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Difficulty: Easy
No Description Available
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Angel SpineMan
Map Design5.0
In my opinion, this is one of the great scenarios! It plays very quickly but it's a lot of fun. I was able to play three times in about 20 minutes and I won twice. The object is to get your hero out of your fortress and to your outpost safely. It sounds easy enough but immediately, your fortress is under heavy attack from tons of catapults and other units so just getting out of the fortress is no picnic. Once outside, you have to manuver through a wall of enemies and a smattering of units behind them. Luckily, your hero is a calvary unit so he has the speed required to win. You really get the feeling of impending disaster when you play and you must keep a leash on your hero or he will try to fight back and get killed. You have about 20 units to use as escorts but many of them are the slow variety so they are pretty useless. Nonetheless, they help keep the focus off your hero. One of the times that I won, only my hero remained from my group that left the fortress. What can I say, I loved this scenario. It's quick and really fun. Great job!
CompDude~Wolf Whoa. From the description, I thought the sides would be a bit equalled. Well, I was WRONG. The enemy has about 3 times as many weapons as you do, including about 20 heavy catupults. they wiped my small army out within 1 minute of the scenario start. They killed my Wonder. They killed my houses. They killed all of the walls!! It says easy for the hardness, I disagree. Can't really say much about it, but download it and see if YOU can beat it!!
Map Design5.0
this battle would have been the best battle i have played out of all of them i recomend this to everyone
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2.5
The scenario was fun and I did enjoy playing it. Although not very challenging I gave it a 2.5 as it could use some work to make it better. I beat it in aprox. 2mins and then tried to go about it at different angles to get more of a challenge. After about 20 mins I had had enough and stopped fooling around.

Balance: 2.5
I felt the scenario to be too direct as in your escape is out the front gate and rushing off to your flag. You can bypass all remaining enemy as you reach your goal. Your waiting escorts never move down to aid you but just sit and wait for your arrival. Moving around to check out different exits you achieve the same goal. You are overpowered by your enemy and if you as Hero Alexander stand and fight you die. Your other units are slow moving and are sacrificed as you literally run away.

Creativity: 2.5
It was creative in the sense that you now play the roll of a coward instead of a hero. Racing away leaving your comrades to perish is something new for me. You are traditionally outnumbered. Your enemy has catapults; you have villagers just waiting to die. Another fixed forces get from point A to point B and live another day. The opening scene it one of mass destruction and chaos. It says to start at easy but for more of a challenge start at the hardest and work down.

Map Design: 3
I gave this a three, as I liked the map layout. The lack of any true eye candy did not matter here, as it was nice and clean with some rolling hills and forests, which gave it a natural feeling to me. A few resources were scattered about just in case you get a villager out alive and want to start fresh. Although the prides of lions waiting for an unwary intruder was not needed. Not bitmap with this one either.

Story/Instructions: 2
There was no story and one line of instructions. Get your hero out alive and to a flag. After checking there was not even a single hint (although none would have been needed.) You cannot get a true feeling of a campaign/scenario in my opinion without a storyline. It just turns out to be another game that you have to wander around through until you are victorious.

Additional Comments:
I think if you step back and take a good look at this scenario you will see some positive potential. Some reading on scenario/campaign design with regards to a good storyline would have made this scenario much better. Less detail paid to the enemy forces and more on your heroes or allies will achieve a proper balance even if the enemy outnumbers you two or three to one.
With regards to other reviewers of this scenario giving a designer a full score leaves him/her nothing to shoot for should they decide to make more scenarios or campaigns.

Chris Mattox I have been noticeing people giving low map design scores to old campaigns. (Don't worry about this IICDO) just look at the date though... Added: 02/18/98

Thats like rating a old atari game in the year 3,000. ;)
IICDO I moved my answer to the Forum as this has nothing to do with this particular download.

[Edited on 07/30/06 @ 12:57 PM]

skald I played this through intending to give a review but I realized my score, when averaged with the prevous scores, would knock this pioneering scen out of the "Best" group and I did not have the heart to do that. Out of respect for the previous reviewers I will simply add what would have been my review, as a comment.


NOTE: I seldom find myself in major disagreement with either Spineman or 2Commando about rating a scen, but here I find both of my mentors in disagreement. So I needed to try this myself to see how I would have rated it.

Playability: 3.5. Stupid, crazy but somehow fun. What can I say, it's subjective.

Balance: 2. The designer himself has rated this EASY in his text. Why would I disagree? I simply sat and watched the first time, and the second time I won in 1 minute 30 seconds.

Creativity: 3. Not your random map build and destroy. Nice work creating the city.

Map: 3. Would have been 3.5 except the city setup doesn't make sense. There aren't enough towers to defend the walls, they just get pulverized by cats.

Story: 1.5. I really can't understand how two reviewers gave this a perfect 5. There is no history. There is one line of instructions. There are no hints (although I could easily come up with one myself). The win statement simply says you won, and there is no loss statement. How does 0 plus 1 plus 0 plus 1/2 plus 0 add up to 5?

Comments: The previous review by KingFerret giving perfect 5's in all categories with no explanation for any category probably does not meet the standards for reviews. SPOILER hint which the designer did not include: among many ways to win, you can simply delete the side wall and sneak Alex out the side and up to meet his friends. He can easily dodge the ponderous catapult stones. I am open to suggestions as to why I should join in and give perfect 5's to this scen, even by the standards of the time, and I will be glad to revisit the scen and revise my score upwards if anyone would care to enlighten me.

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Map Design4.3
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