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The advance of Antonius

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Difficulty: Moderate
A fight to the death scenerio taken from my under development campagin exploring the entireity of Roman history. This scenerio focuses on the last stage of the Roman civil war of 69 A.D and takes place in a geographically altered Italia. See the wonders of Imperial Rome rebuild with as much accuracy and beauty as possible - will you keep Rome safe from Vitellius or will you destroy it rebuilding the city in your image? - you decide!
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File Author
Thanks for the feedback! If anyone has more feedback, about the scenerio, the cities in it etc id be interested to hear :)
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3.5
Lag was the only reducing factor that affected your score here. And lag is one of the biggest score reducers for me.

Balance: 3
A brilliant challenge.

Creativity: 3
The city was marvellous and magnificent, clearly a lot of time spent.

Map Design: 3
Great how the city was seperated between enemy and friend.

Story/Instructions: 3
A simple yet very brilliant story line.

Additional Comments:
Absolutely brilliant over all.

[Edited on 08/13/12 @ 09:52 AM]

Kabaman91 Playability: 1
Too much army, too much lag, over 700? no its not playable at all!

Balance: 3
Enemy is a bit Stronger than me but thats ok

Creativity: 5/5
it looks very very nice!.

Map Design:5
the map looks beautiful

Story/Instructions: 4
good story

Additional Comments:
too much!
attack theer attack theere
here an attack
no this is way TOO MUCH!!

[Edited on 06/19/12 @ 04:28 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 1
Major lag near the beginning, and actually quite difficult to control so many units without 'overlapping' - maybe you should have put them into ranks.

Balance: 2
Being able to choose a side is a good feature, but did create problems of imbalance, due to lack of control of so many units, so disadvantages couldn't be countered effectively depending on the player you chose.

Creativity: 2.5
A lovely city but a lack of countryside, and a random desert.

Map Design: 4
A lovely city which clearly had a lot of work pumped into it.

Story/Instructions: 2.5
I like the concept, a decent story. Rushingly written though.

Additional Comments:
A good mission, however, after spending so much time on the city, a little extra time could have been spent to 'brush' it off.

Lovely though.

[Edited on 08/13/12 @ 09:49 AM]

Map Design4.5
Playability: 2
It was very hard to play because the enemy forces so outnumber your own, and because they are massed in two main places at the beginning. Your basic goals are: 1) Win the opening battle in the far north at the beginning, 2) Stop the advance of the enemy forces moving southward and then westward in the east, 3) Whittle down the enemy base's defenders and then quickly smash the core of the main enemy base before it sends out lots of villagers and soldiers.

Balance: 2
I had to play it on EASIEST mode to win. EASIEST mode was better because the enemy replenished itself less, the enemies fought weaker and less aggressively.

Creativity: 5
Good creativity in the map design and story. Nice idea with the Etruscan and Egyptian ruins.

Map Design: 4.5
Good, except it was so big that it helped make things unwieldy. On the other hand, having a big map made your defenses bigger and made it harder for you to get beaten.

Story/Instructions: 5
Nice story and straightforward instructions.

Additional Comments:
The first time playing on Moderate difficulty, my opening army in the north got slaughtered, and I couldn't rebuild well because I have like 50-300 villagers. My remaining forces gradually got slaughtered and I'm not sure if the enemy replenishes their army, but it's still quite large. I did not realize it when I played it on Single Player, but since you as Player 1 are allied with Player 3 ("Egyptian Buildings", set to the "Defensive" Strategy), you can actually tribute them food and other resources and they will produce villagers and build up defensive forces. Player 2 (Red) is "Etruscan Buildings" and surrenders at the start, not having anything besides walls. Player 4 is Nero's Colossus, it has no units besides a Wonder, and everyone is set as its enemy.

On EASY difficulty, I was able to save a small portion of my opening northern forces and temporarily halt the advance in the east, but it ground down my eastern forces to a minimum. A giant mass of enemy cavalry remained in the East and then attacked my stables in the middle, but I had very few armed forces left to stop them. My population limit is overfilled with villagers. Maybe you can build a giant mass of towers by your stables (I couldn't do it in time) and then kill off your villagers to free up population space before they kill off the rest of your base. But I was getting wiped out due to the enemy's size and aggression. Easy mode might be doable, but very hard.

On EASIEST, I saved my opening forces in the north, but when I tried to defend the Etruscan ruins with towers, a mass of cavalry attacked my eastern granaries. Afterwards, the fighting went well and I killed almost all enemy soldiers, but there seems to be this weird glitch, wherein when I directly attack the core of enemy base in the east, the enemy suddenly goes beserk and quickly makes tons of enemy soldiers, sentry towers, and catapults, even on the Easiest mode. It's as if the enemy suddenly boosted itself into Very Hard mode. The trick is that as soon as you attack the Town Centers in the middle of the orange base, you must take them all and their villagers down very quickly. A combination of catapults and soldiers (eg. legionaires) works best.

SEPTICEMIC wrote in an earlier review above: "Being able to choose a side is a good feature." I think that what he means is that you can pick a side in Multiplayer. In Single Player, at the beginning in Scenario mode, you can pick a civilization (eg. Egyptian, Greek, Babylonian, Asian). But you can't actually pick a "side" in Single Player (Vespasian vs. Vitellius).

Here are the steps of my "WALKTHROUGH":
A.i.) Protect Hero Scipio in the middle area, like by having him run away through the Orange soldiers, or open a wall on the southwest side and have him ride through.
A.ii) Give your Yellow Ally Lots of your resources and ask him if in Multiplayer, to build a dock in the South corner so you can trade gold with it. A.iii) Fight the opening battle, concentrating on fighting priests and catapults with your horses. A.iv) Use the villagers in the far east corner to build towers around their granary and bushes;
A.v) Open the lion pen in the east by deleting some walls, especially when the enemies are near it.
B) The trading ships are extra if you are in Single Player. Use them as fodder at the eastern fords.
C) Send your warships northeast near the fords.
D) Send your western villagers north to attack the Orange farms if you don't have available/free forces to attack them.
E) Use your southern and eastern villagers to build towers at the fords.
F) Split your eastern army and your priests, moving half near the eastern ford and half in the west to attack the western orange village.
G) Do unit and building upgrades.
H) Build a ton of towers, like three rows deep in a wall, along the east of your mass of stables and granaries in the middle with the field to their east, and down a bit toward your eastern fords. The B and T shortcuts/hotkeys help this go faster. This protects you from the attack by the mass of cavalry to the east of your stables.
I) After winning these opening battles and stopping the enemy's advances, whittle down their forces around their northeastern base.
H) When it comes time to attack the core of the enemy base, with its towncenters and barracks to the south of those TCs, make sure you do it quickly and with numerous catapults and soldiers, so that they don't overtake you by suddenly churning out tons of villagers and soldiers. The AI does this when you attack the enemy base's core.

[Edited on 09/27/20 @ 02:51 PM]

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