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Tarquin's Downfall

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Difficulty: Moderate
Version: Rise of Rome
- History -

Italy, 500 BC:

The Etruscan Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, also known as Tarquin the Proud, was the seventh and last king of Rome.
In order to receive the money for his wars and magnificent buildings, he had many Roman noblemen murdered. The patricians of Rome therefore decided to get rid of the tyrant once and for all.
The revolt of the Romans against the unloved king was led by Lucius Junius. Lucius had pretended to be weak-minded, so Tarquin wouldn't be given any reason to fear and kill him. The Roman citizens started to name Lucius "Brutus" (Latin: "fool"), since they had no idea that his stupidity was only a magnificent spectacle. But with some initiates, Brutus secretly prepared the rebellion. He finally dropped his mask and - with the help of other noblemen - took control over parts of the Roman army to lead them into battle against the hated Etruscan.
Not far from the Tiber the Roman rebels and the soldiers of Tarquin finally collided, both looking for a decisive battle ...

UPDATE 29/12/17: Spanish version of the scenario added to the .zip (translation by igorHP).
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Map Design4.5
"Tarquin's Downfall" is a historical battle scenario which is a first from the rookie author, who should be noted as being a distinguished game designer from AoKTC most known for his "Kings of Destruction" available on steam\AoKH receiving a very positive acclaim.

Playability 4

The game is an intense and challenging play the whole way through its approx 1:30:00 length. I found myself playing on slow speed paying a great deal of attention just to survive and grow my economy while under constant enemy pressure. The game takes the route of an initial journey to a rebel camp which is under attack, putting you on the clock;after taking over the defense you need to build up and eventually destroy the enemy camp in a siege battle. I had a great deal of enjoyment playing through the game, although i have to admit as an AoE noob i found myself under the gun a bit, but i did manage to pull through without reloads or restarts.

The two things that would prevent me from giving the full 5;that is the great difficulty in maneuvering ones army into the enemy camp, which is rather painful with its cliffs and also the difficulty in placing buildings at many points. It does detract a little bit from the experience, even though its still a good and fun game despite it.

Balance 4.5

The game seemed perfectly balanced with the enemy being strong and putting on early pressure, yet i found i had just enough assets to hold off the enemy;the AI is putting up a great fight and defends their fortress well. The challenge of holding off the enemy from your camp is an interesting one, and the siege battle also put up a good resistance to the player even when i had gotten a good economy.

What prevents me from giving the perfect balance score would be the requirement to play on moderate;i think it would be good to have some difficulty scaling mechanic so players do have a choice of difficulty.

Creativity 5

The game had a great deal of effort and inspiration, with a nice story, use of the bitmap, and good incorporation of map design ideas. However what truly stands out is the superb AI which puts up a strong and consistent effort keeping the player on his toes, and doing this without triggers seems particularly impressive.

Map Design 4.5

The map is looking very nice, and shows a high level of detail at all points. The forests looked good with a pretty grasslands, and some good marshes. The enemy fortress was looking pleasant with an intricate layout with its cliffs, though it did have some impact on maneuverability as a payment. Overall its a good looking map in my eyes, although compared to some other highest rated maps its maybe not quite as excellent so i went with the 4.5 here. Normally i would point out exactly why a nice map isn't getting the highest score possible but i must admit to lacking the expertise to really explain why in depth or give more constructive criticism here.

Story\Objectives 4

The story was good and got the player invested into the story, with the player needing to take down Tarquin, the last King of Rome. It has a good writing quality with a solid history tab explaining events. There is also a nice bitmap which is an important and good touch, and this bitmap seems of a good quality to me. However i would say its a bit of a thinner story than some of the best and deepest out there, but a normal good story nonetheless.

Final Thoughts:A really good scenario that i would recommend highly for a download. Check it out!
GiantTalos Tried to review, but it keeps telling me I need to login...

Anyways, the scenario is unplayable for me, I did like 5 tries then I gave up. The brown player keeps becoming enemy with me, and converts my stuff, 1 time even my Hero! It is very hard to continue while player 4, the ally you need to defend, is attacking you...
File Author

Brown will only Change its diplomatic stance to you if you hurt one of their Units. This might happen by accident.

May I ask you with what game Version you are playing? This Scenario was designed under the use of userpatch HD. I recommend to play it by running said game version. Maybe playing with another version makes the experience buggy.
There is a line in .per files which can be used to disable diplomacy changes on ally attack, the designer might want to include it to create a more playable experience.

However I don't think that problem is too big as it is, and it shouldn't discourage anyone from playing this scenario. Map design is really beautiful, and the gameplay is simple yet brilliant.
File Author
Thank you very much, Fruktfisk! I'm really happy that a true veteran enjoyed my debut scenario!
Luna Lynn I just gotta say that when i played this scenario i used wall foundation to block them from distance baiting with tank hero holding position at wall foundation hole with priest healing him then some untouchable catapults protected inside the wall foundation and i won like this without any units except catapults so maybe prohibithing wall in this scenario would be a good idea no?
Luna Lynn
Map Design4.5
Playability : 4
I'm removing 0.5 point due to the difficutly to place buildings in different areas and another 0.5 point due to the possibility to take advantage of the AI weaknesses using wall foundation and catapults only to win the whole scenario taking out all the funny challenging strategy you could have without it.

Balance: 4.5
The enemy is constantly making balanced actions so you don't have time to get bored, i will remove 0.5 point for the diversity of those actions that could be added.

Creativity : 4.5

Very good creativity overall, removing 0.5 point due to the fact there could be more secondary friendly areas to discover in addition to the main action of the scenario.

Map design : 4.5

The floor and the trees are "warmhearting?" and welcoming and it is the main reason why the map design is good, i will remove 0.5 point due to the village design in which you can feel less flourishing and welcomed due to its ergonomy.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
The main importance of this point for me is that it's hard to get lost in this scenario, all is clear and there is a story plus a bit map.

Final thoughts : Clear and chilling Scenario making you reflect about a main strategy.

[Edited on 06/05/18 @ 04:54 PM]

File Author
@Luna Lynn: Thanks a lot for your fair and detailed review!

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Map Design4.5
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