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5thLegacy Mod v1.52d

Author File Description
The_Patriarck To install: Download the 5thLegacy zip file, unzip it into your "/Age Of Empires/Mods" folder, then load it in Upatch's mod manager.

This mod REQUIRES Upatch HD 1.1 R4, which makes the Mods folder.
You can find it here -

For information on Civilizations, check the Tech Tree Primitives.txt file in the "/Age Of Empires/Mods/5thLegacy/5thLegacy Extras" folder.

Feedback is much appreciated.
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File Author
Remove any old versions before updating.

You can keep up with 5thLegacy on the Discord server or at

the lastest version (1.52d) is available, enjoy!
Updated: October 6th, 2019.

(2019-11-10) Update coming soon...

Version 1.52d makes some balancing changes and adds Icons for the "Barbarian" building set.
If Explorers get glitched, just tell them stop or stand ground, they should start walking again.
The RocknRor version has been fixed, (August 1st).
If the fog-of-war in the Aquarius map type doesn't display properly, change your resolution from 1366x768 to another resolution. If it occurs mid-game, try using the HOME key or centering the camera on a building or units (this usually happens because of the HOME key).
An updated Tech Tree Primitives file is now included.
Join the Discord server to keep up to date on changes to 5thLegacy, discuss the game, and report bugs:

New graphic set for Phoenicia, Philistia, and Cyrene.
New graphic set for Iberia, Celts, and Germanics.
New strategies for computer players (AI).
New color variation for Catapults and Heavy Catapults.
Shadow techs for v1.4 civilizations.

Remastered The Ascent of Egypt campaign.
Added new trigger objects for scenario editor.
Added new graphic set for Iberia, Celts, and Germanics.
Added "new" graphics set for Phoenicia, Philistia, and Cyrene.
Added Shadow Techs for Bactria, Elam, Cyrene, Dravids, Celts, Scythia, Germanics, and Urartu.
Added "new" roof graphics for Iron Age "Roman" Trade Workshops.
Added Cedar Frames technology.
Finished Israelite and Thracian AI strategies.
Finished Atlantean, Trojan, Parthian, and Aksumite strategies (except DM Water).
Finished Gallic strategies (except DM Water and Water).

Ballista Towers have 225 Hit points, Upgrade requires 50 less Food.
Bronze Age now requires 400 Wood.
"Cavalry": -5 Gold cost (cost is now 60 Food and 70 Gold).
Heavy Camel Riders: -5 Food cost and -5 Gold cost (cost is now 60 Food and 60 Gold).
Ballista and Helepolis: +5 Gold cost.
"Horse Archers": Reduced Pierce Armor by -1, but gain +1 Pierce Armor from Chain Mail for Archery.
Broad Swordsmen: Reduced "Cavalry" weakness by 1.
Hunters: +20% work rate in all Ages (including Stone Age).
Heavy Camel Riders: +1 Melee Armor (total of 3 Melee Armor now). +3 'Damage' vs Heavy Camel Riders.
Egypt: Gold mining bonus in now +10% and stacks in every Age, totalling +40%.
Assyria: Alchemy has to be research (this wasn't done, I have updated this in a newer version; 1.6?).
Palmyra: Reduced Camel Rider movement speed bonus to +20% (was +25%).
Carthage: Removed Fishing Boat bonus.
Thrace: Removed Greek Fire, Fortified Walls, Nobility, and Marksman.
Thrace: Added "MeleeUnit" bonus vs Buildings. Added Scythe Chariots. Horse Archers cost 100 Wood instead of 60 Gold.
Atlantis: Fire rate reduction of "Ballistae" is set to -15% and -20%, respectively.
Aksum: Removed Aristocracy. |Centurion| no longer requires Aristocracy.
Gallia: Removed Tower armor bonus and Architecture.
Philistia: Removed Cataphracts.
Zhou: Added Tower Shield.
Iberia: Added Ballista.
Xiongnu: Removed Architecture.
Bactria: +50% Trade Workshop work rate. The bonus for Farmers has been changed to affect Fishermen instead.
Elam: Added Composite Bowmen.
Cyrene: Removed Greek Fire, added extra Foraging bonuses, added extra "Armor" for Privateers.
Dravids: "Swordsmen" bonus is now +3. "Camel Riders" now get +2 LOS.
Scythia: Removed Chain Mail for Infantry and Engineering.
Germanics: Hunting bonus has been increased to +40%.

Fixed an issue with repairing Trade Workshops.
Assyrian AI will now research Alchemy.
Corrected Broad Swordsman information in the Changelog.
The Lost map type should work better now.
Reduced the amount of Wood in Trees on the Aquarius map type.
Privateers and Fire Galleys should behave better on shorelines now (this issue was caused by their reduced collision size).
Sumerian Explorers no longer get extra Hit Points.
Fixed an issue that may have caused Atlantean AI to be more difficult than intended.
Improved War Galley graphics.
Improved "Roman" Academy and Siege Workshop roof graphics.
"Improved" Small Islands.
Corrected issues in the Changelog regarding Technology Tree information and Full Tech Tree.
Speed bonuses for Assyria and Yamato are more accurate now.
"Villager" work rate bonuses for Civilizations are more accurate now.
Israelite Priests now have +10 Hp (+20 with Mysticism).

=====Other Changes
Some slight improvements to Water terrain graphics.
The resource cost display for Units is now as follows: Food, Wood, Gold, then Stone (previously it was somewhat unorganized).
Some slight improvements to Marksman icons (unit/tech).
Some slight adjustments were made to the Jungle map type.
Lions on the Lost map type now contain 50 food and behave a little better (also, Hunters retaliate better).
Catapults and Heavy Catapults have +12.5% collision size.
Any reference to "Wheel" is now "the Wheel".
Changed how Gallic Catapults receive their damage bonus (no bugs have been found yet).
Adjusted Attack animation of Ballistae and Helepoli to be more "proper" and have fewer frames (about half).
Changed Small Islands to Islands.
Improved "Greco" Trade Workshop graphics.

[Edited on 11/10/19 @ 09:39 PM]

Sudipto Hands down, what a mod it is.
Keep it up man
Rafael101 can you make mod for 200 pop in 5th legacy it's shame to have only 50...
can you raise pop cap please :)

Mod is fantastic ;)
File Author
You can change the population limit in "mod.ini" file in the 5thLegacy folder. AI won't build more than 50 units though. In the next update, 5thLegacy will be compatible with RockNROR, so the AI will adjust automatically to larger population limits.

[Edited on 01/06/19 @ 06:14 PM]

Rafael101 Thanks Man i hope then next edition will have improve AI. And my sugestion is to remove Myth civs like trojan and atlantian :)
File Author
You'll have to elaborate on improving the AI. If you're talking about the original 16 civilizations, they were left relatively untouched so players could enjoy a more classic, easier game.

[Edited on 01/06/19 @ 12:16 PM]

IaMBraZiliaN is an incredible mod, congratulations for the excellent work! (;
Luna Lynn I've just posted a message below my 5th legacy scenario saying that I've set Trojan as red so please don't delete now though xD, well Patriack now that you say it, I was wondering about this item "trade workshop removal" or something like that, so that's it the items prohibiting techs! mmmm so a slinger removal tech item would be more relevant than a Architecture add tech item, I remember that in the 2 first scenario I created I also had this issue with wishing to have melee barracks units only without always having to pick assyrian or hittites :)
File Author
I'll make sure to include additional scenario trigger objects (TO), namely remove/add Tool Age units and Architecture, and 40 food cost villagers. I recently added a 1/2 Construction speed TO for the Ascent of Egypt campaign that I am remaking for the next version.

[Edited on 05/02/19 @ 11:40 AM]

Luna Lynn Alright, I wonder about how complicated it is to make new units cause in fact for the explorer you used the hiddle farmer graphic right? and this hat made me think about the fact that just adding a hat to units like archers would easily make a new very cool unit, I saw this invisible archer with a hat, does it mean that it's too complicated to make it visible? :) Like a bronze age "Bounty hunter" just an archer with a hat, [8 range] [15 hp] [free balistics][-50% fire rate][13 attack] = 30food,30wood,30gold, the dream :D.
All the 5th legacy scenario are made by you ? I recorded the Thrace, I saw you removed this gold in the middle so I couldn't make plenty mercenaries anymore, not enough gold income x)
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