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The Complete Ages of Mankind

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Number of Scenarios: 30
Difficulty: Mod-Hard
Version: Rise of Rome
1/4/20 update: Some levels have been updated. I have played through these levels, but if you find a bug in them let me know and I can post your name at the end of my campaign for a special thanks!

12/5/19 update: Certain levels have been fixed because of a bug that was not allowing them to end in victory, such as the Religion and Iron Age in Africa levels. In addition, some of the elite objectives have been fixed as they were not allowing the first objectives to be completed.

8/14/19 update: two new levels, one which you play as Cyrus the Great rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem, as well as a level about Ctesiphon where you have to retrieve the stolen caravan and take it to Persia. Update has new terrain and features from the ROR U Patch. It also includes elite objectives (in the hints) for each level, where you can play the scenario again by winning a different way. Better balance for some of the levels.

(Older updates: 7/14/19, 2/8/19)


This campaign attempts to capture the developments of mankind from their earliest Paleolithic beginnings up until the end of antiquity.

I had a lot of fun playing Age of Empires when I was younger, and hence have some strong nostalgia towards the game. That was part of the reason for me putting all of this together. Some of the scenarios may be challenging, but that is because I respect some of the levels that came with the game, which could be difficult.
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Map Design5.0
Hey man i've just finished playing this campaign. I can say its one of the most fun campaigns ive played.
Although i got stuck many times on some of the missions where i literally have to use the cheat home run to complete them, this is one of the coolest campaigns ive ever played.

The map designs are neat and not too messed up like other campaigns where it makes things harder to spot.

Of all the missions ive played, i like the mission where u need to defend the 5 mirror towers.
Also the mission where u need to bring ur artifacts to the Fallen Star crater.
This is one of the neat campaigns out there so people should give it a try.

But i noticed one of the mission is too hard (almost impossible for me to play), the one where u need to destroy the temples of your enemies.
And some missions are way too easy, like the ones where u need to bring 4 Horse Archers and 4 Heavy Cavalry to your Gov Center.

Overall, this campaign gave me lots of fun and i admire your hardwork. (u might want to tweak the TIME setup in Roman Navy defense mission because sometimes the Lion dies before he was able to trigger the chain reaction and thus making the mission fail.)

Playability: 4
Balance: 4
Creativity: 5
Map Design:5
Story/Instructions: 3

Map Design4.0
Playability: 3.0
It was generally playable, but there were some glitches or hang ups as I mention in the mission descriptions below, like in the Religion and Alexander the Great Scenarios, that made it impractical to beat some missions even when you follow the directions.

Balance: 3.5
The Balance was too hard for me on some missions on Moderate or even Easy difficulty, but I consider myself an average or even below average player. I suspect that the author realized this for some missions like Alexander the Great and he fixed it in his later edition ("Ages of Man Part 3"), which unfortunately didn't include the Ascent of Rome scenario.

Creativity: 5
Excellent Creativity. I love how he took real historical events and made fun games out of them. They are often going beyond just simple "destroy the enemy" missions and involve things like getting a catapult home (ie. in the Machines Scenario).

Map Design: 4.2
On one hand, the Map Design was great for creativity, turning real places into maps and also decorating them with trees and roads. On the other hand, there were some glitches like how the Religion Scenario had your ally standing with a priest next to the ruins, which in effect kept you from capturing it and beating the mission without attacking your own ally. TO give another example, I think that the author intended to make the countdown stop in the Machines scenario as soon as you kill the Cretan leader, but the timer continued anyway.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
I would say the same thing as above. The creator did a great job with creativity and I love how he made artwork for the instructions as well as including an excellent HISTORY section for the different chapters. On the other hand, they should have been clearer for some missions on how exactly to win, or he should have included a walkthrough. Take for example the part in Ascent of Rome where he says that the starting location (Italy) might not be the best to make a base. OK, where does he suggest? Due to the rapidity with which the enemies build up, I don't think it's feasible to move away to start a base.

Additional Comments:
I liked how the campaign had scenarios for religion and for the history of Israel/Palestine. It's a very long campaign, albeit with alot of creativity, so I just played the scenarios that I found relevant for me. Let me comment on some specific scenarios.

For the RELIGION Scenario:
The History Note says that Egyptian and Mesopotamian mythology began about 2,000 BC. But this must be mistaken, because the Narmer Palette from 3100 BC shows Horus and Hathor. I beat it on MDOERATE Difficulty. When the mission starts, you can get the stockyards by moving along the NW edge. On MODERATE Difficulty, sometimes the red team builds a granary to the west of their base that blocked the side path around it that I could have taken to go south. Also, later after I left my starting base with my ark and forces, a red centurion goes to the starting base and wipes out my defensive forces there. I got all my sages to all 5 ruins finally, but the mission did not end. Maybe it's because Orange holds the ruins to the east even when you are allied with Orange and get a sage and other soldiers near the ruins. I declared war on Orange and that way I got his ruins and a countdown started for my win. I killed all Green units and yet the green Nomads team didn't die. Only the countdown gave me the win.

I beat the MONOTHEISM Scenario on the EASY Difficulty.
I see three ways to conquer the map: 1. Immediately conquer the blue base, but you have to immediately fend off enemy counterattacks (this strategy failed on Moderate), 2. Conquer a weak enemy like red, or 3. start by building a base in the desert east of the Jordan (This worked for me). You also need to wall in your ark and have some guys next to it. On Moderate, I immediately conquered the blue base (Strategy #1 above), but I kept getting quickly overrun by enemies there. The instructions said that in history the Israelites didn't build towns before invading Canaan. So I thought that the designer expected me to simply invading the Jebusites (city of Jerusalem) at the beginning of the game, instead of building up a base first. But it looks like it's best to build up the base first and then attack the Amorites and only next to go after the Jebusites.

I beat the MACHINES Scenario on the EASIEST setting.
You can't in effect train and use priests to convert enemy villagers, because your temple is walled in. You must train troops to assassinate the enemy leader. Maybe there is a glitch because even if you beat the Cretans via assassination, their timer with the ruin control still counts down. On Moderate Difficulty, I sent 10 horse archers to the Cretan base, they were upgraded with cavalry armor, and succeeded. But they were slaughtered while trying to get back to the boat. The second time around, four soldiers survived (2 elephants, 1 elephant archer and a cavalry). The catapult is in the western map corner and I need to get to it via Anatolia because there is no clear path along the western edge. On EASY, I made 2 archers, 1 elephant, 1 elephant archer, and 6 heavy cavalry. The cavalry got slaughtered with only the elephant and elephant archer surviving, and even then I didn't kill all the enemies by the ruins. Even on EASIEST, my invading forces in Crete weren't able to kill all the enemies by the ruins to stop the countdown. The instructions suggest that you shouldn't need to kill all the forces by the ruins and that the blind priests there are just population fillers. Yet the scenario effectively requires you to stop the timer because of how long it takes to get the catapult to your base. Another time on Easiest, I tried this combination: 5 cavalry, 3 elephant archers, 2 composite archers, all cavalry upgrades. Even with that, I was not able to kill all the units by the ruins. So to beat it, I got to the Greek base via the dock near Anatolia and then brought it back directly south to my waiting transport ship and then back to my base just before the timer ran out.

To beat the ALEXANDER THE GREAT scenario, I gave up playing the version in this campaign ("The Complete Ages of Mankind") and instead playing this scenario's "Ages of Man Part 3" version on EASIEST. One of the mission's rules is that you can build siege weapons, docks, fishing boats, and triremes, but not much else for weapons. Building farms is useless because you can't make granaries to collect your food. On MODERATE Difficulty, I captured SW Anatolia. But the countdown didn't give me enough time to take both Phoenicia and another city. So I reloaded the saved game and moved NE instead of taking Phoenicia, and for some reason the Grey team captured an ark and stopped the countdown. I then captured Phoenicia and turned SW to take Egypt, but then a countdown started demanding that I capture the ruins, which I can only do by attacking India. So I took my forces into Green/Iraq, then north into Blue (Persia) and took the NE ruins (India's). Having taken the ruins, I had to double back to take down the rest of Persia, but my forces were annihilated in the attempt. One of the main problems is that you can't heal your forces or add to them with anything besides siege weapons.

Playing the ALEXANDER THE GREAT Scenario on EASY, I got through SW Anatolia and crossed the Euphrates, but the countdown didn't stop. I don't know why. So I ran out of time. Maybe the author realized that there is a problem with this scenario, because I notice that in the later, "Ages of Man Part 3" Campaign's version of this scenario, your team starts with an ark so that there is no artifact countdown running against you.

I was able to beat the ASCENT OF ROME scenario on the EASIEST Difficulty. On MODERATE, I took out the Yellow Celts, and then moved my forces to explore Spain and the conquer the tower islands to the West of Italy, but by the time I finished that, Brown and Orange were too strong and beat me. On the EASY Difficulty, I took out the Celts and then moved east to attack Brown with a decent sized bronze age army, but it was not a match for the Brown Germans who have the Choson culture and used ballistas. The hard thing about this scenario is that it is 4 v. 1 (you), although the enemy Carthage is across the sea. The designer's hint is to consider moving to another section of the map to start your town. But to where?

[Edited on 06/14/19 @ 11:58 PM]

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Map Design4.5
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