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Fresh Grass

Author File Description
Luna Lynn
File Details
Difficulty: Hardest
Version: Rise of Rome
Hi, when I saw this grass texture from the 5th legacy mod I wanted to try it on my scenario so here is Fresh lands for the UHD patch 5th legacy mod. follow the instructions from the link to install the 5th legacy . from the UHD laucher you can then activate mods or change resolution in settings I personally don't like when the resolution is too far so instead of 1680/1050 I set 1440/900 for my screen but maybe it's different for your screen of course. And this way with a better resolution but not too far plus the grass texture, it is looking very good.It makes the scenario even harder with the clubmen having +1 armor and no possibility to upgrade axemen but I tried it and it is possible to give you a thumb up you should get the best economy starting you can then chop this tree as early as possible and send 10 villagers to fight the clubmen attacking the wonder of course that's not all the strategy and it can be complicated to find your way but I'm not gonna tell everything right, have fun =)
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The_Patriarck Did you account for the change in resource gather rates (fishing boats -25%, woodcutting -25%). My hat goes off to you. Hard enough that I might play around with it for a while.

[Edited on 04/28/19 @ 08:26 PM]

Luna Lynn
File Author
Didn't notice the 25% and after many tests the 25% isn't a problem, I tc forward to get the best tree line then I tryna get my best food line with an elephant and I end up having a double tc vills production, I firstable was doing 3 fishing ships asap but maybe the 25% was getting felt now that you say it. Then I was sending many villagers to trade the clubmen and even with the -1 armor to villagers that I saw on 1.4 it wouldn't be a problem. I was commenting below the fresh lands scenario that I wanted to make a hardcore version so I guess I'm served, the real problem is the red AI and I'm working on it I'm going to find the right civilization (I don't know about the new 1.4 civilizations yet by the way^^) and rework the AI so the red builds 1 Barracks at tool age and join the green with only slingers then he goes to bronze and makes the cavs, he shouldn't go to bronze faster because he doesnt make some axes though so I think about a 50 food villagers civilization to slow it a bit and all I gotta do is test this hardcore stuff :D. Let me know if you've been further than me ;D

[Edited on 04/29/19 @ 10:18 AM]

The_Patriarck If you're using the 5thLegacy scenario editor, I'm always up for adding special objects that can disable/enable techs and units, or give resources at given times. Just let me know and i'll see about adding something in the next version (that stuff isn't hard to add). Probably best to comment/post at the mod page, or on the Discord server.

[Edited on 04/30/19 @ 12:33 PM]

Luna Lynn
File Author
10 hours+ of struggle to enhance it :D,nothing had worked as expected but finally I got something out of it, I tested it and I'm so happy of the result, I arrived till the second egyptian wave and fought 2 squads of those roman legions then I looked down to see the third wonder timer and suprise... the choson bronze age sentry tower hadn't the +3 range to reach it (I checked the 5th legacy tech tree and I don't understand why it is written they have +2 but they have +1, bug or intentional :)?. The red ai and per files are perfectly working and he is now Trojan (some hours required for those files to get them leave their comfortable seat and attack at the right strategical timer, they now leave their seat almost instantly so very well improved :D). Also at first I encountered 2 problems related to the fact I wanted to prohibit walls, towers and slingers, Shang now had it for free with no possibility to prohibit, so I needed to switch on a non 40 vills food civilization for sure but the access to stone with the new building which I wanted to keep was only making the non-slinger civilizations left, Assyrian and Hittite.. and since I wanted architecture to sustain the wonder with +100HP my last hope switching from assyrian (with +20% villagers speed that I liked) to hittite got destroyed since hittites don't have architecture anymore :D. So for now Blue is Assyrian without architecture, well I hold till the legions squads without +100HP so it's fine. Well as long as I can't make a custom civilization for a specific scenario I adapt with the cards i get ^^. Imagining the civilization for this scenario I'd keep the pyramid wonder for blue but with all other buildings asian, cause the pyramid wonder with it's 2 pillars barely hidden by the brushes with the Little red explorer and his hat searching around like an historian I find it cool to watch :D + the fact the skin is different from the wall of wonder makes it more unique on the screen too. Anyway, I'm going to rework the timer setting so the tower can reach the last wonder and update the file here so a few people can enjoy :D.
Luna Lynn
File Author
Oh Choson get their additional +1 reach bonus in iron age I see, well the update is posted, enjoy!

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