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5thLegacy Mod v1.37b

Author File Description
The_Patriarck To install: Download the 5thLegacy zip file, unzip it into your "/Age Of Empires/Mods" folder, then load it in Upatch's mod manager.

This mod REQUIRES Upatch HD 1.1 R4, which makes the Mods folder.
You can find it here - https://upatch-hd.weebly.com/download.html

For information on Civilizations, check the Tech Tree Primitives.txt file in the "/Age Of Empires/Mods/5thLegacy/5thLegacy Extras" folder.

Feedback is much appreciated.
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File Author
Remove any old versions before updating.

the lastest version (1.37b) is available, enjoy!
Updated: February 3rd 2019.

If Explorers get glitched, just tell them stop or stand ground, they should start walking again.
The RocknRor version has been fixed; however, RockNRor has a bug that prevents farmers from working properly (RockNRor I'll keep you posted on when it gets updated.
Join the Discord to keep up to date on changes to 5thLegacy, discuss the game, and report bugs: https://discord.gg/pTb4WeH

Added Shadow Techs to all civilizations.
Added Resource Buying/Selling at Trade Workshops (Also added Trade Workshops).
Added new Trade Workshop for "Roman" civs.
Added new Road and Plaza graphics for "Asiatic", "Mid-East", and "Roman" civs.
Added Iron Shaft, Established Routes, Silk Road, and Caravan technologies.
Added Marksman unit.
Rome: Roads and Plazas build much faster.
Han: Can research Marksman without Chain Mail for Infantry.
Added new Icon for Pharaoh Guard (Hero Jason).
Added new Decay graphic for Pharaoh Guard (Hero Jason).
Added new "Grass" and "Desert" terrains.
Added new singleplayer scenarios.
Added 4 frames to Composite Bowman Attack animation and +5 Frame delay for attacks (makes it harder to "attack and retreat", not intentional).
Added Frame delays to all melee units. When "Melee units" inflict damage is now in accordance to their animation and sound.
Secondary passes were made to Honshu and Jungle map types to improve them.
Changed Narrows map type to new "Lost" map type (Doesn't not affect RockNRor version).

Broad Swordsmen: Added +1 to 'Damage' bonus from "Cavalry" (is now +6) {+5}.
Scouts no longer benefit Metallurgy.
Elephant Archers: +5 Gold cost.
Rebalanced Fishermen.
Ballista and Helepolis: +1 Pierce Attack. +3% improvement to Fire Rate.
Sumeria: Removed Ballista Tower and Chain Mail for Infantry
Persia: Added Plow.
Choson: Removed Irrigation and Martyrdom.
Yamato: Removed "Archer" bonus vs Priests in Iron Age.
Rome: Removed Jihad.
Carthage: Removed Tower Shield.
Palmyra: Removed Iron Age Woodcutter bonus.
Israel: +1 Melee Armor for Slingers in the Tool Age.
Thracia: Removed "Melee Unit" 'Damage' bonus vs Buildings.
Indus Valley: "Elephants" now have 200% Wood cost instead of 175%.
Xiongnu: Added Plow.
Plazas: +1 LOS.

Plazas and Roads are now less selectable and don't appear above shadows. You cannot select enemy roads; but using selection box, you can select your own roads.
Most stray Trees can now be built on, except for the one obvious tree.
Brightened color of Dark Water in mini-map (one shade brighter than previous color).
Fixed compatibility with RockNRor.
Fixed Silver cavalry upgrades.
Composite Bowman is displayed as a shadow unit for civs with Composite Bowmen now.
A few improvements to some AI strategies.
Fixed issues with how Sumerian AI were building towers.
AI Explorer units should no longer have "lengthy" death animations.
"black rider" now removes shadow techs and civ-specific unit researches.
All rubble and corpses should appear above Roads and Plazas now.
"Mid-East" Broad Swordsmen have proper graphics now.
Honshu map type: Reduced the amount of Wood in Cherry trees by about 35%.

=====Other Changes
Snakes should no longer hinder other units' pathfinding and collision.
Jihad is now an optional tech (not research by Post-Iron start).
Modified Roman graphics set to have dirt under structures appear below Plazas and Roads.
Modified research time for some Government Center researches (see Technology & Other Changes=7).
Modified "Asia Minor" Academy graphics.
Changed graphics of Heavy Infantry to have wooden spear shafts instead of white(iron) shafts. Can be reversed with Iron Shaft technology.
Adjusted spawn height of Ballista and Helepolis projectiles.
Improved Plaza graphics' placement.
Improved centering for "Mid-East", "Roman", and "Asiatic" Guard Towers and "Mid-East" Wonder graphics.
"icbm" changes Ballistae to ICBM Launchers now (same unit, mostly).

Patch 1.37b=====
Added early-build graphics.
Added 5thLegacy - Spartan League scenario.
Added mirrored Cliff Waterfall object in Scenario Editor.
Added Hero Constantine.
Added Hero David.
Added Hero King David.
Added Hero Attila.
Added Hero Cyrus.
Added Hero Achilles.
Added Hero Samson.

Scout Ships now have +1 Pierce Armor and +5 Hit Points.
Broad Sword requires 10 additional seconds to research.
7% improvement to the attack rate of "HeavyInfantry" (Original value now; should've been fixed earlier).
Sa Huynh: Added +5% to "SiegeWeapon" movement speed bonus.
Privateers: +100% base 'Damage' vs "CivBoats".

Removed max range limit/increase for Melee Units which should fix the engaging issue.
Corrected some wrong frame delay values.
Improved 02-Thracian scenario.
Babylonian AI will now research Heavy Catapult in Death Match.
Minoan AI will now research Marksman in Death Match.
Fixed lengthy Clubman deaths.
Fixed collision with dying ships and boats.
Made more passes at Jungle and Honshu map types to improve and fix them.

=====Other Changes
"Special" Laser Towers can now destroy Trees.
Remade Persian AI Death Match strategy for 100 population.
Modified "new" Roman Trade Workshop graphics.
Modified "Asia Minor" Medium Wall graphics.
Modified various building icons.

[Edited on 02/03/19 @ 11:27 AM]

Sudipto Hands down, what a mod it is.
Keep it up man
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Fantastic, solid mod for good old AoE1!
Rafael101 can you make mod for 200 pop in 5th legacy it's shame to have only 50...
can you raise pop cap please :)

Mod is fantastic ;)
File Author
You can change the population limit in "mod.ini" file in the 5thLegacy folder. AI won't build more than 50 units though. In the next update, 5thLegacy will be compatible with RockNROR, so the AI will adjust automatically to larger population limits.

[Edited on 01/06/19 @ 06:14 PM]

Rafael101 Thanks Man i hope then next edition will have improve AI. And my sugestion is to remove Myth civs like trojan and atlantian :)
File Author
You'll have to elaborate on improving the AI. If you're talking about the original 16 civilizations, they were left relatively untouched so players could enjoy a more classic, easier game.

[Edited on 01/06/19 @ 12:16 PM]

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