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5thLegacy Mod v1.62

Author File Description
The_Patriarck To install: Download the 5thLegacy zip file, unzip it into your "/Age Of Empires/Mods" folder, then load it in Upatch's mod manager.

This mod REQUIRES Upatch HD 1.1 R4, which makes the Mods folder.
You can find it here -

For information on Civilizations, check the Tech Tree Primitives.txt file in the "/Age Of Empires/Mods/5thLegacy/5thLegacy Extras" folder.

Feedback is much appreciated.
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File Author
That would be a nice feature/option, but from what I know, it is not possible.
You are having problems against Legions and Helepolis? Any other information you can give me about that?

[Edited on 09/08/19 @ 04:02 PM]

Luna Lynn Well I guess that if we want to keep the settings from older patches for our old scenarios and play multiplayer online we have to keep the older patches and upload on a site like mediafire, I'd like to mod myself but it seems there isnt any good tutorials for noobs, I just tried the rord/aoed but i got lost I have no idea what to write in the black screen since I have no examples and the tutorial isnt clear x). Thought about it because I have a new scenario idea, I like the macedonian civilization bonuses for it but on another hand I wanted to prohibit houses to build on the special trees in order to prevent removing the forests cause you still can build houses on 1 tiles elevation spam, so thought about xiongnu
Luna Lynn If you had to completly disable houses for a specific scenario how would you make it work? knowing the scenario has already secured preplaced houses so don't really need to set their pop at max like xiongnu.
Luna Lynn My bad I'm only discovering genie editor now,trying to understand the features of each things, I tried to change the speed of a missile but apparently it requires a specific animation, tried to write 10 in stone thrower missible speed, the missible animation starts but doesnt end ^^
Luna Lynn SCN 656 remove houses perfect, you have a head start on me x)
Rafael101 I like new graphics... expeciali temple sets for barbs. good work :)

but Romans are underpower.

Roman AI can't fight properly
File Author
Hmm, I thought I updated the Roman AI land strategies.

Yeah, I also made 200 pop limit for Scenario Editor, just the other day, before I saw your message XD.
Luna Lynn I made my mod on upatch hd and made a stone thrower so it can be more realistic it ended up 2x less move speed cause I find sometimes they look like cars kiting and thought they shouldnt, of course was just a test, made the missile 4x faster,probably change 1 sec on frame before animation,15 range,100 atk but 10 sec reloading which means the dps is still 50/5 sec cause wanted it to one shot as when you take a stone from a stone thrower you should be crushed and dead also wanted them more tanky but one shotable by another stone thrower so made it 3 pierce armor 95 hp cause sometimes strategies as the priest healing the stone thrower while it's attacking could happen more often, of course a stone thrower like this should cost twice the amount of resources, your roads made me think about something and i was wondering if it's possible to make the stone thrower kinda slow like 2x less speed and to make the roads useful, make it so the stone thrower moves 2x faster on roads, hhh makes me think i also wanted an elephant that charges x2 move speed when it has a nearby target, basically should be possible since the tamed lion has this effect already written i guess but the difference is that I should set the effect for the sight of the war elephant only and not targeting an unit from the other side of the map in order to make the elephant sprint, the chariots units could be slower and have a move speed bonus on roads too xD
Rafael101 When i play Romans and Partians they always get smashed by other AI.

i think Gauls and Scythians need to have Barbarian arhitecture
Thracians and Macedonian Greek Arhitecture
Chartagians need to have Phoenician.

And why you name Galic instead Gauls Or Celtic instead Celts.

Also new Arhitecture of Phoenicia (Barack and House) are little Off. Barrack angles are unbalanced and houses are unrecognizeble because they looks like small storage pits.

And Persians and Asyrians are famous because the have great archers and i think they need composite bowman-marksmen and for persians more range

Rafael101 Sorry Roman actualy have better AI than before
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