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Middle East (North) Map with Roman-Parthian Wars

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Difficulty: Hard
Version: Rise of Rome
Designer Name: Rakovsky
Scenario Title: Middle East (North) Map with Roman-Parthian Wars
Scenario Version: 2.0
AoE or RoR: RoR
Date Submitted: July 5, 2019
Difficulty: Hard
Number of Players: 6-8
Single or Multiplayer: Single Player and 3 v. 3 Multiplayer.
Acknowledgements: S_Bishop, the designer of the geographical map.

Teams: 3 Players v. 3. Players v. 2 Players (best for the third team to be AIs)

TEAM 1: Player 1. Parthians (Persian) & P.6. Mesopotamia (Babylonian) & P.8. Media (Persian)


TEAM 2: Player 2. Roman Syria (Roman) & P.5. Roman Asia Minor (Roman) & P.7. Roman Egypt (Roman)


TEAM 3: Player 3. Passive Armenia (Greek AI) & P.4. Osroene (Palmyran AI)

For MULTIPLAYER on AOE:ROR (original version) on Gameranger and Voobly, you may need to Close some Players, like the AIs, for the Scenario to work. Although this is a AOE:ROR file, it works on AOE:DE in Multiplayer.



S_Bishop's "7 Real World Maps" pack included "Canaan", the "Mediterranean East", and the "Middle East (North)", and he modified them a bit for three scenarios in his "Ages of Man III" Campaign: "Monotheism", "Bronze Age Collapse", and "Alexander the Great". The third of these scenarios did not let you build up an army, but rather sent you looking for reinforcement units as Alexander the Great. This third Playerless map, "Middle East (North)", is realistic and impressive, however, and the Instructions encourage you to follow in Alexander the Great's footsteps and build an empire. So I added Players to fit the participants in the regional conflict that followed in his Greek heirs' wake, the Roman - Parthian Wars: The Roman Empire, the Parthian Empire and their Median allies, and the kingdoms of Armenia and Osroene.

The Players' Town Centers are in their historical capitols, which each have a supply of berries. There are also Instruction Screen messages and a Story map. Standard Victory conditions are used, so to win your Team of allies can destroy the enemy forces, capture and hold the Ruins or artifacts, or build a Wonder. The Players all begin in the Tool Age.

Three Players make up the Roman Empire's team: Roman Asia Minor, Roman Syria, and Roman Egypt. Two Players, the Parthians and Mesopotamians, make up the Parthian Empire, and are allied with a third Player, the Medes. The kingdoms of Armenia and Osroene oppose the two empires, but are made of AI Players and are rather Passive.

In SINGLE PLAYER, you play as Parthia, and the "Easy" setting is recommended for Players with an Average skill level.

MULTIPLAYER is designed for 3 Human Players vs. 3 Human Players. If playing with fewer human players, consider that the Roman AI Players are much stronger and more skilled than the Parthian ones, so you can put weak Players on the Roman side and advanced players on the Parthian one.


Playtesting Comments:

I was able to beat it as Parthia on Single Player on the Moderate Difficulty setting. I consider myself about an average player, but I know some tricks, like dodging with cavalry, and it took me two attempts to win. This is because the Romans were much more aggressive than my allies. The first time that I played as Parthia, I defeated
Roman Syria, but Roman Egypt overwhelmed me with a wave of swordsmen. But they say that good scenarios take a few times to beat. The second time I built up my resources faster and raided Roman Syria with cavalry earlier.

A Single Player Walkthrough for Parthia is included in the Readme File. Version 2 of the Scenario adds the Civilizations to the Instructions Screen.

On MULTIPLAYER on Gameranger on AOE:ROR, playing as P1 with Upstairs as P6, we got 19 minutes into the match and the game locked up. That's the same thing that happened when I was playing on the #1 The Middle East - Persia - 8 player map. The problem must be that AOE:ROR has a hard time in Multiplayer with 8 Players on some maps like this one.

I played it on AOE:DE with another Human Player and 6 AIs for 40+ minutes and it didn't crash.
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