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Extended Edition v1.4.4

Author File Description
chanakya21 Name - Extended Edition

This MODS require Upatch HD 1.1 R4 .

Version - 1.4.4 (22nd Aug,2020) Nostalgic Edition

- Nothing new in this version. Little tweaks here and there. Nostalgia brought me back.

This Mod contains some new Techs, Units and Modified units.

New Techs --
Target Practice
Town Watch
Strong Trunks
Horse Shoes

New Units --
Fire Siphon
Improved Slinger
Armored Camel Rider
Wood Fence
... and few more units.

You can make changes and Upload your versions. Just google UpatchHD and read all the Documentation there.

May the AOE flourish Well
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May I suggest that you upload your mod to a modding community known as moddb. Also keep up your work, I enjoy seeing what other people add to the mods section.
File Author
thank u for a suggestion
Rating: 2.5
It is a nice little mod, and it's early stages but I'm still gonna rate it :), This mod adds in a new civilization, the indians. It has the required ai's to play the game, though they can be worked on. Other than that I thought that the mod was very rushed with bugs like icon and building mismatch, technology tree mismatch and even the tech. tree it is meant to have has a lack of uniquity. They should have sturdier elephant archers (more HP), and most of the tech tree; the technology tree for the indians are bugged as the other civilizations unique bonuses/researches are not disabled. But they don't (which is another bug) and they have egyptians tech. tree intsead.

Additional Comments:
- You should not be require to put ai files in the with the original ai folder, you can just go: "Mods\\Rise of Legends\\ai\\INDIA"
- It would be nice to have a tech tree made for the indians and a changelog (to store changes that you made).
- Elephant archers with more HP is nice but shouldn't be Indians only bonus, unless there is unit changed without using the technologies section.
- To fix the graphics bug you need to special copy yamato's (shang or choson would work as well) graphics and and paste it into India (in the units section)
- You also need to set the indian (in civilizations section) to Indian Tech. Tree not Egypt.
- After months of waiting, you still haven't fixed any of the issues I mentioned, but you have added "new civilizations" which are the old civilizations with just their names renamed, new playability changes except for the an upgrade for the Elephant Archer & Camel Rider.

[Edited on 05/22/16 @ 06:26 PM]

File Author
I will continue the project 1 month later...

Thanks for rating...

The Project Is changed to "Indian Era"....

[Edited on 03/05/16 @ 09:34 AM]

Chanakya, I would appreciate it if you referenced or openly acknowledged me with my Heavy Camel Rider graphics you're using.
File Author
Oh! I forgot to credit you epd999....
Can you advise how to set this mod up? is there a manual to it?
File Author
aswad123,You can go to this site for creating mods compatible for Upatch HD --
Tulup Hi,
first of all I want to thank you for this great mod. It highly improves this old but lovely game.

But there are some things, I want to share my thoughts about.

1. Im not sure whether Target Practice is too strong, because Archery Units, especially the Horse Archer, are strong in this game. Giving them even more range seems a bit unfair. Maybe reworking it into a buff for the "weaker" archers, like the Composite Bowman or the Bowman would be an alternative.

2. Pottery could be stronger. Only 2/3 more food carrying is not that much, for a technology that is available in iron Age. Particularly the hunter may get a strong buff with this (thinking of Age of Empires II, where Hunters have a natural high carry capacity).

3. Your page says Education gives 10%, while the ingame description says 15%. Which one is right.

4. There is a bug concerning the Improved Slinger. They just regularly receive the Pierce Armor upgrades, no matter when it is researched, but the damage/range buffs from Stone Mining and Siegecraft get lost if you research them before upgrading the Slinger to the Improved Slinger. Same happens with the attack bonus from Alchemy.
It also bothers me, that the Slinger doesn't get any armor upgrades from the Storage Pit, but Pierce Armor (which only applies to INFANTRY) applies to them. I would appreciate implementing Armor Upgrades for the Slinger line if possible.

5. I'm not sure, whether it was your intention, but making Fire Siphons (as a slow but powerful melee siege unit) resistant to Melee Attacks and vulnerable to Archers seems a bit weird. I thought of it as a counterpart to the Ram from Age of Empires II, so i expected Pierce Armor.

6. Can you add a description for nobility, that it's necessary for the Armored Camel Rider? Same with Pottery and Wheels. You could also move Pottery to the Market and put it in the same spot as Wheels, as it depends on it. This also applies to Education and Writing.

7. These Policy Techs in Iron Age, what do they do?

I know this all looks quite scorching critics, but I really like this mod. I'm one of these people who spend more time in modding games, than actually playing them, and this is so far maybe the best game improsiving Mod I have seen.

Thanks for all your work.
File Author
What you said is true, Tulup...
I like your thoughts about my Mod and Thanks for sharing...

I am gonna develop the mod and fix the bugs you mentioned
They will be uploaded by 10 july....
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