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5thLegacy Mod v1.62

Author File Description
The_Patriarck 5thLegacy is a large expansion to Age of Empires: the Rise of Rome. The mod currently adds 32 new civilizations, 8 new buildable units, a handful of technologies, 2 new building graphic sets, improves the difficulty of the computer players, walkable farms, and more. 5thLegacy also tweaks the balance of the game to introduce new tactics and further the strategic depth of the game, without taking too much away from the concept of Age of Empires.

To install: Download the 5thLegacy zip file, unzip the file into your "/Age Of Empires/Mods" folder, then load it in Upatch's mod manager.

This mod REQUIRES Upatch HD 1.1 R4, which makes the Mods folder.
You can find it here -

For information on Civilizations, check the Tech Tree Primitives.txt file in the "/Age Of Empires/Mods/5thLegacy/5thLegacy Extras" folder.

Feedback is much appreciated.
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File Author
Remove any old versions before updating.

You can keep up with 5thLegacy on the Discord server or at

the lastest version (1.62) is available, enjoy!
Updated: June 7th, 2020.

If Explorers get glitched, just tell them stop or stand ground, they should start walking again.
If the fog-of-war in the Aquarius map type doesn't display properly, change your resolution from 1366x768 to another resolution. If it occurs mid-game, try using the HOME key or centering the camera on a building or units (this usually happens because of the HOME key).

Patch 1.61=======================================

Added Sa Huynh scenario
Added Death animation for Howdah Archers

Adjusted the Train times of various military units (see @3--Unit Changes)
Slingers: Lowered Food cost by 5 and changed train time to 25 seconds
"Elephants": Lowered Food cost by 10 (150 Food), increased train time to 60 (was 50)
"HorseArchers": Increased Gold cost by 10 (70 Gold), increased train time to 45 (was 40)
Changed "Catapults" damage bonus vs Buildings to only +20, not +50% (only affects Heavy Catapults; 70 damage vs buildings instead of 75)
Longswords and Legions: increased train time to 30 (was 26)
Composite Bowmen and Marksmen: increased train time to 35 (was 30)
"CamelRiders": increased train time to 40 (was 30)
"Cavalry": increased train time to 45 (was 36)
"Catapults": increased train time to 60 (was 51)
"Ballistae": increased train time to 50 (was 45)

Palmyra: Removed Scythe Chariots
Thrace: Increased Wood cost of "HorseArchers" to 115, was 100
Parthia: Removed speed bonus from "HorseArchers"
Baekje: Lowered "Chariot" speed bonus to +10%, was +15%
Zhou: Changed the costs of "HorseArchers" to 100 Food and 50 Gold, was 90 and 45
Xiongnu: Removed Medicine

Fixed a bug that was causing Gallic "Catapults" to cause extra damage to buildings
Fixed a bug that was causing Thracian military units to train faster than normal

Patch 1.62=========================================

Added/Improved DM strategies for all v1.5-1.6 Civilizations

Changed "Under Attack Sound"
Changed Hotkey for Slaves to (C) instead of (T)
Lowered the amount of Food from Elephants to 300 and lowered their speed to 110% of original speed (same speed as Villagers)(was 150% of original speed)
Corrected some information in Tech Tree Primitives.txt
"Archers": Set train times to 30 sec. Increased Gold cost by +5 and lowered Food cost by -5 (35f, 25g)
"Elephants": Lowered Train Time back to 50, instead of 60

Dilmun: Tool Age military units cost +10% resources (includes Clubmen), Added Hipposandal

Fixed Xiongnu AI DM strategy
Fixed an issue with Assyrian "Shadow techs"
Fixed an issue with Post-Iron Age start Explorers

[Edited on 06/07/20 @ 11:46 AM]

Sudipto Hands down, what a mod it is.
Keep it up man
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Fantastic, solid mod for good old AoE1!
Rafael101 can you make mod for 200 pop in 5th legacy it's shame to have only 50...
can you raise pop cap please :)

Mod is fantastic ;)
File Author
You can change the population limit in "mod.ini" file in the 5thLegacy folder. AI won't build more than 50 units though. In the next update, 5thLegacy will be compatible with RockNROR, so the AI will adjust automatically to larger population limits.

[Edited on 01/06/19 @ 06:14 PM]

Rafael101 Thanks Man i hope then next edition will have improve AI. And my sugestion is to remove Myth civs like trojan and atlantian :)
File Author
You'll have to elaborate on improving the AI. If you're talking about the original 16 civilizations, they were left relatively untouched so players could enjoy a more classic, easier game.

[Edited on 01/06/19 @ 12:16 PM]

Rating: 5
Easily the best AOE 1 mod I've ever played

Additional Comments:
The amount of new content and balance fixes in this mod is stunning. The notoriously overpowered units like Armored Elephants, Heavy Horse Archers and Chariot Archers have been toned down a bit, even the lowly Cataphract has been given a much needed buff. The new units like the Pharaoh Guard, Mercenary and Heavy Camel Rider increase the strategic depth. My favorite new unit is the Slave, it's clearly designed for anti-siege and they're also great for wiping out weaker units and buildings. There's also walkable farms, new random map types and new cheats. This is the king of AOE 1 mods.
IaMBraZiliaN is an incredible mod, congratulations for the excellent work! (;
Luna Lynn I've just posted a message below my 5th legacy scenario saying that I've set Trojan as red so please don't delete now though xD, well Patriack now that you say it, I was wondering about this item "trade workshop removal" or something like that, so that's it the items prohibiting techs! mmmm so a slinger removal tech item would be more relevant than a Architecture add tech item, I remember that in the 2 first scenario I created I also had this issue with wishing to have melee barracks units only without always having to pick assyrian or hittites :)
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