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Water World Seven

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CompDude~Wolf What a nice concept for a scenario. According to the description and directions, you only have to capture the four groups of Gaia Short Swordsmen. Well, when I opened it up, I went right to work of finding the four groups of Swordsmen. When I found the first two, I sent small scouting parties to the southern area, and found them very easily. Then, as expected, I thought I had won. Well, so happens, it didn't work. I checked back to the directions, and there and behold, said to only capture the four groups. I had already done that!! So I went about the work of finding the enemies, and found all 3 of the others with great ease. I had to take out a single balista tower to gain access to their area. I killed the first two enemies with great ease. They apparently were set to an easy setting :(After I relized I had no way to get at the last enemy alive, for it was blocked by a little forest, I brought out my little three villagers (the only ones that didn't get attacked by the stupid elephants and gators) to construct a storage pit near the forest. After getting a little bit of the forest gone, I took the troops in, and destroyed the very last person standing. I killed 'em good!!The title I felt was very misleading. "Water World" usually refers to some extensive amount of water, doesn't it? In my opinion, I thought it was a complete waste of 132 Kb.

[Edited on 12/30/04 @ 02:28 AM]

SpineMan This map would work better as a multiplayer map. It has an interesting idea which has potential but is implemented to be heavily in player one's advantage. You are placed against three computers and all of you start in the Stone Age with default resources. Four large armies are placed within a forest maze on a huge map.The problem is that the design of the "maze" places the armies close to players 1 and 3 but player 3 is cut off by trees so basically, player 1 gets all 4 armies without any competition. Once you have four huge armies against Stone Age computers, the scenario is pretty much over.The idea does have merit though. If a good maze was developed so that armies were hidden in the maze an equal distance from each player and the maze interconnected between all players, it would be a lot of fun to race through the maze with villagers hunting for armies. Once the armies were found, the rest of the battle could be played out inside the maze as well. It would work with or without the building up process. Good concept but the implementation and design need some work.

[Edited on 12/30/04 @ 02:28 AM]

Map Design2.5
Water World 7

Playability: 2. Rather relaxing, slow undisturbed buildup in a very protected area. I was never attacked and I just mined all my enormous resources and advanced through the ages and teched up as I chose.

Balance: 1. Because I can't award a zero. I Ironed and got 50 techs. The enemy CPs barely Tooled and got 4 or 5 techs. They never attacked me. By the time I had finished buffing up and chose to attack them, their resistance was minimal. And this was WITHOUT recruiting the 350 (!) Gaia troops waiting to join my forces. I deliberately left them fidgeting in their little forest hideouts and just used my own troops which I created from scratch starting in Stone Age. One of the players was completely wiped out by the Elephant King ruling the elephant herd in his area.

Creativity: 2.5. Nicely reworked map, interesting victory conditions.

Map: 2.5. Nicely reworked map (did I just say that?) with some cliff work and a lot of waterfalls, some coming out of nowhere and going nowhere, just being there for some reason.

History etc.: 1.5. OK here's the trick. There is almost nothing here but a hint about picking up the swordsmen. The confusion about winning just by picking them up arises from the victory condition which is (intended to be) achieve Population = 500. Which of course would required picking up the 350 Gaia troops and then somehow getting another 150 troops. I'm not sure about those numbers because I just estimated the number of troops in the masses. But the Global is set to Conquest so what the heck, just wipe them all out to win.

Comments: Hint: If for some reason you decided to actually get all those 350 extra troops, make sure you have all your vital units built first. Otherwise you will instantly go over your pop cap and be unable to create a scout, a priest, a chariot archer, or even a single catapult for the towers. On the other hand, you can just swarm the enemy CPs with masses of troops if you so desire. The CPs Strat and Per were set to, you guessed it, Random/Random. Brain Dead/Brain Dead. I built a Wonder just for wonder insurance but nothing happened. Better safe than sorry.

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Map Design2.5
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