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War of the Ages

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Difficulty: Hard

-War of the Ages will take hours to complete-
-It uses a different colour other than blue, which was a massive hassle, and required 1-2 more hours of testing and tweaking-
-This is intended for highly experienced players, not ultimate veterans though-
-Do not use cheats to fully enjoy the scale of this scenario-
-This has been lag tested, it will only lag a little at the beginning during the great battle #1, the first of many huge battles, all requiring brute strategy and tactics to overcome different opponents-
-Face massacres, ambushes, severe numbers, brute strength and much more in this scenario-

Please comment and review, this truly took a long time to make.
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Map Design4.0

5 hour 42 mins

found this map non stop grind\spam = didnt use a single cheat

ill rate this a 3.5 because of the reasons.... i give this rate ill list below

frist off.

found it to easy giving the player 99999 all is silly means i just end up spaming units nonstop that takes no skill and its just boring... even tho i did eat half of the map gold\wood\stone\berry because i am a player who does that....

ok so the red AI was very hard to beat and the brown at the start.(only brown because of his Silly invinsbble towers

when i started i cleared all the red from starting base them i spamed horse archers killing green with ease.

then i got 1 presit and convert a brown player villager then i build up a foward base in green and slowly pushed white player and brown... stale mate on white so i focused all forces to the brown player.
i had some fun with this guy he was the 2nd hardest to beat imo when he was dead i stole some docks and build up few hundred troops landed on cyans base and destoryed half of his base but he pushed me back 3 times so i moved on to white.
white was easyly pushed when i had 50 horse archers and his tree bow men where prety lame they couldnt shoot back at my horse archers so i whiped him off the map fast.

but the rest where very very easy and got destoryed fast APARt from yellow i just ended up building 6 seige shops and copying his tatic till he was gone

however the other CPUS got whiped like Blue he was walled so i spamed just horse archer shooting his chariots he keept sending them toward me by the time the wall was down he had noting

the only problem i had with the blue CPU was his mirror towers and his 1000 life point tower

also you made all the towers take 1 dammager per shot wich i found very very annoying.

id have about 50 heavy catapults blasting towers only doing 1 dammager per shot.... wich ending up taking for ever to kill the blue players Mirror towers

by the time blue and yellow was gone i rebuild my 9th foward base and then that red. ok hats off to you that red could play darn good.

i tryed horse spam 1st then he copyed my tatic and beat me back and even counter attacked me the only ai to come out of his base then i used chariots and blista
then i lost again so i used archer elephants and balista followed by catapults and horse archers and i whoped his ass back to the stone age

then cyan was a joke he was one of the easyest comps

some other stuff

the clifs where very annoying.. units got blocked and stuck not just me the AI did that also need the ai wasnt custom build for the map... because some of the AI was stupid as hell and very easy to kill.

also when they attack they just send there unit into the side of the map like outward point into the water all units stuck there trying to attack my 1st base i take it. they would never get there (lame)

also NO eye candy very sad... i very much like eye candy. to keep me from boring all the stuff was just placed all over and the AI would rebuild retardedly any where

very ugly placed stuff on the map.... this was so much just grind\ spam for me 5 hours just about 6 but i was not bored out of my mind i could keep playing to the end. this is why i give u the okay rating..

and seeing ur hard work and much time you put into this... i know i also make maps and stuff so i am not so harsh just some areas you could inprove next time.

better looking map placement

scripted for the map AI so they dont act retard but the RED one was impressvie.

EYE CANDY ITS A MUST! you didnt do much if any nice looking the White players base was nice wood people feel. but thats it random place of water falls in the sea confused me...

maybe give a story too i hated the CPU names didnt understand who they where could of called them Rome and you the CArthage would have been more fun and fit in easy to make a story too

ALSO hated your placement of gaia units... like random TC and houses and villages that had no use to me... when i had foward bases pumping out men nonstop

what else... My units jamed alot... like i said wit the clifs i didnt like this.

you need to inpove alot of stuff but i see you put many hours in this map. and im not being a d' bag im just trying to point and state areas\things you need to do better for better maps i hope understand

i only post this site to give you some real truth. and i just remeber the GAIA wild horses u placed WHERe very bugged and that is bad should not place bug units like this

LOOKIN FOWARD to your next work. i will judge it and see if you have inporved in areas i stated.
Map Design3.5
Playability: 4.5
Some units are stuck even for "our" player, I don't know to which point this was intended.
Also, not sure if the "no stable" thing is intended, or if it's a bug because of using player #5 (orange). Is there a reason for using orange player ?

Balance: 4

Creativity: 4

Map Design: 3.5

Story/Instructions: 4

Additional Comments:
Let's be honest, this scenario is just... Brutal ! But that's the way ROR is nice to play !

(spoil): for mirror tower, just convert them ! Sacrifice is especially relevant here :)

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Map Design3.8
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