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Downloads Home » Rise of Rome: Single Player Campaigns » 'The Prophecy of Raviyl - The Awakening' Part 1, The Island of Ugahond

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'The Prophecy of Raviyl - The Awakening' Part 1, The Island of Ugahond

Author File Description
File Details
Number of Scenarios: 5
Difficulty: Mod-Hard
"The Prophecy of Raviyl: The Awakening. Part 1, The Island of Ugahond"
Designed and updated by Timothy McKenzie 1st December 2009.
You can contact me from either the Age of Empires Heaven forum, 'Last Epic Campaign' thread

Age of Empires, The Rise of Rome: version 1.0
version 1.0!
version 1.0!!
version 1.0!!!

This is a re-engineered version of 'Ugahond Trial version'. So if you have that campaign
installed then it is now obsolete. This new version has repaired many bugs as well as
introduced a host of new features making it worthy as a seperate file. A complete list of
changes and features are listed under 'update'.

Odian has fallen. Anarchy rules the shattered empire of Kodena. A fanatic cult
known as Talak'Na has risen to power and threatens to engulf what is left into an
inescapable tyranny under the Arch Priest Jivoss - A Monster of cruel and creative genius.
People live in terror of the present, regret of the past, and in fear of the future. A
Saviour may bring the hope of peace or prison of death. In this, a mysterious hero has
awakened; without an identity or a purpose, Gazan Murd'as has washed ashore on a isolated
island, Ugahond. The natives are in a war. Vrukok, a sinister servant of Jivoss, has also
suddenly arrived on the island and has subverted all he has found into conflict. Gazan must
Find his purpose and restore harmony to this sacred place as his first step on the windy
road to truth. To this powerful and unknown power that is "THE PROPHECY OF RAVIYL"

First extract the downloaded folder, then simply copy the 'Prophecy of Raviyl - The Awakening, Part 1 - The Island of Ugahond.cpx'
from the Ugahond Instalment folder into your Age of Empires campaign folder. Run Age of
Empires and access the campaign from the single player campagin menu to enjoy. Run the
campaign on 'Hard' difficulty for best results. (I am serious, there may be bugs on
'Hardest' because the computer players therefore get the benefit of 2000 of every resource
making the third scenario an instant fail!)

Bonus Features:
A small preview of screenshots of the Next Instalment 'The Jungle's of Ati'lok' coming
soon, probably late January or early February 2010. Check Granary section of the Age of
Empires Heaven site for new files OR the 'Last Epic Campaign' topic thread in their forums
for updates. The pictures are inside the 'Coming Soon' folder.
A walkthrough is also provided to help players navigate their way through the campaign and
as source of extra information. this is located in the main folder.

In the pursuit of perfection I decided that a re-make of the original campaign was in order,
so I tried to enhance all the selling aspects of the original 'Ugahond Trial Version' as
well as strengthen it's weaknesses. In that note:

1. The general terrain has been vastly improved in most areas Including:
textured sand/dirt, beach sand, damp sand, small tides, forest grass, meadow grass,
Mountain earth.

2.General forest clumps have been re-textured to add thickness and accuracy to a tropical

3.New features such as improved rock pools and water spray has been added.
4.bitmaps have been vastly improved and provide valuable technical information to every

5. Several grammar and spelling checks have covered most mistakes however spelling
gravitates to American spelling such as 'artifact' instead of 'artefact'. Where unusual
grammar is encountered it is for the purposes of the story and as everyone should know
that in the nature of communication, the purpose and meaning of a text takes precedence
over it's form. If you can read it and understand it this should be enough.
Also the text itself is spaced out a bit more to aid in reading.

6.'A Savage Island' features new objectives and improved old ones. Also to aid effect to
the feel of the scenario the village is burning after being attacked by the lions. General
difficulty has been increased.

7.'Blood Sacrifice' has seen a fix on a trigger bug for the ruin countdown. Rithic now
attacks from a barracks which becomes an optional objective to destroy. Also Kyrura now
have unique 'architecture'. The starting situation for the scenario has also been changed.

8.'Survival of the fittest' as seen many bug fixes including the deer objective moved to be
optional. This was due to the constant failure of executing this objective. Rescuing Zuru
has been fixed too. All the villages have been remodelled and have extended their territory.
The granary trap at the start is really too insignificant to change. Additional extra units
can now be discovered.

9.'Confrontation' has had an improvement in nearly all areas. Firstly your starting
location has changed and has been added to be a new objective adding tension to the
scenario. A new 'rocky' terrain feature has been added to fill up otherwise empty space.
Zuru from the previous level makes an appearance. Merchant ships have been changed to
storage pits for a better version of the woman and children rescue objective. Rithica now
also trains more clubmen from more locations that need to be destroyed in order to access
your own barracks. Ecklo can actually be accessed a lot easier now than before. More gaia
units can be discovered now by exploring. Finally the Igano village as slightly more detail
and can be seen clearly by the human player at all times to monitor the situation.

10.'Heart of the Tribes' Whilst being probably the best of all the original scenarios it
too has seen significant work. Rithica have been really upped in the strength department
with a whole rework of their village. The Rithican bodyguard make their present felt much
more often in the scenario and many of the other tribes now have upgraded arms and armour
making the game challenge more diverse and enjoyable. More Gaia units including valuable
axmen can be found and hired. A staging ground has been added to the northern island with
extra transports for player convenience. A huge initial battle has also been added to give
the unique 'EPIC' feel to this climatic scenario. Every enemy tribe now have forward
bases to be dealt with to add another layer of difficulty keeping the old blood pumping.
I found the original rock pools to be a bit messy so I gave them a bit of a make over. The
messiness hasn't changed but it looks nicer I suppose...

Personal Notes:
I would like to thank first Jesus Christ my personal saviour as the ultimate inspiration
and strength.

Secondly to Ensemble studios who created 'Age of Empires' they made a great game, and
probably made better by it's fans.
Microsoft of course because they had a hand in it and probably in most of the affairs of
the world anyway.

My dad for putting up with me.

The Age of Empires Heaven Internet Community. Of which inspiration, friendship, and
occasional -worship- has always been appreciated. (Although misquoting has not, Rasteve!)
The AoEH forumers Zapdotep, Trislo, Fudgy, Jotaf98, Stoyan Ratchev, Martin Sturm,
and (Rasteve) for their advanced editors, game resources and bug fixes.

The AoeH forumers Ninetails, The Dark Archer, MRCHEEZE, Nezon, Fruktfisk, Suppiluliuma,
Nacht Jaeger, Basse, Nanodude, Kelcin, Blatant7, Mapppp,Eden Cook, HMFSFM, and everyone who
voted me to victory in the Age of Empires Heaven Yearly Awards ceremony. Your support helps
me, your criticism drives me, and your acceptance of my insanity simply intrigues me.

Finally to Annon Guy, probable smurf, who was hell bent on sabotaging my campaign,
ruining my good name, and generally causing havoc on the AoEH forums, which was my job.
I am still laughing at your attacks on the orignality of this campaign. May your memory
never die.

Thank you sincerely for downloading and playing this campaign. I spent a long time
designing it and I hope this reflects in the quality of it and in your enjoyment of it too.

Timothy McKenzie

- Message recieved by Timothy McKenzie, Co-Chair of the executive board of the 4.49 Confederacy of 'Gumble' -
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Helelix omg, epic Gumble. Didn't expect to see this when I looked at the downloads list this morning. All I can say is no more modern warfare 2 until I have completed this campaign.
File Author
Gumble expects honest reviews from his critics. But one should see the high standard Gumble has put into his campaign.

Helelix Gumble took in all your previous comments when creating this remake. Specifically the ruin trigger bug you encountered when playng 'Blood Sacrifice' will no longer occur. Do remember that for best results play it on 'Hard' difficulty setting.

[Edited on 12/02/09 @ 06:54 PM]

File Author
Dam Gumble knew he forgot to thank somebody and it happened to be his number one fan. Sorry Helelix, Gumble thanks you for your support too.

Gumble is such a moo-moo.
Axoren I must play... after exams D:
darkberserk I'm gonna play it now in the weekend ;) But luckily enough I will suppress my addiction to MW2 for a while xD
IICDO I have downloaded this and am currently on scenario 3 this looks amazing so far and I enjoy the difficulty of each scenario.
TailSpray Oh boy! I leave for a few days and this is uploaded! I've been looking forward to this, perhaps my contest entry can wait a little longer...

HEY! I just realized your evil strategy, waiting to release this in the middle of a contest. After building up anticipation for this for months, knowing that no one can resist your exhortations of your own work, you hope to bog down everyone else's design time and trap them in your mesmerizing campaign!
TailSpray HOLY SMOKES! I just looked at those screenshots, and I just don't recognize the game I've come to know and love anymore! It's been totally transformed into a platform for Gumbleness.
File Author
Actually Ninetails Gumble sabotaged his own war effort making this release. Gumble now only has time to do half of the scenarios he was planning.

does this mean someone other than Gumble can review these now because Gumble is really hesitant to do so.
Map Design5.0
Okay, if this will keep poor Gumble from doing something drastic, I'll review this.

UPDATE: Because Gumble won a bet that he could win the latest campaign contest, I have to give him the 5.0 that he claims he deserves. If there is a disparity between my written review and the actual score, then you know why.

Playability: 4.8
The playability was very good: Especially in the last scenario, where you had two separate paths to follow that eventually opened up into each other. However, things could get confusing at times when dealing with enemies on all fronts while trying to protect villagers and keep up resources. Still, the challenges presented throughout this installation stay fresh.

Balance: 4.9
Very hard, but never impossible. Having to balance econ with military is always difficult, but when restricted to the stone age it gets harder, if simpler.

My only balance complaint would be in the first scenario, where it's just you vs. animals. Once you get enough villagers, you can crush anything in your path. I understand the nature of the scenario mandates this, but it is what it is.

Of all the scenarios, I'd say that the balance on the last one is the best. You're always on your toes, and you have to fight tooth-and-nail for every tile on the map against superior enemies.

Creativity: 5
Okay, I don't think that anyone will argue with me when I say that Gumble is the most creative designer around right now, and if the rest of this campaign holds up to the standards shown here, then he may just end up being the most creative of all time. Whether it's a briliant puzzle or innovative unit trick, there's plenty here to wow you and then some. I really don't want to give anything away, but I would very much suggest trying it yourself and experiencing it firsthand.

Oh yes, and there's another way in which Gumble's creativity stands out:

Map Design: 5
I have never seen so many different terrains invented, or so many structures created out of tree stumps, missiles, and buildings thrown together to splendid effect. I can't really describe Gumble's map design adequately in words, and it frustrates me, because that's what you're supposed to do in a review, but the level of eye candy in this campaign defies description.

Of course, map design isn't just a lot of fancy tricks, the whole experience would fall apart if the map wasn't conductive to gameplay, and let me tell you, this map is laid out terribly! The whole thing's a bloody mess!

Okay, maybe not. In fact, the layout, like everything else, is perfect, but I didn't want to sound too repetitive there. :P

The whole map contributes greatly to the playability and balance due to how well everything is shaped to streamline gameplay while also presenting various challenges to overcome. The resources are placed with scrooge-like stinginess in order to force you to reach out beyond your base while conserving as much as possible.

Story/Instructions: 4.9
Let me point out right now that the only reason I took a point off was because the story was too long and I didn't read every last bit.

Now before you start getting onto me for that, perhaps you should go and read the entire thing yourself and then tell me it's not too long.

However, even though I skipped a good bit of the story early on, I found myself getting dragged into it as the campaign progressed, and as I reached the end I found that I really wanted to find out what came next. The plot is detailed (perhaps so mush as to become difficult) and deep, well grounded in the overall atmosphere of the campaign.

Oh, what's the use? the story in the first two scenarios puts me to sleep, I've tried to read that sucker five times already and not made it anywhere. Strangely, it seems like it should be exciting, and it's wonderfully written, but I can't read it and stay awake. Still, it picks up pace as things get moving along.

The scenario instructions are pretty clear and detailed, and the bitmaps are quite good. Not great, mind you, but far superior to most I've seen, and the fact that they're even there really helps things.

Additional Comments:
Fantastic! Glorious! Groundbreaking! Just don't read the story. ;)

Seriously, I really enjoyed the whole campaign from start to finish and would reccomend it to anyh experienced AoE player.

I'd also just like to add that the fifth scenario is an absolute gem, even better than all the others combined, I think. Quite possibly one of the most fun AoE games I've ever played.

[Edited on 11/13/10 @ 10:51 AM]

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