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5thLegacy Mod v1.62

Author File Description
The_Patriarck To install: Download the 5thLegacy zip file, unzip it into your "/Age Of Empires/Mods" folder, then load it in Upatch's mod manager.

This mod REQUIRES Upatch HD 1.1 R4, which makes the Mods folder.
You can find it here -

For information on Civilizations, check the Tech Tree Primitives.txt file in the "/Age Of Empires/Mods/5thLegacy/5thLegacy Extras" folder.

Feedback is much appreciated.
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File Author
I'll make sure to include additional scenario trigger objects (TO), namely remove/add Tool Age units and Architecture, and 40 food cost villagers. I recently added a 1/2 Construction speed TO for the Ascent of Egypt campaign that I am remaking for the next version.

[Edited on 05/02/19 @ 11:40 AM]

Luna Lynn Alright, I wonder about how complicated it is to make new units cause in fact for the explorer you used the hiddle farmer graphic right? and this hat made me think about the fact that just adding a hat to units like archers would easily make a new very cool unit, I saw this invisible archer with a hat, does it mean that it's too complicated to make it visible? :) Like a bronze age "Bounty hunter" just an archer with a hat, [8 range] [15 hp] [free balistics][-50% fire rate][13 attack] = 30food,30wood,30gold, the dream :D.
All the 5th legacy scenario are made by you ? I recorded the Thrace, I saw you removed this gold in the middle so I couldn't make plenty mercenaries anymore, not enough gold income x)
File Author
Actually, the Invisible Man technically has a gun, sort-of a man from the future. Archery units like that tend to get over-powered quickly, due to numbers. Yes, the scenarios included in 5thLegacy are ones I designed, except Holy Man, I only redesigned it. Odd, the AI in the video never built an Academy; I will have to tweak it a bit more. Kind of funny seeing someone use Stone Throwers to that extent, I tried to make those scenarios have players learn about the civs they play as; Thrace = Improved Bowman have +1 Attack.

[Edited on 05/05/19 @ 12:35 PM]

Luna Lynn I wanted an unit that was cleaning the buildings as fast as possible since enemies aren't a threat at all after their tool rush =). I see you wanted to use the composite bowmen double bonus against hoplites.
Mixing hoplites with cavs would fully prevent this:"no care about strategy let's rush the scenario style". (cause 20 slingers kiting a hoplite is still 6 hits, and god knows they're slow)But wait still can go double Academy 50% hoplites 50% mercenaries style, give them plenty gold at the beggining of the game cause they wouldnt gather enough though x). Then I don't know this is your scenario but 1 or 2 gold mines on the explorer island and maybe the player would choose as strategy to land there and defend the island + fishing around. But It's always a pleasure to try scenarios made by someone else and I always adapt, here as you can see it like bothers me to go full composite cause I don't need them to win and I don't have time for the food income + the fact we can't build farms without deleting all the roads around the buildings ^^'
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
I like new updates it's realy cool mod and crew drom microsoft can be shamed by DE in comparison to this mod.

but i dont like new docks, i think X dock in Stone/Tool age need to stay as original. Because it is iconic building

and if you can make arhitecture for ''barbarians'' germans, gauls, thracians...And for them i suggest take roman arhitecture buildings and make them to looks like they are made from wood.

I dont like helepolis its to much OP
File Author
I have been dabbling in new graphic sets using existing ones and had thought of doing that for "barbarian" civs, right now I'm working on another graphic set though. There are many factors to help balance Helepolis; aside from their reduced attack rate of -30% (-35% total woodcutting, increased Hp for most "Mounted units", Catapults not benefiting Ballistics, quick priest conversion, and many civs that get Helepolis should have some sort of handicap, if I recall). The dock was an early-build graphic that I haven't changed much, I might "improve" it though.

Rafael101, thanks for the feedback, I have taken your concerns into consideration.

[Edited on 06/04/19 @ 09:45 AM]

Rafael101 Can you investigate why Roman civ have masive problem to survive to Bronze and Iron age...

And can you change roman military composition from balista, catapult to Iberian and gallic compositions (swordman archers siege cav)
Mike13one Really nice mod, I like the changes and additions. :) Keep it up!

Any new plan for new gameplay feature, like farm queuing perhaps? Or it's just simply not possible? Perhaps upgrades for tool age units on bronze age, e.g. scout -> light cavalry, or would it break the balance of the game?

Also some possible bug, it seems that the mod reintroduces the old gaia horse graphical glitch from RoR, which makes it invisible while galloping. I tried to use vanilla UPatch (no mods) and the horse is visible.
File Author
I used the .dat file from ROR 1.0, so the horse probably does not work, like you said. I'll look into it.
Farm queuing is not possible in AOE1, to the best of my knowledge; however, you can use RockNRor to have automatic farm re-planting.
Baccius Is it possible to put minimum time to advance age in mp options? (Would love to have to play some minutes in every age before getting asducking Balistas and Champions)
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