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Rise of the Empires Death Match Mod for UPatch

Author File Description
tanksarevictory **Update 21/01/18**
Version 1.1 is available for download! This is a step further from just changing civilizations and AI. This version contains new units, new technologies and balance fixes! I had to remove the old updates to make room for the new ones.

Rise of the Empires v1.1a
"The Expansion Pack of Everything"
Release Date: 20 January 2018

Quite a lot has changed in this version of ROTE:

- Added the Etruscan civilization - Elite infantry and siege civilization

- Added the Jomon civilization - Hunting and foraging civilization.

- Added the Akkadian civilization - Military and religious civilization.

- Removed 15% cheaper academy units bonus for the Greeks -> Gave the bonus to the Etruscans.

- Added chain mail armor for the Babylonians, removed bronze shield. Added bronze shield for the Assyrians, removed metallurgy (including Cataphract).

- Added Metallurgy for the Greeks (includes Cataphract upgrade) , but removed chain mail armor (still keeps shield upgrades).

- Added the ballista (excluding its upgrade) for the Hittites.

- New hitpoints for siege weapons:
* Ballista: 50 HP
* Heavy Ballista: 60 HP
* Stone thrower: 50 HP
* Catapult: 100 HP
* Heavy Catapult: 150 HP

- -10 attack for Ballistas and Heavy Ballistas -> Reduced cost for Ballista by -10 wood and -10 gold.

- Ballistas and Heavy Ballistas now both have a range of 10.

- Added the Forge Armor upgrade -> Siege weapons receive +2 pierce armor - Iron Age

- Ivory Tusks upgrade added -> +2 attack for elephant units - Iron Age

- Added the Chivalry upgrade -> Cavalry move 10% faster - Bronze Age (a bit useless in DM and RM, but useful for cavalry-based civs)

- Added the Outpost, Town Watch and Sentry Patrol upgrades, which provide additional line of sight for buildings. (useful for scouting)

- Replaced some AI king names for the Assyrian and Sumerian civilizations and gave them to the new Akkadian civilization.

- Added the Oligarchy upgrade -> The following units listed below are classified as 'elite' and are 15% cheaper:
*Cataphract *Armored Elephant *Centurion *Scythe Chariot *Heavy Chariot Archer *Heavy Horse Archer
*Legion *Heavy Catapult *Heavy Ballista *Juggernaut *Heavy Camelry
(Useful in both RM and DM)

- Added the Heavy Chariot Archer -> Available from the Iron Age, requires the Chariot Archer. (Added to make the Chariot Archer more beneficial in the Iron Age)

- Added the Heavy Camelry -> Available from the Iron Age, requires the Camel Rider. (Added to make the Camel Rider more beneficial in the Iron Age)

- Increased the costs of Legions, Centurions and Juggernauts. (F = Food, S = Stone, W = Wood, G = Gold)
* Legions: 35F, 15G to 50F, 25G
* Centurions: 60F, 25G to 75F, 50G
* Juggernaut: +10 wood (175W -> 185W)

- Removed +1 range tower bonus for Olmecs - almost alike to the Choson civilization.

- Added the High Priest -> Available from the Iron Age, requires the new upgrade Henotheism, limited only to a few civs, the High Priest has more hitpoints, range, less conversion time and more healing rate.

More information about the new civilizations and changes is in the provided readme.txt.

*Credits to EPD999 for the Heavy Camelry idea. You can go and check out his mod, 'Lost Empires' here:

If you find any bugs, glitches or anything wrong with the mod, let me know.
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Sure. You can use it in your mod, not that I have rights to it or anything :p

Not that your changes are bad but I would lay off changing balance in the original too much. It's ok if you're actually balancing the civs you're adding but it's not as well received if you make changes that differ from Upatch for no apparent reason.

I haven't checked out your mod yet and I will check it out on a later date. It's just my two sense before diving into your mod. But at the end of the day, it is that your mod and I won't try and rob that from you.

I'm very interested to see how your perception of the civs I was thinking of adding differs to mine.
File Author
Well first of all, thank you for letting me know how you feel about my mod :-)
I only bothered with the changes because I wanted my mod to be a bit unique from others I've seen.

However, I am currently making version 2 of my mod where I have completely changed some of the civilisations and removed some of the changes I made in my mod.

I did take a look at your mod and saw that we both had the Etruscans, but with different perspectives of what the civilisation would have in terms of civ bonuses and AI scripts etc.

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