus AI Player. But the Yellow player is the Vendelici Tribe, who in the Scenario's story is actually your Roman team's enemy. Another problem with playing it in ROR is that map sharing shows you your Red ally's base,
along with the Gaia units there.

The first Scenario, Chapter 1 of the Campaign, must be played on Moderate, Hard, or the Hardest Difficulty. This is because your Reinforcements arrive on the east end of the map due to a tower trigger that only works on those three hardest difficulty settings.


In 2005, Richard made the excellent campaign "Drusus and Tiberias". It had a single scenario by the same name. First, Tiberius gathered his forces on the west side of the map and defended from attacks from the Raeti tribe. 13 minutes into the Scenario, a trigger brought reinforcements into the west side of the map, which was separated from the rest of the map by cliffs. The reinforcements helped your brother Drusus fight a duel against the Vendelici leader. Back on the west side of the map, your units took down two barracks and two archeries and had two brothers fight a duel against a raider chief. As you can see, it was a detailed, exciting campaign.

It had a few gltiches though. The first was that in AOE 1.0c, the savegames crashed due to 1.0c having a bug whereby shooting arrows or missiles corrupted savegames. Of course, the constantly shooting tower trigger invoked this particular bug, as Richard noted in his original Readme file. A second glitch was that in AOE 1.0, as soon as the savegames loaded, your Green ally's Drusus character immediately started trotting out of his box, despite his Player being set to "Passive". This violated the rule that Drusus must not leave his box and a message appeared saying "You have been defeated!" The savegames did not work right even if you modded your AOE 1.0C exe file, which was aimed at getting rid of the missile bug. Finally, even if you played through the whole game on AOE 1.0 and met the objectives, the game did not end. This may have been because one of the AI Player's Victory Conditions was set to Bring one Object to another Object, and both objects might not have been selected.

A similar issue existed in the 1998 campaign "Roman Expansion into Britannia." Apparently there was some imprecision in the Victory
Conditions and so the first Scenario in that Campaign would not finish in either AOE 1.0 or 1.0c when you met your objectives. In that campaign, the game could achieve victory only in ROR. Similarly, the original 2005 "Drusus and Tiberius" Campaign could be beaten in ROR, but not in AOE 1.0, and probably not even in 1.0c if you were able to make it through without using savegames.

So I edited the Drusus and Tiberius campaign to address these issues and am titling it "Drusus and Tiberius, version 2." First, I split the original Scenario into two Scenarios or Chapters. This is because the two parts of the original map where diferent objectives occur were separated physically by cliffs so that the units on one side of the map did not interact with the others. In effect, there were two "mini-Scenarios" going on at once, each with their own objective or objectives. Tiberius gathered his forces on the left side, then the horse archers appeared on the right side for their objective, and finally Tiberius battled the two Orange bases and the Brown chief on the left side. The main practical way in which the two "sides" of the map coordinated was that Tiberius gathered resources to send to help his brother on the right side of the map to fight off the Yellow armies there. However when it came time to use the reinforcements on the right side of the map for their objective, the issue of whether you had helped Drusus enough was not really a factor in that storyline, so long as his base was still alive. To meet the reinforcements' objective, you just had to use the horse archers to help Drusus duel, so their mission was pretty quick and their own mission didn't involve supplying Drusus for a long period of time.

The part of the Campaign that I put first was Drusus' duel with the Vendelici leader on the east side of the map. You start with resources that you can give Drusus' Aqua Player to provide for their base defense like in the original version. Your goal in the first Chapter is to use your horse archers to draw out the Brown Vendelici leader and lead him toward Drusus so that they fight. A justification for putting this Chapter first is that in the story, Drusus set up his base first and then Tiberius arrived on the west to join the Roman effort. In setting up this first, short Chapter, I deleted the red elephants in the reinforcements' trigger, in order to get rid of the 13 minute delay before your reinforcements show up, since it would be pointless to wait long for your only usable units. This also fixes the bug whereby the shooting towers make your savegame crash.

In this first chapter, your game still ends in Defeat if Drusus leaves his box like in the original version. This is because one of your goals is to get the chief to fight Drusus in his base without Drusus leaving his home area (like to go to the Yellow base on his own). In the original version, when you loaded a savegame in AOE 1.0, Drusus rode out of his box, invoking a Defeat. I did not have this problem on Playtesting, however being unable to save would not be an issue anyway on this Chapter because it is so short- you have one objective and you can't build a base.

The second "Chapter" is actually the rest of the original Scenario, from Tiberius gathering his forces at his base by the river to coming to the Yellow Government Center with his 4 legions. The only difference between the original version and this second Chapter is that you already helped with Drusus' duel in the east in the first chapter, so you no longer have that objective. You still have to give the same kind of tribute to Drusus' Aqua Player in the Second Chapter as you did in the original version.

In making Version 2 of this Campaign, it was important to me to be true to the original version while still making the campaign work. To better explain why I divided the original scenario into two Chapters: it was essential to make the game "winnable" and to give the Player a Victory when he met all the objectives. Based on my experience editing other Scenarios, there must have been a problem with the Victory Conditions functioning, and there were very many of them. Splitting the Objectives into two different Scenarios simplified the array of Victory Conditions that each Scenario used. And fortunately I was able to get the Scenarios to give the Player a Victory when he won them.

You can find the Original Version here, along with my Walkthrough in the Comments section:
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Happy Gaming!

[Edited on 10/08/20 @ 03:23 PM]

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