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UPatch HD 1.1

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------------ ! Download was moved - to the official site ! ------------

Please do not mirror/upload to other sites, use the link above instead.

For more details and full list of features - visit the official site.

NOTE: You are not allowed to use or include UPatch HD or any parts of it (including graphics) in other software, mods or websites (this includes re-uploading here) without the author's permission. You are not allowed to sell or bundle UPatch HD with other software, mods or services.
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As I said in previous comments:

If you don't know how to do a proper review please refrain from posting one, especially if you think it's worth 5 stars - and then not giving a thorough in-depth description.

I will delete these reviews without hesitation so don't even bother to post them.

[Edited on 09/19/14 @ 04:55 AM]

File Author
May be you shouldn't be so strict in this case. Some of these people registered here only to rate this patch or say thank you in the forum (and for that I'm very grateful!). Very few people visit the site/forum and new ratings are extremely rare for any downloads. So I think as long as there is some description and explanation for the rating, it should be OK (just my humble opinion).

The problem is it's hard to review a patch, especially one that overhauls the entire game. May be there shouldn't even be a rating in such case? 5 star ratings mean that everything works and the patch delivers what's promised. It's not a scenario or mod, so it would be unfair to rate lower for some minor personal preferences, which has nothing to do with the scope and quality/quantity of the work done.

[Edited on 09/19/14 @ 02:11 PM]

That is not how the rating system works. Of course it should be looked different at then scenario's or campaigns, but the same principle applies as rating a modpack (since it is a modification, after all). The scoring categories may be different, and we may not have the amount of visitors we used to have in the golden days of the game, but that doesn't mean a short review will always suffice.

Reviewers should focus on the many changes and features, review some of them and tell us why exactly this is better/worse than AoE without UPatch. One has not have to go into exact details or write down a huge story, but a good description consisting of more than a few sentences is absolutely needed for a perfect score rating. Personal preferences do in fact also play a role in this as it has always done with rated works featured in other parts of the Granary.
Bonster Not sure if this is possible in ROR but the AOE1 patch on Voobly got Highland Map with no Rivers option. Could you add that to ROR also? Most of us that play Chowar on ROR would love that setting.

Thanks for this patch, HD resolution is awesome.
Rating: 5
(An awesome addition to an awesome game.)

Additional Comments: I've always loved AoE Gold Edition, and, even though the game is fun, this update is exactly what the game needed.

The color fix and the higher resolutions are the main parts that make the game so much more enjoyable. Finally, I don't have to kill Explorer.exe every single time I want to play. This update is the only other color fix that works for me.

I play singleplayer a lot, so the AI improvements are amazing. It was so annoying when the AI would team up when I selected no teams, so doing free-for-all games against AI is so much better now. The AI get much more reliable build plans as well.

I didn't realize how massively unbalanced and buggy this game was, but I agree with every change that was made. This update is good enough to be an official update, and the explanations helped me realize just how many of these changes were necessary. The Hittites were so overpowered I almost felt like I had to play them, and the Babylonians had way too much health for their walls and towers. It's also nice having a lot of those documentation errors corrected.

[Edited on 11/10/14 @ 08:32 PM]

darkmarek Hello, if I want to play Age of Empires without any adjustments with just adjusting the resolution, it will be easy to set up for me when I can not English? I am from czech republic.

[Edited on 11/11/14 @ 10:08 AM]

File Author
As I explained in the forum (link below), this is not possible. My answer is here:
chab If I may, I disagree. This is absolutely possible. I have worked a lot so people can choose the options that suits them.

BinaryPatcher allows setting any resolution you want.

It's a developer/modder tool so it's not user-friendly for simple users but maybe I'll release a better tool later.

You can also find DRS files there:

I'm afraid UPatch is going the same way as Voobly: hardcoded incompatible things, it's disappointing for those who are trying to improve the game, share knowledge and add the more options as possible.

Please remember that without the open-source approach I tried to bring, the custom resolutions would still be limited to Phosphurx' hardcoded 1280*1024 with 1 or 2 other unwanted EXE changes (because people all develop their own thing and deliver a hardcoded EXE file).
File Author
You are not serious? He asks me about UPatch and I answered - of course there can be only one game version 1.1 and it's not possible to have others for compatibility reasons. The whole point of everything is to have one updated new game version, where everything works and it's the same for everyone = works in Multiplayer.

How could I stop users from using BP or any other modding tool? Not only that, but I've been working for 4 months to create a simple way for mods the be loaded/unloaded into UPatch with easy to use Mod Manager program (which will be available with the final version). This way both users and mod creators can easily benefit from all UPatch improvements with their mods.

Such accusations are simply not fair, I'm very surprised this came from you. If you had any comments or doubts, you could have said so in a forum post or personal email. Also, there isn't a single place in any Credits/About where I put my name, but forgot to add yours and LucTieuPhung's.

[Edited on 11/17/14 @ 03:45 PM]

chab The question was: "if I want to play Age of Empires without any adjustments with just adjusting the resolution"

I admit this was the wrong place for this question, but anyway the answer is yes, it's possible (and not related to UPatch).
The guy just wants a better resolution, which is possible, and you answered no, that's why I added my comment.

I'm not complaining about credits or anything. When I give the example of the initially released 1280*1024 resolution EXE file, it's because most modders just provide black boxes that are incompatible with each other, and provide no information about their work.

UPatch exe file is non-standard, DRS files are not compatible, etc. The guy that wants to play SP games with additional fixes just can't.

I don't question your intentions, I know you provide information when requested. For example your documentation about empires.dat changes is very complete, that's a very good point.

But it's not between you and me, it's about the modding community. There are not hundreds of good modders, they mustn't have to do reverse-engineering to use other modders's work. It's a crazy waste of time. The open-source model allowed LucTieuPhung to find a lot of things you used in UPatch. Don't forget to preserve this open-source model because UPatch is not the final step of AOE modding, modders will continue searching/finding things once you've release a final version.

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