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Rogue Priest

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Difficulty: Hard
No Description Available
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Map Design3.5
Rogue Priest

Playability: 3.5. Well this will seem familiar to any Navy man, as the map unfolds it becomes WW II in the Pacific Theater of Operations. There is the heavily fortified Home Island with the outer ring of protective bases. As the player explores and finds new empty islands with more and more resources, it's possible to get all the supplies you need to tech up to build your own warships. Later as you start taking over enemy outpost islands, you get more resources. Each time I took another base, I built a Town Center and a dock, started chopping wood, produced an extra villie, and got him into the transport for the next amphibious assault. Eventually it ends up as the enemy homeland surrounded by Allied naval bases. I had so much stuff I even built a Wonder just for wonder insurance but fortunately nothing happened.

Balance: 1.5. The enemy has docks but just builds a few fishing boats. So I am never challenged at sea and I skip the naval superiority phase and go directly to naval supremacy. There is some resistance as I take each base and stiffer resistance from the home island but my superior industrial base will inevitably overwhelm the smaller enemy. He starts with 60 techs and I won with about 30. I didn't bother building any ground troops, just a very minimal navy and a few combat engineer villies.

Creativity: 3.5. Nice overall strategic setup, good puzzle elements.

Map: 3.5. Nice familiar pacific war layout. See more hints below.

History etc.: 2. The notes accompanying the scen specify that the priest is blind and lame, so I don't think he will be lured out. There are other priests on the home island that can be lured out and pulverized with jug fire. I actually sent in 5 villies and they killed the boss BLP with their pitchforks.

Comments and hints: Recommended for download. Hint -- the scen could have been better and more challenging if the enemy, like Japan in WW II, had an excellent navy, to oppose the player at sea. Also, in WW II the Japanese had island bases with overlapping air coverage. Each island might be protected by planes from several other islands. In the same way, this scen could have been more challenging if the islands had overlapping fields of fire from the towers. Instead, it's possible to take out each island tower individually, safe from all the other towers. In the beginning you may pick up a Gaia jug with a range of 10. This jug will not benefit from any techs you may acquire later. SPOILER: tech up for your own homemade jugs and you can outrange the towers and take them out with impunity.

Linguistic note: I realize that Player 2 defaults to red, but I find no mention of this as a plot element in the instructions. Instead, I think the designer actually did mean 'rogue' rather than 'rouge', rogue meaning outlaw, wild, out of control, as in 'rogue elephant'. Just my opinion.

[Edited on 02/24/10 @ 09:00 AM]

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Map Design3.5
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Size:100.00 Bytes