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Infinite Farms

Author File Description
Infinite Farms

Makes farms hold so much food they never run out

Make backup copy of, then replace "empires.dat" in AoE folder "data" for AoE and
"data2" for RoR
(usually located in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires\data"
and "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires\data2")

1. Build Market
2. Research Domestication - cost is now free, only takes one second
3. Build Farms - now they yield food indefinately

Replace with original "empires.dat" files
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ZacG Not sure if you go about it this way, but gonna post it for others to try:

First we'll find this string in techage:
techage_36_0_amount: 75

And for infinite farm food amount:
techage_36_0_amount: 8388608

Secondly we'll take a look at the dat file for research:

research_81_required_tech: 26 101 -1 -1
research_81_cost1_type: 0
research_81_cost1_amount: 200 (wood)
research_81_cost1_used: 1
research_81_cost2_type: 1
research_81_cost2_amount: 50 (food)
research_81_cost2_used: 1
research_81_cost3_type: -1
research_81_cost3_amount: 0 (gold)
research_81_cost3_used: 0 (unused)
research_81_required_tech_amount: 2 (tool age)
research_81_location: 84 (market)
research_81_name_language: 7026
research_81_help_language: 8026
research_81_time: 40 (seconds)
research_81_effect: 36
research_81_unknown01: 4
research_81_icon: 90
research_81_button: 6
research_81_pointer: 107026 157026
research_81_unknown02: 0
research_81_name1_length: 14
research_81_name1: Domestication

Values I've changed for Domestication:

research_81_cost1_amount: 0 (wood cost: 0)
research_81_cost2_amount: 0 (food cost: 0)
research_81_time: 1 (research in 1s)
research_81_required_tech_amount: 0(stone age)

Also if we wanna build a market before the tool age lets take a look at this:

research_94_required_tech: 101 10 -1 -1
research_94_cost1_type: -1
research_94_cost1_amount: 0
research_94_cost1_used: 0
research_94_cost2_type: -1
research_94_cost2_amount: 0
research_94_cost2_used: 0
research_94_cost3_type: -1
research_94_cost3_amount: 0
research_94_cost3_used: 0
research_94_required_tech_amount: 2
research_94_location: -1
research_94_name_language: 0
research_94_help_language: 0
research_94_time: 0
research_94_effect: 77
research_94_unknown01: 0
research_94_icon: 0
research_94_button: 0
research_94_pointer: -1 -1
research_94_unknown02: 0
research_94_name1_length: 25
research_94_name1: Granary+Tool Age->Market

If you take a look at the last line and first line you know that 101 = Tool Age.

If you want to build a market and upgrade domestication in stone age change the following line:

research_94_required_tech_amount: 0

Credits: zapdotep and scenario tc.

[Edited on 08/15/10 @ 02:28 AM]

File Author
The main purpose was to simulate the effects of farm bug while playing multiplayer games on AoE1.0c/RoR1.0a, to prevent hacking. A representative of a large Vietnamese gaming community (~20,000 players) appealed to us for help to prevent hacking in multiplayer games (see posts by Conborua in the forum). Vietnamese usually play 1.0, which has farm bug. Use of farm bug is not considered cheating. Expert players have gotten used to using the farm bug, and current strategy best-practices depend on it. However, 1.0 version is very vulnerable to hacking. 1.0a has some anti-hacking added, but farm bug was also fixed so Vietnamese players won't play 1.0a. I suggested playing 1.0a with this mod added, so that the computational effect of farm bug (a single payment of wood to build each farm yields a steady, unending supply of food) is simulated. But even this was too much change to be accepted - i guess they also want the element of having to multitask and keep refreshing their farms using the farm bug - which this mod obviates.
So making market available in stone age is not useful, Sorry.
rexhepiarian ok, so I've uncompresed empires.dat to empires.hex
then opened it with hex workshop
and then I want to find this "techage" string but there is none
then I search for research but I can only find research.wav

can someone please explain me how to get infinite farms manualy because I am already using a modified empires.dat wich doesnt have infinte farms.
File Author
@rexhepiarian: I used AoEd/RoRd by Scenario_T_C to make this, but newer modding software is now available. Try ask in the modding forum:

[Edited on 05/22/13 @ 10:41 PM]

volume so i guess with this plow and irrigation are essentially useless? unless maybe increase farmer carry/work rate?
Rating: 3.5
A useful mod and nicely put together (even includes the text for the patches.txt file, if you ever want to recreate it in AoED/RoRD). The patch works in AoE and RoR.

The only issue is a minor cosmetic bug, as the amount of food in the farm is so large the text overlaps on the interface. However, a farm has no command buttons so there is no real impact.

The two later farm techs are also pretty much redundant.

Additional Comments:
Worth checking out if infinite food is your thing. It is a shame that more couldn't be done to either remove the redundant techs or make them do something else.
darkworriar @ZacG can you help me to open the data files?

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