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The Holy forest [1v1]

Author File Description
Luna Lynn
File Details
No. of Players: 2
Difficulty: Hardest
Version: Rise of Rome
Happy new year !! this is my 5th scenario and the 4th playable on competitive formats!

History of the scenario making : (100 hours).

Theme :
The main idea first came around villagers being able to hide in a large forest when raided outside but also so they can hunt gazellas in this forest.
The village would be surrounded by forest but then came the question of how to assemble playability, balance and design.
The first problematic was that any buildings could remove the special trees so I had to make an underbrush of alternated terrain elevations to prohibit large buildings in the forest, of course prohibit walls, towers and houses, thus the houses needed to be preplaced out of stone throwers range since the only way out of modding was to give the objective for a Bot player to destroy the house of a player. So the house would be placed on the sides of the map protected by cliffs as trading docks would.

Balance, buffed and debuffed untis :

Stone age :
- The clubmen aren't very efficient but since the gold income is capped, axemen become a valuable unit, clubmen can be used to stack them before tool age in order to travel during the stone age.

Tool age :
- Slingers buff : Slingers get -1 range and -1 attack but players start the game with infinite stone which makes the slingers cost only 40 food.
- Archers debuff : Since you are more likely to find slingers around, archers are being debuffed, they also get -1 range. (The ranged units are pretty good when it comes to mass them and on this scenario the battlefield has some terrain elevations that can buff their attack by 50% if they're on it)
- Axemen buff : Axemen are more likely to fight against slingers that don't have any armor, in the bronze age, bronze shield makes them even more efficient against slingers.

Bronze age :
- Villagers debuff : Removal of wheel for a more realsitic effect.
- Archery range units debuff : Over powered chariot archers removed, Cartaginians don't have Composite bowmen, archers get -1 range again in bronze age.
- Hoplites buff : Cartaginian Hoplites have +25%hp.
- Light infantry buffed : Light infantry can be protected by improved Hoplites or Camels in every game, in addition the cavalry cost a lot of gold for a gold capped game.
- Stable units buff : Carthaginians can upgrade nobility giving +15%hp to their stable units and each player starts the game with 2 blind and lame priest which means the stable units are more likely to fall back and heal due to their movement speed.
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Luna Lynn
File Author
Patch notes :

01/14/20 v1b :

Post beta tests gameplay fixing :

- The map has been backed up to the version without fish on the sides, the fishes were so easy to gather that hunting in the forest was totally forgotten, as a result the shallows are looking more like a walkable swamp which is as beautiful and more realistic.

- On the side of the cliffs, all players have a market being destroyed by heavy elephants at stone age so they can build farms but don't benefit from the market upgrades, as a result, players will be able to farm a few food in their village area but will look forward to hunt in the forest in order to have a better income.

- The Hittites Vs Macedonians balance theory wasn't enough balanced, as a result the history of the scenario making has been updated and all the players are Cartaginians in order to have the best balance between units.

01/15/20 v1c :

- Each player now have 2 Blind and lame priests and 2 rafts including 1 in their lake and 1 in the marshes.

- Each player now have a government center protected by the cliffs so they can also build multiple town centers.

- In the 2v2 version, Yellow and Brown are now Greek, they can go to the Iron age but their Siege workshop is prohibited, they also have a Temple protected by the cliffs in case they would like to upgrade Medicine.

- Flags have been placed on the area on which you can build in the forest, prohibited technologies are written.

01/18/20 v1c2 :

-The lame priest and the raft on the marshes have been removed for each players, only the ones on the lakes remain, random convertion of scouts could had affected the gameplay. The healing gap between stable units and other units is now bigger.

-In the 1v1 version all the yellow/brown priests and raft have been removed, only the watch tower and the farm remains.

02/28/20 :

Glitch fix: sometimes a teal elephant could reach the brown house and end the game it's now fixed.

[Edited on 02/29/20 @ 02:33 PM]

The_Patriarck Luna, I really need to discuss something with you on Discord regarding your scenario. And no, I can't post messages here regarding it.
Luna Lynn
File Author
Short ruin rush preview on video ( watch in 2x speed):

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