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Downloads Home » Rise of Rome: Single Player Campaigns » Blood for the blood gods! - A campaign about Mesoamerica

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Blood for the blood gods! - A campaign about Mesoamerica

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Number of Scenarios: 3
Difficulty: Hard
'Blood for the blood gods!' (Version 1.1)

By Timothy McKenzie

Winning entry to the Obscure Historical Civilization Design Competition.

This is a campaign on cultures of Mesoamerica. This version covers the civilizations of the Olmecs, Teotihuacan, Toltecs, and Mayans of Central America. All information is provided in the 'read me' file included in the download. To play simply download the file, extract it, and follow the instructions in the 'read me'.

Thank you for downloading this campaign, I hope you have as much fun playing the campaign as I have had making it, and learn a little about the fascinating cultures of Mesoamerica.
There will be updated versions which will include bug fixes and brand new scenarios which will be added to the campaign. For more information follow this link to find out more about these updates:,6101,0,all

Current Version: v1.1

*Campaign notes errors fixed and clarified
*Changed Music folder content
*Made 'Name Changes' notes easier for quick refererence
*Fixed difficulty Balance for all 3 scenarios
"Ancestor Bloodrites":
-Weakened several players to achieve balance
-Changed placement and number of rafts
-Removed Olmec Priest
-Made Olmecs a little easier
-Clarify Instructions
"Monuments Built by Blood"
-Stopped players from building towers everywhere
"Born in Blood, fallen in Blood"
-Scenario Instruction error fixed

Thank you Jesus for this talent and passion you have given me, praise your name.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.8
Playability: 4.6
The Gumball Campaign is clearly superior to the other contest entries, (No offense to the losers) well, except for mine of course. It is in all an excellent campaign, but yet not perfect. (Once again, judging contest entries) There were a few things about the Gumble campaign that annoyed me. In many parts of the campaign space is very limited, both for building and walking, especially the second scenario which has a lot of AI units running around, limiting building space to a minimum. There was also the final scenario, where I found the escape in the start almost impossible, I ended up getting killed by those towers at the exit like 20 times! This really pissed me off, one time I was so close to getting away when I got stuck to the damn tree at the exit!

Balanze: 4.9
One of the things about the Gumble Campaign that really impressed me was the Balance, though the unit selections are very limited (I can list all land units here: Villagers, Clubmen, Axemen, Short swords, Slingers, Bowmen, Impies, Priests) the campaign Balance is still great. At some points however it could annoy me. Oracles (Priests) are clearly the most dangerous units in this campaign, and the effect of them is quite random. The numbers of them often balance the randomness out, but I can't help but go "What the Fruk!?" every time I lose a unit to a direct conversion, with no real time to act.

Creativity: 5
Yes it's a real 5 there! This campaign truly deserves it. The campaign contains a whole variety of different objectives, unique puzzles and imaginative gameplay. The map design of the different scenarios is also one of the more creative I've encountered. The campaign is also the only one to showcase it's own unique design trick, The foam that can be found in a few locations is a nice addition. At some points I think the realism suffers from this, but that's a later matter. Five is for epicness, very nice work Gumble

Map Dezign: 4.8
The map design is incredible, the Jungles of Central America is no easy environment to catch, but I believe that Gumble has done a fairly efficient job. The terrain features are very innovative, at some points they lack realism however that isn't much of a concern as it is simply beautiful. However I can at some points feel like the jungle is a bit dull. There are also a few overlappings that look stupid (trees on walls mostly) and thoguh having bridges passable by ships and land units is nice, having the ship sail over the bridge sort of wrecks the feeling a bit.

Story/Instructionz: 4.5
The story of the Gumble Campaign is extremely well written, it has great historical accuracy and is often written in a nice prophecy-like perspective. It is almost free of spelling and Grammar errors. O top of that it comes with incredible bitmaps, nice use of the mapdefault features and the nice blending of the faces of different cultures stone heads. They come with an incredible reflection of the real Yucatan peninsula. Then why is this the lowest score in the Gumble campaign? The instructions were not clear enough! This is judged as an 1998 campaign, without the .dll as an additional features, and without using the .dll files I would never know what to do, you want me to build 5 Chipotles and kill the Ayatollah? Honestly these Aztec name changes were hard to keep track of even with the .dlls, this would actually drag down the score quite a lot, but I feel like the bitmaps make up for it.

Final Score: 4.8
An incredible campaign by Gumble, this is actually a true masterpiece. It comes with an enhanced language(/x).dll and also a new sound folder this is a very nice addition, but I personally wish that Gumble would've spent more time working on the actual campaign. I loved playing through this, and I hope the rest of you take your time to do so too.
Map Design4.5
Playability: 5
(Each scenario is a campaign on their own. However i find their names a bit cacophonic...too much blood in there lol. The campaign requires patience, focus and endurance, even to entertaining and complex. Not recommended for starters, this one is advised for mid/high level players. The use of blind lame priests makes lick play an important role, however it makes it quite satisfying when the events go as one planned them.)

Balance: 4.5
(I think there's a drawback as i felt a bit asphixiated by the objectives. But this isn't Gumble's fault...i think it has become "trendy" to make scenarios with way too many objectives and this is where you need to be focused all the time, still i think the objectives could be made simpler. Still there's a huge array of them so even tho I lost my temper more than once, at last one gets entertained and/or frustrated at times. )

Creativity: 5
(I've got to say that I loved the graphical aspects of this campaign. Wonderful job, Gumble!. You did do your homework. Every city and settlements is beautifully done, and the level of detail and how you played to make those temples, plazas and monuments looks is quite impressive. Also the objectives demonstrate they required brain hours to be planned so, great job. )

Map Design: 4.5
(Also it is nice to see how Gumble represented the real world geography in each scenario. I just have one complain regarding this and it has to do with the last scenario "Born in Blood, Fallen in Blood" The map is huge and there's so much space that can't be iIcheated (lol yeah) to see what was beyond and i saw something that wasn't too cool for me. That kinda disappointed me after seeing your capacities. )

Story/Instructions: 5
(The historical information provided is in general interesting and makes one get interested in knowing more, however i have a major complain here. Why do you mention the Inca empire in last scenario's aftermath? Maybe i am misunderstanding but it gives the impression to me that you add them in the same geographical with the aztecs and other valley of mexico's people...maybe you should change how you wrote it to make it clear you want to make a scenario about them while pointing out that you're interested in other latinamerican pre columbian cultures beyond Mexico. )

Additional Comments: i have few but here they go again. The objectives could be made simpler. Maybe it was just me but they could be frustrating at times.
Don't do maps bigger than necessary: empty space gives a bad impression.

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Map Design4.7
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