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5thLegacy Mod v1.24

Author File Description
The_Patriarck To install: Download the 5thLegacy zip file, unzip it into your "/Age Of Empires/Mods" folder, then load it in Upatch's mod manager.

This mod REQUIRES Upatch HD 1.1 R4, which makes the Mods folder.
You can find it here - (http://aoe.heavengames.com/dl-php/lister.php?search=upatch+hd+1.1)

For information on Civilizations, check the Tech Tree Primitives.txt file in the "/Age Of Empires/Mods/5thLegacy/5thLegacy Extras" folder.

As of v1.2, RockNRor is not compatible.
This mod was compatible with RockNRor,
view 5thLegacy RNR install.txt .

Feedback is much appreciated.
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File Author
Before updating the mod:
Unload the mod before you unzip it in your mods folder, not doing so may cause the game to crash when starting a match. If that happens, just play Upatch without the mod, then load the mod and it should work fine.

the lastest version (1.24) is available, enjoy!
Updated: September-30-2018.

If Explorers get glitched, just tell them stop or stand ground, they should start walking again.
The RocknRor version will likely be delayed for a time, as I've encountered major issues with v1.24 in RocknRor.
Known issue: New civilization AI do not work properly in RM games starting in the Tool Age and up. The issue has been fixed for the next update.
Due to some constructive criticism, the Koryo civ will be renamed Baekje.

================v1.24 Changes
Added Philistine, Koryo, Zhou, Castro, and Nok civs.
Added Pantheism, Greek Fire, Metal Plating, and Heavy Plating technologies.
Added Privateer unit.
Added shadows to Arrows projectiles.
Added Ship 'Corpses'.
Added Cherry Forest and Light Jungle as hidden terrains.
Added Tech Tree Primatives.txt in the Extras folder.
Added Honshu multiplayer scenario.
Added three singleplayer scenarios.

Explorer: 35 Food cost, lowered by 5 Food.
Heavy Camel Riders: added 15 Hitpoints and +1 Melee Attack, removed Heavy Horse Archer bonus.
"Horse Archers": added 1 to 'Damage' bonus vs "Siege Weapons". (now +2 vs "Siege Weapons")
"Horse Archers": added 5 Food cost.
"HeavyInfantry": Removed attack bonus vs "Elephants".
"WarElephants" & Scythe Chariots: lowered Attack area by an additional 15%, now -40% from ROR 1.0. (Same value as Upatch now.)
Armored Elephants: +1 Melee Attack (Original value now).
"Catapults": +5 'Damage' vs "Warships", Fire Galleys, and "Siege Ships".
Lowered Yamato "Archer" bonus vs Priests to +4.
Shang: Removed War Elephants and Elite Infantry.
Rome: Changed Swordsmen attack rate bonus to +35%, was +50%.
Palmyra: Added Monotheism.
Carthage: Privateers attack 10% faster.
Macedonia: "Heavy Infantry" recieve +2 'damage' from "Archers" (normally +1).
Israel: Monotheism is 80% cheaper, Removed Fire Galleys (and Privateers).
Troy: Added Craftsmanship. Added +5 to "Archer" Wood cost. Removed Afterlife.
Parthia: Made Heavy Horse Archer available without Chain Mail for Archery, Removed Chain Mail for Archery. Added 5% to Stable bonus.
Indus Valley: Removed Engineering and Elite Infantry.

[] Indicates version value change. Removed "previous". Value changes are applied by respective versions now.
Armored Elephants deal 10 damage to Buildings and 15 to Walls.
Fixed various issues with new civ Deathmatch strategies (moved up crucial techs).
Fixed Fire Galley attack bonus errors, also fixed Alchemy bonus error.
Fixed incorrect info regarding attack rate bonuses by using New Mathematical Process (check bottom of Changelog text file for info).
Fixed incorrect Tower attack values (attack rates are more accurate now).
Fixed possible "Camel Rider" targeting glitch.
Fixed possible shadow glitch.
Fixed Explorer glitch, maybe.
Fixed Yamato Composite Bowmen attack bonus vs Priests.
Fixed Yamato AI file error.
Fixed issues with Israelite Priests.
Fixed Elite Infantry/Phalanx upgrade not adding +1 to Tech Count.
Fixes to RockNRor version (Lowering spawn count of Tall Grass seems to improve compatibility).
Minoan Catapult Triremes and Juggernaughts: Gold cost reduction has been removed.
Changed Tall Grass to spawn in clumps around various map types.

=====Other Changes
Modified Barracks graphics for "Roman" civs.
Modified Stable graphic for "Greco" and "Asiatic" civs.
Modified Wonder graphic for "Asiatic" civs.
Modified Road and Plaza graphics for "Asia Minor" and "Asiatic" civs.
Plazas now have their own build slot, instead of being covered by Roads.
Changed Hoplite to Heavy Infantry (only affects name)
Changed Phalanx to Elite Infantry (only affects name)
Changed Harappa to Indus Valley (only affects name)
Highland, Inland, Narrows, and Hill Country: Replaced Jungle with new Cherry(Blossom) Forest.
Changed majority of Jungles in Jungle map type to new Light Jungle.

[Edited on 10/15/18 @ 07:40 AM]

Sudipto Hands down, what a mod it is.
Keep it up man
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Fantastic, solid mod for good old AoE1!

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