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Twisted River [1v1]

Author File Description
Luna Lynn
File Details
No. of Players: 2
Difficulty: Hard
Version: Rise of Rome
In this scenario the BLUE player competes against the RED player !
The Yellow and Brown slots can be used to spectate.
/!\ Learn to set up a scenario or things might not go as the scenario maker expected:
- Go in settings,select the map and read carefully the description to find out the civilizations you have to set for each players, including you!

- /!\ Difficulty : Hardest.
Reveal map : NO.
All technologies : NO.
Resources : Default.
Age : Default.
Victory : Default.
Pop. : 200.
Teams : [-] for all. ( Team are preset )

WARNING : If the scenario is multiplayer, each player must enter in their respective slot color, do not change the color. ( If you're not in your respective color slot all settings will be mixed up)

To make a players enter in its respective slot color, set as many computers as needed before the player enters the lobby, if an order is needed, make the players join one by one to find their respective slot color.


- Click the little red button "Download files".
- Open or extract the zip folder with the help Winrar or 7zip for example.
- Copy the .scx file that's in it and paste it in your Age of empires "scenario" folder most of the time located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires\scenario
History of the scenario making :
This scenario has been made with the idea of mixing more balance points than random maps, and design.

Design :
The main idea was a desert, more clean for the eyes and less over-saturated for an original design while adding a shade of grass land in the desert to show all the best kind of design the game could give, the second idea was then to implement this grass lands like an oasis would do in the desert around water, but using waterfalls and a twisted river surrounded by vegetables among which we can feel the shade between dried desert and breathing life.

Balance, buffed and debuffed units :

Stone age :
- Clubmen buff : Persian or Greek villagers don't have any move speed, hp or armor bonus, it's easier for stone age clubmen to harass opponent.

Tool age :
- Slingers debuff : Players start the game with less stone.

Bronze age :
Archery range units debuff :
- Overpowered chariot archers removed from games.
- Composite bowmen restricted.
- Persian or Greek archers have less range.

Infantry buff :
- Foot units are harder to kite with ranged units.
- Camels can now give a better defense for Infantry against cavalry in every game.

- Villagers capacity of runing away from enemies debuffed with the removal of wheel for a more realist effect.

- Number of priests restricted.

08/12/19 v1b2 patch notes :

-The mirror towers have been replaced by shang heavy elephants that can not attack their enemies enclosed in fortifications (kill them to unlock composite archers).

-To prevent players from deleting their enemies forests with wall foundation, all the stone has been removed except the 5 stone mines closer to the persian bases.

09/24/19 v1c patch notes :

- For the 2v2, macedonian's archery range are disabled and Hoplites are prohibited, killing heavy elephants will unlock Hoplites.

I will upload a new 2v2 file then I will rework this one to be 1v1 by removing yellow, brown and their respective king gazellas. (done 09/25/19)

12/10/19 v1E patch notes for all versions :

- King gazella removed due to randomness factor when we prefer having the tame lion roaming.

- To balance the 3 fishes out on the red side, Red now has 3 gazellas at the same spot as the 3 inner Blue's fishes and Blue has 3 gazellas at the same spot as the 3 outer Red's fishes (The tame lion can't attack the gazellas).

- The single pine trees around the river have been slightly enhanced with 2 other tree types.

- The red side ruin has been replaced at the same area as the blue side one.

03/04/20 : V1F patch notes for all versions :

- Dead trees added.

- The macedonian starting area now looks better with a design of fresh grass patches,3 berries and 4 gazellas around the town center.

- On the macedonian side, a crater design with a stone mine inside has been added.

03/08/20 : V1G patch notes for all versions :

- +2 stone mines in the craters, -2 stone mines on the persian side replaced by 2 gold mines. (equalizing 3 stone mines on each side).

03/26/20 : V1H patch notes for 2v2 ONLY /!\ :

- Brown and yellow are now Romans, their prohibited technologies : Dock, Market, Iron age, they still can make farms and from stone age since their market is being destroyed at the beginning of the game.

- The unlockable unit for Yellow and Brown is now priests, they still can make 1 priest die but if 2 die they lose unless they unlocked it.

- Grey and Teal Elephants are now Carthaginian.

04/10/20 : V1i patch notes for 2v2 ONLY :

- Prohibited technologies are now properly written for Brown and Yellow ,they cant build Government centers and Temple.

-The brown and Yellow's restricted unit is now Broad swords but they can have up to 20 Broad swords death before losing unless they killed the opposite corner Carthaginian Elephants, It could open interesting door on new strategies such as the choice between using the 20 broad swords card and following with hoplites or keeping the Roman short swordsmen flow.

04/11/20 : V1J Patch notes for all versions :

-Persians can now build temple.
-The corner spectating units are now 1 temple 4 houses and 4 Hero Jason enclosed in Shang walls, the water is removed allowing some converting strategies.
-In 2v2, Romans can now build market but not temple and government center, allowing them to make chariots and to upgrade wheel to balance the fact they can't build multiple town centers.
-Roman stone down to 0 again due to market slingers come back.
-Improved hints.
- +5 Fishes along the river.


Red :
As long as Blue remains , Red can only have 1 Priest death.
As long as Yellow remains , Red can't have Composite bowman death.

Blue :
As long as Red remains , Blue can only have 1 Priest death.
As long as Brown remains , Blue can't have Composite bowman death.


Red & Brown team :
As long as Blue remains , Red can only have 1 Priest death.
As long as Yellow remains , Brown can only have 30 Broad swordsmen deaths.
As long as Green remains , Red can't have Composite bowman death.
As long as Grey remains , Brown can't have Improved bowman death.

Blue & Yellow team :
As long as Red remains , Blue can only have 1 Priest death.
As long as Brown remains , Yellow can only have 30 Broad swordsmen deaths.
As long as Orange remains , Blue can't have Composite bowman death.
As long as Teal remains , Yellow can't have Improved bowman death.

04/13/20 Version 1K patch notes for all versions :

-Each corner computer can now recreate up to 1 special unit if you tribute them resources :
South and North: Greek's Iron high Short swordsman.
West and East: Yamato's Iron high Scout.

-The West and East corners have been added to 1v1.

-Each corner now counts It's unit building, 2 Jason hero and 2 town centers protected by fortifications with a tile for their special unit to spawn.

04/20/20 Version 1K2 patch notes for all versions :

- Glitch fixing: since town centers make AI over produce units upon attack, town centers have been replaced by 6 houses.

- The 2 Hero Jason have been replaced by 1 Elephant archer, the Elephant archer is only at north and south corner, the west and east Jason are just removed.(as an unique unit the Elephant archer is better than Jason and players know better Its stats).

05/20/20 Version 1L patch notes for all versions :

- The forest glade has been replaced by a gold mine forest with a little cliff next to the stone crater on which you can't go but can build, +1 Gazella and 7 berries next to the cliff.

06/03/20 Version 1M2 patch notes for all versions :

- Elephant glitch fixing : Sometimes elephants were attacking each other when they hit a villager around the other elephant, resulting to a their death a the loss of the food : there is now only 1 elephant next to the ruin placed without rotation or anything, normally this bug should be thus fixed.

- 3 gazelles have been added around the Persian town center.

- More breathing, less units collision : some single trees have been removed in the middle of the map, around the river.

- Design enhancing : The forest around the ruin is looking better, the ruin is in the inner side of the forest, towards the Persian base.

06/19/20 v1P patch notes for all versions :

- Design enhancing: The forests can't be deleted by houses anymore and count more wood, the gold is next to the forest and not inside anymore. (10 hours of design enhancing)

- + 8 berries in the Persian's starting area.

- The Greek Short swords converts are now Babylonian Long swords, In the 1v1 the Yamato scouts converts are still the same.

- 2v2 only : Yellow & Brown are now Greek,
Disabled technologies for Yellow and Brown: Dock,Market(destroyed as the game starts,Governement center(1 preplaced),Temple(1 preplaced),Siege
workshop,Academy. They start the game with 0 resources to prevent all tributing strategies but with +4 villagers & 4 houses, They also start the game with a Dock, a Temple and a government center on a new puzzle at the map corner.
The corner Bot has a stable, a siege workshop, a dock and 3 houses, instead of being a Yamato recreating 1 scouts, It's a Iron age Shang recreating 1 Stone thrower & 1 camel, the Shangs Bot start the game with infinite gold.

06/25/20 v1R patch notes for all versions :

-In the 1v1 the slots 7 & 8 are shang and can be used for spectating as they have a blind and lame priest on a cliff.

- 1 mid map-berry field out of 3 has been removed from each side, it's now a small swamp with 7 fishes.

- there was a bit more wood and +2 berries on the red side starting point so the blue side now has +2 berries and a bit more wood.

-The Babylonian computer now has infinite gold to buff their long swords, so the long sword will cost approximately 50 food ( bothering to convert this unit that was 25% more expansive than a broad sword and 25% more powerful vs melees but weaker vs archers was not that worth).The Babylonian computer now also has a heavy transport to land the chariots and will upgrade scythe chariot with a stable if you tribute it 1200 wood. -2 houses.

In the 2v2 :

-The Yellow and Brown markets aren't destroyed at the gamer start anymore, instead there is a new market puzzle on the new swamparea allowing you to get combo upgrades from the tool age depending on your strategy.

- Brown & Yellow now start the game with -5 villagers in their village but start the game with 4 fishing ships. +2 fishes on the Temple puzzle.

- Slots 7&8 can NOT be used to spectate by miming actively the computers action since they would discover the market puzzle. Use slots 5&6 + miming.

- Brown & Yellow granaries are now prohibited technologies.

06/26/20 v1R2 for all versions :

- Keeping 1600 wood in bank was too expensive to get your 4 chariots become scythe, Babylonian bots now start the game with 600 base wood so it costs you only 800 wood to get the scythe upgrade.

06/30/20 v1R3 for all versions :

- History of the scenario making updated.

- Persians now start the game with 10 stone, The Blue player side is impossible to wall without stone, this should give a bit more balance.

09/06/20 v1S for all versions :

- The Greek's convert-bot puzzle is now Macedonian and is recreating 1 Hoplite & 1 Stone thrower (still has infinite gold). The second layer of walls are now medium Babylonian walls.

- In the 1v1 version, the 2v2 Greek's corner puzzle has been added, replacing the Yamato scouts. The Greek government center is now Macedonian, in addition the bot will upgrade Aristocracy if it has enough resources. The Greek temple is now Blue to east and Red to west. Each convert bots have a trading ship and start the game with infinite stone as well as gold.

-In the 1v1 version, The spectator slots are now 3 & 4 instead of 7 & 8.

v1S5 :

-In the 1v1, a tile of shallow allows the priests to pass at east an west puzzles.

- 6 tiles of fortification at the persian convert puzzles have been replaced by small walls since the long swords were hidden behind fortifications on blue side.

v1T2 for 1v1 : (09/08/20) On the temple puzzle area,fixed shallow and place a different colour of fortification tile so the players know where to break when they don't have vision on the shallow tile.

09/09/20 v1T3 for 1v1 only:
- closing the walls at the temple puzzle since the lion can impact it, and the buildings need to be more protected, keep in mind that units can spawn through.

10/22/20 v1T3 for 2v2 only:
- To simplify the market puzzle, the tower and the house to destroy have been replaced by red or blue small walls with 200hp which leads to discover the market at min 5:00.

11/25/20 v1U for all versions:
- The Ormazd bots wincon is now to kill 10 Composite archers instead of 1
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