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Agent Of A Foreign Power

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Number of Scenarios: 1
Difficulty: Mod-Hard

Sarion is a jewel of the coast. It is a city of broad streets and sumptuous villas, grown rich on trade. It is no surprise that the hungry eye of King Darius has now turned to it, and even now his fleet lurks just beyond the horizon. Yet Sarion is not weak, and King Astigo has ensured that the formidable defences have not been neglected. More importantly still, the man himself exerts iron discipline and commands utter loyalty. While he still lives, Sarion is as strong a city as any on the coast.

It is two years before the events in Kharoun, but Darius is the same as ever. As always, he has no intention of fighting his enemy at their strongest, so once again he turns to his spies and assassins. However, news has filtered through that even as the invasion fleet draws close the plot has been foiled. King Astigo still lives, and the ringleader of Darius' spies has been imprisoned. With Sarion at risk of slipping from his grasp, he looks once again to his greatest servant - Jason.

I hope you enjoy this second little offering, all comments and reviews will be warmly appreciated.

UPDATE I (after 9 downloads)
- Loopholes closed
- Final battle made more difficult
- Instructions slightly clarified
- Bitmap added

UPDATE II (after 13 downloads)
- Another loophole closed. Player should no longer be able to build.
- Instructions clarified further

UPDATE III (after 20 downloads)
- Victory condition bug fixed/
- Optional objective to capture Gaia units fixed.
- Wall foundations trick disabled.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.2
Review updated for Author’s bug fixes
SPOILER WARNING – Game secrets may follow
Genre is a sort of historical fiction
Currently this scenario can be completed in under an hour
Difficulty can range from difficult to easy depending how you play the game
Game style is a mixture of fixed-force, quest, Puzzle-Escape, and assassinate against the clock

Playability 4.3
Much improved since Gumble lasted played the updated version. Because a lot of the tricks and player ‘variables’ have been seen too, Game play is a lot more linear but very much more stable. One’s mission sounds familiar: Bust out of jail, assassinate a King, escape a city, and search and destroy. Every one of these objectives has unique aspects which new and experienced players will enjoy. Stick to the objectives, don’t try anything fancy, and you should have a good time.

Balance 3.9
There limitations to this score because of the fact that there is only ONE way to complete the scenario. Sure little short cuts can be taken here and there but if one tries to anything silly it’s liable to blow up in one’s face. A completely novice player will have a lot of difficulty with this scenario. For example: jumping off a bridge into a boat needs more than simply a vague hint of ‘leap of faith.’ Unless one keeps failing the scenario there is no real need to do it more than twice. This scenario is great and fun sure, but more of a 1 hit wonder type. Play it, enjoy it, put it away.

Creativity 4.2
Now this is a cool scenario. Very well mapped out city with many little design tricks here and there including water spray and alternative water rocks. What takes the cake is the ‘land Merchants’. These simple trade boats that move around in shallows. But the water has been covered with desert paths making it look like land boats. A very clever trick. If one ‘interacts’ with them they will also be rewarded. The story is concise and clear but is clearly part of a larger story. The added bitmap is neat too. The assonate trick is interesting but is buggy at best. A trigger is nasty if one can actually see the Hero Hannibal stomping around in the trees. The raft escape is especially exciting.

Map Design 4.2
Not a lot of new things to say here. The city is definitely unique if a little lifeless.
There also seem to be a lot of pine trees for a Mediterranean port. Again there is a little inconsistency with the story citing that Darius is military weak but he has quite a formidable army hiding in plain sight in front of the city. The Merchant ship puzzle is cool as is the villager quest in the royal palace. Last bit of advice: Hide the triggers and make sure they are permanent.

Story/instructions 4.4
The story is interesting and there are a few clever jokes hidden in the text. Objectives are so clear now there is no room for confusion. Making the hints however less subtle would certainly help. As is making a walkthrough in the history section would help A LOT. Also a brief piece explaining the greater situation of the campaign’s story would also be nice. The bit map adds more completeness to the scenario.

Final comments:
These updates have vastly improved the quality of this work. This Scenario is recommend by the reviewer, Gumble.

To Improve even further: (subjective opinion)
1. Add a back story to the scenario as well as a walkthrough
2. Add an alternative means to assassinate the King
3. Move the cataprachts around the city to make interesting tactical challenges
4. Make a mobile (patrolling) guard to add more strategy and a randomness factor
5. The city needs life! Boats, villagers, trades people, priests, officials! Make the city breath!
6. Move the fleet back behind an island, adds realism
7. Unseen triggers are better than seen ones
8. The surrounding land could see a little bit of work.
9. The prison puzzle could be trickier
10. The raft can discover the fleet before the king turns on you. This is a major flaw and needs to be seen too.
11. Also King Astigo eventually becomes your ally again, this may need fixing.
12. This may be a bit much but another seaside village between Jason and the fleet would add another interesting challenge as he would be a wanted man. Perhaps shifting the ‘Common Peoples’ little village?

Meeting these points would most likely see this scenario receive a perfect score.

[Edited on 10/04/09 @ 11:55 PM]

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Map Design4.2
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