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Adventures of the Vikings

Author File Description
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Number of Scenarios: 5
Difficulty: Moderate
The Adventures of the Vikings

This campaign was made for the Obscure Historical Competition and gained the 4th place. This is my first campaign ever!

You will be taking part in the viking age, about 800-1150 AD. The vikings explored a lot and found Iceland, Greenland and America (Wineland).
I hope you will like it.

Readme.txt provides some information about where to put the file and an e-mail address to me.

Created by Basse for the AoEH community. Started in November 2009 finished in February 2010.

*Update to version 1.1*
- Victory condition bug in 1:st scenario fixed
- Victory condition area for artifact in second scenario made larger
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.9
The Basse Campaign:
Viking ...Something... Adventures

Playability: 4.0
The Basse campaign has a wide variety of scenario quality, ranging from fantastic to lame-tastic. Some scenarios were fun to play but would simply not let me win it. This score honestly should probably should've been lower but I can accept the bugs as they might be the result of contest stress. I honestly expected more of Basse for some reason, but as I check it out now it strikes me that this is Basses first released campaign!

Balance: 4.5
The actual game balance itself is pretty nice, most of the scenarios were quite challenging, or at least an entertaining experience. The different objectives for each scenario always offered a new interesting challenge. Then there were other scenarios (number 3) which really didn't offer much of a challenge at all, except for not being stupid enough to get killed by Icelandic Lions.

Creativity: 4.2
All scenarios have something that makes them unique, but at some points the objectives seem a little too simple and plain.The map design is pretty creative, perhaps a bit too much, as I feel like it lacks a bit of realism. Though Iceland ad Greenland were... greener during the time I still feel like they lack some more Icelandic features.

Map Design: 3.9
I guess I'm repeating myself, but this varies a lot between the scenarios. Some scenarios have excellent map design, but some lack a bit of it. At some points I also feel like a lot of time has been bought to areas that the player never really will see, while the ground he's standing on is still dull. Once again I can't feel like the environment really fits the location, and at most points I think that Greenland is a little too green. Don't neglect the Desert Terrain Basse.

Story/Instructionz: 3.0
This is probably the one expection the the variation rule, the story is always Terrible! Ok, it's not really that bad, but the story is really what drags down the score of this campaign. I remember Basse talking to me about having to translate most of the information from Norwegian or Icelandic. I can't help but feel like some time along the way of translating most of the actual storyline was lost. Perhaps Basse should just make up his own story instead? The bitmaps are at least pretty nice, and help the score a little.

Final Score: 3.9
This isn't exactly a bad score, being Basse's first campaign I feel like it should rank higher, but right now I'm judging a contest entry.

The third scenario really deserves Gumble's "13 award". The scenario isn't terrible, it is just a below average scenario in an above average campaign. Therefore the scenario really had me thinking higher of it as I started. It drags down the campaign score considerably and probably never should have been included in this campaign.

I also consider giving Basse the best Final scenario award, since his last scenario is in my opinion the best one in his campaign, unlike mine which is actually a modified version of a Defense scenario I made a long time ago, and unlike Gumble's which technically isn't even a final scenario.

[Edited on 02/03/11 @ 04:43 PM]

Map Design4.5
Playability: 5
(A nice, moderately challenging campaign, with a wide array of different scenarios with different styles of gameplay that should be used to solve the scenario’s objectives. It means that they would hardly bore the player, either veteran or newbie. )

Balance: 4.5
(As pointed out before every scenario is challenging in their own way, but I found the difficulty levels pretty balanced for intermediate/advanced players. However the different kinds of games and ways to achieve the objectives make this campaign an really entertained experience if you�re a seasoned AoE player. )

Creativity: 4.5
(Basse makes good use of the scenario editor applying tricks i thought were only possible with the advanced versions of it. There is a moderate use of eye candy which is a good thing because the maps look not too crowded. One more time the diversity of strategies to complete each scenario makes them interesting. )

Map Design: 4.5
(Most of the scenarios in the campaign are based on real world maps which makes one appreciate why vikings were great sailors (there is a lot of sea in the areas covered). aAso the topography (including discoveries as snow) is decently represented which also adds some extra points. )

Story/Instructions: 4
(In "Vikings in America" it is said that there were allied Skraelings. I found no physical evidence Skraelings at all. Also it would be nice if you added more history in the scenario instruction and to be honest the lack of historical information disappointed me a bit (I'm not saying that you should transcribe a viking encyclopedia but i think this section could be improved).)

Additional Comments:: I never was able to complete The Escape scenario. I killed both villagers and sailed to the flags but never got the "You're Victorious" message.
I know it is made for campaign's gameplay and to make it interesting, but in "the new land" the ice foxes are too powerful, even tho they are minor predators of the frozen wastelands.

[Edited on 03/15/11 @ 01:20 AM]

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Map Design4.2
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