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Old man needs help

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Difficulty: Hard
This scenario was only made for fun when I was bored and thought it would be fun to play around with the editor.

You are a long swords man with some other men who finds an old man in the forest and he needs your help.

This is my first scenario here and I hope you like it. It is quite easy but it might take some time to finish it.

*Update* I uploaded the wrong scenario first but now I have changed to the right one

*Update II* Someone told me that there was a few bugs in the scenario. Now I hope that I have fixed them correctly.

*Update III* Gave the teams tribe names and added some text some of the messages
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.6
-SPOILER WARNING- Game secrets may follow
Genre is fiction
Scenario can be completed in under an hour
Difficulty is medium
Game style is build-up-and-destroy

Playability – 3.1
Quite a fun little gem to play. Simply a tool age army verses another Tool-aged army on a very small map. Objectives are simple. Destroy your opponent’s 3 town centres, accumulate a few resources, and defend your heroes. Your also meant to kill player 3 which is a bit mean considering they are your trading ally. But this annoying objective is remedied by completely defeating player 2 which causes a win. This Victory bug is actually preferable to the original objectives. A small map doesn’t mean a small battle however, the red player is very well established, and her many, MANY towers make breathing difficult. The only real threat to your village is by river, and a couple of ships will solve that. This makes defending your heroes a little unnecessary as they don’t really participate in this battle.

Balance – 3.2
Ultimately the red player is set on defence and this means for an easy win. Defeating a defensive player is not challenging if they don’t rebuild their defences. A Beginning player should find this scenario a little tricky but quite enjoyable. The greatest asset (and greatest weakness) is the size of the map. Too many towers is annoying but the small size makes for a great hour-brake type scenario. Replayabillity is lower as this is another 1-hit-wonder type of scenario.

Creativity – 3.8
One of the stronger elements of this scenario, are very detailed forest, with a nice dirt path. The little island is neat as is the ladder. (Gumble hisses at this point, as Basse has done a trick he was planning himself but released it first) The red village looks pretty good but a bit more work to be awesome. The problem with creativity is that it affects every other category. A good storyline, a clever opponent, a physically difficult map with varying challenges are all hallmarks of great design. This scenario is fantastic in terrain rendering but lacks in the other aspects.

Map Design – 3.6
Again, the map design was interesting visually but it was mostly eye-candy. There wasn’t any real epic battles or strong resource management. The farm thing was a little stupid because it is right next to the start. Again just a build-and-destroy objective is not going to score higher than average since map layout was fairly mundane.

Story/instructions – 1.7
The scenario reveals itself just to be an experiment of the designer so know thought has been given to anything other than the objectives.

Additional Comments:
Since this is simply just an idea Basse is playing around with then, Gumble doesn’t need to be too critical. If he is expecting to release a proper campaign then Gumble would play it. A beautiful but ‘empty’ map in terms of tactical/playing challenges. A minor bug in the VC’s is actually welcomed.

Suggestions(for a possible campaigns):
1. Your landscapes are great but thought needs to be given to it’s practicality.
2. An enemy who simply camps isn’t that challenging. Give them a route to your village.
3. Multiple game styles always add a challenging and enjoyable aspect to a scenario. A fixed-force to find the old man hidden in the forest, or a puzzle to slay the red village leader perhaps?
4. Make sure those VC’s work correctly and actually have a point. 100% exploration was entirely pointless. Creative VC’s make for FANTASTIC scenarios.
5. Leave yellow alone, they are nice, friendly people!
6. A bigger map means more room for extra challenges, and breathing space from all those towers.
7. More tricks like the ladder would be greatly appreciated. Making the ladder usable is the way to get ‘5’ rated scores!
8. A history, hints, and an actual story is required for it to be acceptable. Things like a bitmap, edited language .dll files, and ‘extras’ are what gets perfect scores.

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Map Design3.6
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