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RoR: RasPatch

Author File Description
rasteve --------------------

Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome RasPatch
Beta v0.5

Designed and developed by Rasteve, 2009

©b-OMNI-Fan Site, 2009
All rights reserved.

Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome RasPatch is an unofficial modification.

This patch is not associated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation.

Age of Empires and The Rise of Rome Expansion software is the property of
Microsoft Corporation © 1997 - 1998.

Age of Empires is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States
and/or other countries.

All rights reserved.


By installing this patch you are automatically agreeing to and show that you have read
and understood the terms and conditions contained within this document. If you do not
agree you must not use this patch. Any installed files must be removed from your
computer following the steps outlined in the uninstallation section of this document.


This patch is released under a freeware license agreement. The patch is provided free of
charge. It can be used as many times as you like, for as long as you like. You may copy
and distribute copies of this patch provided that all copies are complete. You are not
permitted to issue copies of individual files or to remove copyright and warranty
notices. You must not charge a fee for the patch to anyone unless prior permission is
granted by the copyright holder.


This patch is provided "as is" without warranties of any kind, either expressed or
implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and
fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of
the patch is with you. Should the patch prove defective, you assume the cost of all
necessary servicing, repair or correction. In no event will the copyright holder be
liable to you for damages, including any general, special, incidental or consequential
damages arising out of the use or inability to use the patch (including but not limited
to loss of data or data being rendered inaccurate or losses substained by you or third
parties or a failure of the patch to operate with any other programs).


Age of Empires installed
Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome Expansion installed
US Language version
Rise of Rome v1.0a patch installed (see link below)


Before starting ensure that you have met the above requirements. Note that installation
will not affect your current Age of Empires or Rise of Rome installation, however copies
of required game files may be made by the installation process. For best results
follow the below instructions from a fresh installation of Rise of Rome:

1 - copy the install folder and install.bat to your Age of Empires game directory

2 - double click the install.bat file

3 - double click patchbeta.exe

4 - enjoy!


Delete the following from your Age of Empires game directory:

1 - patch directory

2 - aoep directory

3 - patchbeta.exe

4 - patchlng.dll

5 - patchlngx.dll

6 - patch.txt

Delete the following from your campaign directory:

1 - DMUnstable.cpx

2 - DMTestPack.cpx

3 - RMTestPack.cpx


This version has been tested for single player compatability with no major issues raised.

This version has been tested for multiplayer compatability. If you are experienced
with the game files you can test balance changes via IGZ, GameSpy, GameRanger or other
methods. All players must perform the following steps otherwise the multiplayer game
will show out-of-sync errors:

1 - make a backup copy of your data2/empires.dat file

2 - overwrite data2/empires.dat with patch/empires.dat

3 - run EMPIRESX.exe

When finished testing use your backup of data2/empires.dat to overwrite your current


This is a modification to improve the Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome Expansion
gameplay, including enhancements, balance changes and bug fixes. A full list of changes
can be found below.

Please be aware that this modification does not have the intention of replacing
Microsoft's Age of Empires or The Rise of Rome Expansion, which may cause financial or
other harm to Microsoft Corporation. This modification should be viewed as an
alternative choice for the user. You are required to have the full versions of both
Age of Empires and The Rise of Rome Expansion installed.

Only modified versions of the game files are created or included during installation.
These cannot be used to create an illegal copy of Microsoft's Age of Empires or The Rise
of Rome Expansion.


- Single player games now have 200 population limits as default

- Civilisation unique bonuses improved to strengthen weaknesses

- Super units have unique abilities

- Iron age market technologies have special bonuses

- Ships and buildings are prone to fire damage

- Shield upgrades apply to all units with a shield

- Gaia buildings have the Roman tileset

- Installation does not overwrite original game files


- Cataphracts have double LOS (super ability)

- Legions train 6 seconds faster (super ability)

- Centurions have 1 range (super ability)

- Gold mines have +200 gold

- Stone mines have +50 stone

- Foot archers have 90% accuracy (previously 100%)

- Mounted archers have 80% accuracy (previously 100%)

- Clubmen, axemen and short swordsmen no longer affected by shield technologies

- Scythe chariot, heavy cavalry and cataphracts affected by shield technologies

- Broad, long, legion, hoplites, phalanx, centies and scythes start with 1 pierce

- Heavy horse archers speed increased to 2.6 (previously 2.5)

- Fire galley deals 12 fire damage (shield and armour cannot reduce damage)

- Fire galley deals +12 bonus vs ships and buildings (no change vs ships)

- Scouts have 12 LOS (no longer increased with each age advancement)

- Stone throwers, catapults and heavy catapults minimum range +1 (3)

- All farm technologies +150 food yield (previously +75)

- All wood technologies +25% woodcutter work rate (previously +0.2 work/sec)

- All stone technologies +40% stone miner work rate (previously +0.3 work/sec)

- All gold technologies +40% gold miner work rate (previously +0.3 work/sec +25% coinage)

- All gold technologies +2 gold carriage (previously +3)

- Coinage increases gold mine yield (amount of gold) by 40% (previously 25%)

- Craftsmanship increases arrow and missile speed by 20%

- Irrigation reduces farm cost by 50%

- Jihad +20% villager speed (previously +0.3 speed)

- Alchemy gives additional +1 bonus vs ships and buildings (including previous effects)

- Assyrian cavalry, heavy cavalry and cataphracts have +2 pierce bonus

- Babylonian stone miners +50% work rate (previously 44%)

- Carthaginian fishing and trade ships have 30% speed increase (like transports)

- Choson short, broad, long and legion have +60 hit points bonus

- Egyptian gold miners +50% work rate (previously 44%)

- Greek slingers have +1 pierce armor bonus

- Minoan improved bowmen also have +2 range and los (like compies)

- Persian hunters +70% work rate (previously 67%)

- Persian scout ship and war galley also have 50% fire rate increase (like triremes)

- Roman barracks units (club, axe, sling, sword) have 33% attack rate bonus

- Cheat units are no longer affected by technologies or civ bonuses

- Hero units are no longer affected by technologies or civ bonuses

- Text improved for technologies (popup help, status line etc)

- More help references added to Rise or Rome content (for future changes to help file)

- Buildings and units have been grouped differently


- Status box text size reduced ("200/200" no longer overlaps command buttons)

- Removed redundant technologies string references (alpha/beta strings no longer required)

- Hero12 is now named Hero Pericles

- Elephant king attack animation now shows correctly

- All trees contain the wood that is displayed in the status box

- Assyrian villager speed bonus of 20% (previously 18%, not 30% as quoted in manual)

- Assyrian archers fire rate bonus of 40% (previously 27% for bowman, 36% for mounted)

- Assyrian placed elephant archers are affected by 40% fire rate bonus (scenario builder)

- Babylonian rejuvenation bonus of 30% (previously 27%)

- Babylonian placed war elephants no longer upgrade to armored eles in post-iron settings

- Carthaginian transport speed bonus of 30% (previously 25% for light, 43% for heavy)

- Carthaginian placed rafts are affected by 30% speed bonus (scenario builder)

- Choson priest cost reduction implemented as a subtraction rather than multiplication

- Choson post-iron barracks now train legions with the hp bonus

- Egyptian nobility yields +33% bonus +15% hp for chariots (previously dropped 1hp)

- Egyptian chariots hp the same whether nobility researched or iron/post-iron start

- Greek heavy infantry speed bonus of 30% (previously 33%)

- Greek warship speed bonus of 25% (previously 17% missile ships, 22% catapult ships)

- Hittite placed triremes are affected by +4 range/LOS bonus (scenario builder)

- Hittite placed impies no longer upgraded to composite bowmen in post-iron settings

- Hittite duplicated afterlife restriction removed

- Minoan post-iron archery range now trains composite bowmen with the range bonus

- Palmyran villagers work rate bonus of 50% (previously ranged between 33% and 50%)

- Palmyran repairman and builder work rate bonus of 50% (previously 0%)

- Palmyran farmers work rate bonus of 50% (previously 0%)

- Persian elephant speed bonus of 50% (previously 56%)

- Persian trireme rate of fire bonus of 50% (previously 39%)

- Persian placed hoplites no longer upgraded to centurions in post-iron settings

- Persian farms no longer benefit from irrigation in post-iron settings

- Phoenician catapult ship rate of fire bonus of 65% (previously 72%)

- Phoenician unknown restriction removed

- Roman swordsman attack rate bonus implemented as a multiplication

- Shang duplicated villager bonus removed

- Sumerian catapult class rate of fire bonus of 50% (previously 43%)

- Yamato villager speed bonus of 20% (previously 18%, not 30% as quoted in manual)

- Yamato ship bonus of 30% (rounded up, previously dropped 1hp and fb/fs at 33%)

- Yamato placed war elephants no longer upgrade to armored eles in post-iron settings

- Phalanx upgrade now adds 1 to researched technologies score within achievements

- Centurion upgrade now affects placed phalanx units (scenario builder)

- Long swordsman upgrade now affects placed broad swordsman units (scenario builder)

- Legion upgrade now affects placed broadies and long swordsman units (scenario builder)

- Trireme upgrade now affects placed war galley units (scenario builder)

- Added fire galley prerequisite text to galley upgrade

- Aristocracy now increases academy units speed by 25% (previously 28%, 21% Greek)

- Added centurion prerequisite text to aristocracy

- Nobility now increases hit points by 15% (rounded up, previously dropped 1hp)

- Added scythe chariot prerequisite text to nobility

- Added ballista tower prerequisite text to ballistics

- Added juggernaught prerequisite text to engineering

- Alchemy now adds the correct attack type to each unit

- Alchemy text now details actual benefits

- Wheel technology increases villager speed by 60% (previously 64%, 54% Assy/Yammy)

- Artisanship now increases LOS for all archery range units (previously omitted mounted)

- Added correct technology effects text to all market technologies

- Catapult upgrade text now follows standard convention

- Heavy catapult upgrade now affects placed catapult units (scenario builder)

- Fixed more help reference for catapult (previously pointed to heavy catapult)

- Cataphract upgrade now affects placed heavy cavalry units (scenario builder)

- Armor text has been changed to make effects clearer

- Added heavy horse archer prerequisite text to chain mail for archers technology

- Added cataphract prerequisite text to metallurgy technology

- Storage pit attack technologies have been altered to remove legacy elephant affects

- Shield text has been changed to make effects clearer

- Armored elephant prerequisite text added to iron shield technology

- Changed the way astrology effect is applied

- Changed astrology research text to include affects on healing rate

- Fanaticism increases rejuvenation rate by 50% or 40% babylon (previously 43% or 34%)

- Legion prerequisite text added to fanaticism technology

- Added babylonian rejuvenation rate change text to fanaticism technology

- Changed medicine research text to declare actual benefit

- Added building exclusions to monotheism research text

- Changed jihad technology text to indicate actual affects

- Changed martyrdom technology text to include enemy priest exclusion

- Guard tower uppgrade now affects placed sentry towers (scenario builder)

- Ballista tower upgrade now affects placed sentry and guard towers (scenario builder)

- Removed duplicated archery range upgrade for iron age advance

- Removed duplicated technology effect from medicine technology

- General reinforcement of technology prerequisites


A number of known limitations have been identified:

1 - Computer player does not go above the 50 population limit

2 - documentation out of date following changes

3 - undocumented/unclear technology effects require clear documentation

4 - multiplayer support

5 - gaia units display incorrect icon

6 - multiplayer game option still defaults to 50 population limits

7 - ranged units can still attack outside of LOS from a diagonal angle

8 - monotheism technology does not reject walls like town centers or wonders

9 - hero/cheat units alchemy shot without attack bonus, and is affected by ballistics

10 - dm test packs are prone to crashing (particulary the Choson maps)

11 - floating rounding issue sometimes causes the loss of 1 resource when gathering

12 - new unit groups will cause units to have unknown attack prioirites

13 - max line of sight is capped at 16 tiles (affects engineering line of sight increase)

14 - craftsmanship affects hero units (missiles are faster)

15 - craftsmanship and irrigation text needs updating


A number of areas have been identified for testing:

- Gold and stone mine increases should tone down chariot archer dominance

- Archers should be less effective and therefore allow for more diverse units

- Greeks should be stronger vs archer civs with new slinger bonus

- Choson should be stronger in bronze with new sword bonus

- Minoan should be less reliant on compies as range bonus now also applies to impies

- Persians should be stronger at sea during tool and bronze

- Carthaginian should be more efficient at sea with trade and fishing

- Scouts should be slightly better during the tool age (LOS)

- Egyptian gold productivity slightly improved

- Babylonian stone productivity slightly improved

- Persian hunter productivity slightly improved

- Farm techs justify costs with significant change on farm micro

- Wood techs are approximately the same

- Stone techs are approximately the same

- Gold techs are approximately the same

- General increase in stone availability

- General increase in gold availability

- Cataphracts should now be the prefered unit vs heavy horse archers and helepolis

- Legion rush can be executed faster

- Centurions should be stronger in packs

- Gold and stone mine increases should make resource dependant strategies stronger

- Choson wars should be faster (rush) but slightly less powerful (less hp)

- Shang should be stronger in DM with superior cataphracts vs archers/missiles

- Catapults should be slightly weaker vs melee units (increased minimum range)

- Farm techs justify costs with significant change on farm micro

- Assyrian villagers are better (w/ jihad and wheel)

- Fire galleys are more useful when rushing enemy docks

- Alchemy makes towers/archers/ships/siege slightly better vs ships/buildings

- Armored eles vs centies outcome is the same (despite new range/pit attack tech change)


- In-game popup help and status line text more imformative for technologies

- Status box (bottom left hand corner) text size is readable

Test Packs

- DM Choson (2 maps)

- DM Egyptian (2 maps)

- DM Persian (2 maps)

- RM Assyrian (2 maps)


0.5 - Technology effects and technology tree enhancements, balancing and fixes
0.4.166 - Irrigation special bonus balance change
0.4.165 - Craftsmanship special bonus balance change
0.4.164 - Palmyran villager group bonus balance change
0.4.163 - Macedonian non-standard unit group bonus balance change
0.4.162 - Macedonian ballistae group bonus balance change
0.4.161 - Macedonian scouts group bonus balance change
0.4.160 - Macedonian swordsmen group bonus balance change
0.4.159 - Yamato horse archers group bonus balance change
0.4.158 - Yamato scouts group bonus balance change
0.4.157 - Yamato cavalry group bonus balance change
0.4.156 - Shang duplicated villager bonus bug fix
0.4.155 - Phoenician restriction bug fix
0.4.154 - Phoenician war elephants group bonus balance change
0.4.153 - Phoenician elephant archers group bonus balance change
0.4.152 - Persian war elephants group bonus balance change
0.4.151 - Persian elephant archers group bonus balance change
0.4.150 - Hittite duplicated afterlife restriction bug fix
0.4.149 - Hittite advanced archer group bonus balance change
0.4.148 - Egyptian chariot archers group bonus balance change
0.4.147 - Egyptian war chariots group bonus balance change
0.4.146 - Egyptian priest group bonus balance change
0.4.145 - Choson swordsmen group bonus balance change
0.4.144 - Choson priest group bonus balance change
0.4.143 - Assyrian cavalry group bonus balance change
0.4.142 - Assyrian advanced bowmen group bonus balance change
0.4.141 - Alchemy damage bug fix
0.4.140 - Architecture technology text balance change
0.4.139 - Craftsmanship technology text balance change
0.4.138 - Siegecraft technology text balance change
0.4.137 - Stone mining technology text balance change
0.4.136 - Gold mining technology text balance change
0.4.135 - Woodworking technology text balance change
0.4.134 - Artisanship technology text balance change
0.4.133 - Engineering catapult ships group balance change
0.4.132 - Coinage technology text balance change
0.4.131 - Wheel technology text balance change
0.4.130 - Catapult ships conversion bug fix
0.4.129 - Fire galley conversion bug fix
0.4.128 - Tower conversion bug fix
0.4.127 - Architecture bug fix
0.4.126 - Craftsmanship bug fix
0.4.125 - Artisanship bug fix
0.4.124 - Woodworking bug fix
0.4.123 - Alchemy bug fix
0.4.122 - Polytheism priests group balance change
0.4.121 - Jihad villagers group balance change
0.4.120 - Astrology priests group balance change
0.4.119 - Mysticism priests group balance change
0.4.118 - Afterlife priests group balance change
0.4.117 - Medicine duplicate effect bug fix
0.4.116 - Martyrdom technology text balance change
0.4.115 - Medicine teechnology text balance change
0.4.114 - Martyrdom technology text balance change
0.4.113 - Polytheism technology text balance change
0.4.112 - Jihad technology text balance change
0.4.111 - Mysticism technology text balance change
0.4.110 - Fanaticism technology text balance change
0.4.109 - Afterlife technology text balance change
0.4.108 - Monotheism technology text balance change
0.4.107 - Chain mail camels group technology text balance change
0.4.106 - Scale armor camels group technology text balance change
0.4.105 - Leather armor camels group technology text balance change
0.4.104 - Advanced bowmen armour bug fix
0.4.103 - Metallurgy bug fix
0.4.102 - Metallurgy camels group technology text balance change
0.4.101 - Metalworking camels group technology text balance change
0.4.100 - Toolworking camels group technology text balance change
0.4.99 - Tower shield technology text balance change
0.4.98 - Iron shield technology text balance change
0.4.97 - Bronze shield technology text balance change
0.4.96 - Metallurgy technology text balance change
0.4.95 - Metallurgy groups balance change
0.4.94 - Metalworking technology text balance change
0.4.93 - Metalworking groups balance change
0.4.92 - Toolworking technology text balance change
0.4.91 - Toolworking groups balance change
0.4.90 - Chain mail cavalry technology text balance change
0.4.89 - Chain mail cavalry groups balance change
0.4.88 - Chain mail archer technology text balance change
0.4.87 - Chain mail archer groups balance change
0.4.86 - Chain mail infantry technology text balance change
0.4.85 - Chain mail infantry groups balance change
0.4.84 - Scale armor cavalry technology text balance change
0.4.83 - Scale armor cavalry groups balance change
0.4.82 - Scale armor archer technology text balance change
0.4.81 - Scale armor archer groups balance change
0.4.80 - Scale armor infantry technology text balance change
0.4.79 - Scale armor infantry groups balance change
0.4.78 - Leather armor cavalry technology text balance change
0.4.77 - Leather armor cavalry groups balance change
0.4.76 - Leather armor archer technology text balance change
0.4.75 - Leather armor archer groups balance change
0.4.74 - Leather armor infantry technology text balance change
0.4.73 - Leather armor infantry groups balance change
0.4.72 - Siegecraft technology text balance change
0.4.71 - Siegecraft groups balance change
0.4.70 - Stone mining technology text balance change
0.4.69 - Stone mining groups balance change
0.4.68 - Coinage technology text balance change
0.4.67 - Gold mining technology text balance change
0.4.66 - Craftsmanship technology text balance change
0.4.65 - Craftsmanship groups balance change
0.4.64 - Artisanship technology text balance change
0.4.63 - Artisanship groups balance change
0.4.62 - Woodworking technology text balance change
0.4.61 - Woodworking groups balance change
0.4.60 - Architecture technology text balance change
0.4.59 - Architecture groups balance change
0.4.58 - Logistics technology text balance change
0.4.57 - Logistics groups balance change
0.4.56 - Aristocracy technology text balance change
0.4.55 - Ballistics technology text balance change
0.4.54 - Ballistics nuke balance change
0.4.53 - Alchemy technology text balance change
0.4.52 - Alchemy groups balance change
0.4.51 - Engineering technology text balance change
0.4.50 - Engineering groups balance change
0.4.49 - Nobility technology text balance change
0.4.48 - Nobility groups balance change
0.4.47 - Fire ships group balance change
0.4.46 - Catapult ships group balance change
0.4.45 - Ballistae group balance change
0.4.44 - Swords group balance change
0.4.43 - Advanced archers balance change
0.4.42 - Camels group balance change
0.4.41 - Scouts group balance change
0.4.40 - Towers group balance change
0.4.39 - Hero towers group balance change
0.4.38 - Scythe chariot upgrade text balance change
0.4.37 - Armored elephant upgrade text balance change
0.4.36 - Cataphract upgrade text balance change
0.4.35 - Heavy cavalry upgrade text balance change
0.4.34 - Galley fire galley prerequisite text balance change
0.4.33 - Juggernaught upgrade text balance change
0.4.32 - Catapult trireme technology text balance change
0.4.31 - Heavy transport upgrade text balance change
0.4.30 - Trireme upgrade text balance change
0.4.29 - Merchant ship upgrade text balance change
0.4.28 - Galley upgrade text balance change
0.4.27 - Fishing ship upgrade text balance change
0.4.26 - Legion upgrade text balance change
0.4.25 - Long sword upgrade text balance change
0.4.24 - Broad sword upgrade text balance change
0.4.23 - Short sword technology text balance change
0.4.22 - Battle axe upgrade text balance change
0.4.21 - Composite bow upgrade text balance change
0.4.20 - Improved bow technology text balance change
0.4.19 - Heavy horse archer upgrade text balance change
0.4.18 - Centurion upgrade text balance change
0.4.17 - Phalanx upgrade text balance change
0.4.16 - Carthaginian raft bug fix
0.4.15 - Yamato armored elephant bug fix
0.4.14 - Persian academy bug fix
0.4.13 - Persian irrigation bug fix
0.4.12 - Hittite trireme bug fix
0.4.11 - Hittite composite bowman bug fix
0.4.10 - Assyrian elephant archer bug fix
0.4.9 - Saint francis bug fix
0.4.8 - Carthaginian fire galley bug fix
0.4.7 - Shield balance change
0.4.6 - Heavy horse archer balance change
0.4.5 - Shang cavalry balance change
0.4.4 - Roman barracks balance change
0.4.3 - Assyrian cavalry balance change
0.4.2 - Coinage bug fix
0.4.1 - Fire galley bug fix

0.4 - Technology enhancements, balancing and fixes
0.3.20 - Installation enhancement
0.3.19 - Shield balance change
0.3.18 - Hero Pericles bug fix
0.3.17 - Centurion range balance change
0.3.16 - Cataphract balance change
0.3.15 - Elephant storage pit balance change
0.3.14 - Galley text balance change
0.3.13 - Oak tree straggler bug fix
0.3.12 - Fire galley attack balance change
0.3.11 - Alchemy bonus damage enhancement
0.3.10 - Coinage bug fix
0.3.9 - Age advance text bug fix
0.3.8 - Temple technology text balance change
0.3.7 - Wall and tower upgrade text balance change
0.3.6 - Storage pit text bug fix
0.3.5 - Market technology text bug fix
0.3.4 - Government centre technology text balance change
0.3.3 - Logistics text bug fix
0.3.2 - Nobility scout text bug fix
0.3.1 - Alchemy slinger text bug fix

0.3 - AI/PER script improvements with additional enhancements, balancing and fixes
0.2.40 - Executable generation enhancement
0.2.39 - Redundant cancelled technologies bug fix
0.2.38 - Persian deathmatch balance change
0.2.37 - Egyptian deathmatch balance change
0.2.36 - Assyrian bronze archer balance change
0.2.35 - Choson deathmatch balance change
0.2.34 - Alchemy bug fix
0.2.33 - Egyptian nobility bug fix
0.2.32 - Yamato ship bonus bug fix
0.2.31 - Nobility bug fix
0.2.30 - Centurion range balance change
0.2.29 - Shang cavalry balance change
0.2.28 - Carthaginian ship balance change
0.2.27 - Heavy cavalry balance change
0.2.26 - Cataphract balance change
0.2.25 - Persian warship balance change
0.2.24 - Minoan archer balance change
0.2.23 - Choson swordsman balance change
0.2.22 - Farm text balance change
0.2.21 - Farm technologies balance change
0.2.20 - Stone mine balance change
0.2.19 - Coinage text bug fix
0.2.18 - Coinage bug fix
0.2.17 - Siegecraft text bug fix
0.2.16 - Age advance archery range bug fix
0.2.15 - Rise of rome technologies help file link balance change
0.2.14 - Catapult help file link bug fix
0.2.13 - War galley text bug fix
0.2.12 - Age advance popup help text balance change
0.2.11 - Storage pit technologies popup help text balance change
0.2.10 - Temple technologies popup help text balance change
0.2.9 - Market technologies popup help text balance change
0.2.8 - Government centre technologies popup help text balance change
0.2.7 - Enabling popup help text balance change
0.2.6 - Upgrade popup help text balance change
0.2.5 - Redundant technology strings bug fix
0.2.4 - Technology prerequisites bug fix
0.2.3 - Babylonian armoured elephant bug fix
0.2.2 - Ballista tower upgrade bug fix
0.2.1 - Guard tower upgrade bug fix

0.2 - Minor enhancements, balancing and fixes
0.1.40 - Trireme upgrade bug fix
0.1.39 - Heavy cavalry balance change
0.1.38 - Scout line of sight balance change
0.1.37 - Centurion upgrade bug fix
0.1.36 - Cataphract upgrade bug fix
0.1.35 - Legion upgrade bug fix
0.1.34 - Long swordsman upgrade bug fix
0.1.33 - Heavy catapult upgrade bug fix
0.1.32 - Catapult upgrade text bug fix
0.1.31 - Chain mail for archers research text bug fix
0.1.30 - Metallurgy research text bug fix
0.1.29 - Aristocracy research text bug fix
0.1.28 - Alchemy research text bug fix
0.1.27 - Alchemy bug fix
0.1.26 - Engineering research text bug fix
0.1.25 - Engineering hero and cheat balance change
0.1.24 - Ballistics research text bug fix
0.1.23 - Nobility research text bug fix
0.1.22 - Nobility bug fix
0.1.21 - Market research text bug fix
0.1.20 - Wheel research text bug fix
0.1.19 - Shield technologies text bug fix
0.1.18 - Hand-to-hand attack technologies bug fix
0.1.17 - Hand-to-hand armour research text bug fix
0.1.16 - Hand-to-hand hero and cheat armour balance change
0.1.15 - Man class balance change
0.1.14 - Polytheism saint francis balance change
0.1.13 - Astrology saint francis balance change
0.1.12 - Mysticism saint francis balance change
0.1.11 - Afterlife saint francis balance change
0.1.10 - Martyrdom research text bug fix
0.1.9 - Fanaticism research text bug fix
0.1.8 - Babylonian fanaticism bug fix
0.1.7 - Monotheism reseach text bug fix
0.1.6 - Medicine research text bug fix
0.1.5 - Jihad research text bug fix
0.1.4 - Astrology research text bug fix
0.1.3 - Data directory enhancement
0.1.2 - Gaia building graphic bug fix
0.1.1 - Population capacity text bug fix

0.1 - Major enhancements, balancing and fixes
0.0.40 - Data2 directory enhancement
0.0.39 - Market gold balance change
0.0.38 - Jihad balance change
0.0.37 - Fanaticism bug fix
0.0.36 - Astrology bug fix
0.0.35 - Wheel bug fix
0.0.34 - Market stone balance change
0.0.33 - Market wood balance change
0.0.32 - Aristocracy bug fix
0.0.31 - Roman sword bug fix
0.0.30 - Palmyran villager bug fix
0.0.29 - Carthaginian transport bug fix
0.0.28 - Yamato fishing bug fix
0.0.27 - Yamato villager bug fix
0.0.26 - Sumerian catapult bug fix
0.0.25 - Phoenician catapult ship bug fix
0.0.24 - Choson priest bug fix
0.0.23 - Persian trireme bug fix
0.0.22 - Persian elephant bug fix
0.0.21 - Persian hunter balance change
0.0.20 - Greek warship bug fix
0.0.19 - Greek academy bug fix
0.0.18 - Egyptian gold balance change
0.0.17 - Babylonian stone balance change
0.0.16 - Babylonian priest bug fix
0.0.15 - Assyrian archer bug fix
0.0.14 - Assyrian villager bug fix
0.0.13 - Gaia building tileset enhancement
0.0.12 - Catapult class balance change
0.0.11 - Legion super unit ability enhancement
0.0.10 - Cataphract super unit ability enhancement
0.0.9 - Centurion super unit ability enhancement
0.0.8 - Greek bronze archer balance change
0.0.7 - Bronze archer war balance change
0.0.6 - Tree bug fix
0.0.5 - Multiplayer gold balance change
0.0.4 - Phalanx upgrade bug fix
0.0.3 - Artisanship bug fix
0.0.2 - Elephant king bug fix
0.0.1 - Population limit enhancement
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MrCheeze Seriously, add back the scout LOS increase. Getting rid of that alone is enough for me to not want to use this.
Axoren I agree with Senior Cheeze. Make Scouts more useful.
File Author
? Scouts are better - they automatically start with the previous Bronze Age LOS. The only disadvantage is that they have 2 less LOS in iron age compared to original game.

Remember in the original game the scouts get +2 LOS with each age advancement (undocumented), the change sees the previous bronze age los levels as the set scout los for all ages.
MrCheeze If you look around, just about everyone agrees with me. So even if you don't want to yourself do it for everyone else.
File Author
TBH I don't understand the argument. I made the change to remove the strange +2 los bonus for each age (in that it logically doesnt make any sense). In order to balance the game I gave scouts the previous bronze age level. Scouts move fast so the difference in LOS can be covered quickly (when comparing pre- and post-patch games). Scouts are only slightly disadvantaged in iron (2 less LOS, but can quickly cover the difference by moving for 1 second, as they have speed of 2 tiles/sec), and are better off in stone (scenarios/campaigns) and tool.

From testing I haven't seen any difference, and can only speculate that scouts may be marginally better in RM and marginally worst in DM, but I still cannot see how this margin will affect the outcome of each game.
MrCheeze It doesn't really affect who wins, but it makes endgames much faster (especially against comps that don't resign)
janee123 Nice mod, it balances the game a bit more.

Can someone tell me how to modify unit stats? I already tried opening the empires.dat file with OpenOffice, but that didn't work.


plismo Something I would not agree boosting Assyrian so much they are already so good with the villager speed they will run from axeman faster a tool rush will be harder to accomplish and the archers fire rates its ok from the original game.

Unless you want them to be better at dm should add better legions instead of faster archers at rm they will dominate hittite or egyptian and the other civs will get worse. Something I won't understand then macedonian no longers benefits from shield upgrades that will make them so vulnerables and will make them weaker
against any archer, when they get centurions they can kill elephant archers. The problem is at bronze age which still chariots archers dominate and also roman legions loses against any scythe civilization on 1 legion vs 1 scythe with no shield benefit they will die faster against towers, so romans will depend on scythe and siege. The purpose of the shield on infantry is to be protected against archers the problem is their speed this game will be more like only horse wars legions won't be as good vs archers but I know broadswordmans die really easy on the game vs chariots archers on the normal game.

The other units that might need boost is scout, axeman, and slinger. Slinger is a really good unit but dies quickly against melee units I suggest them to have more hp and against many chariots archers, axeman dies really fast against any archer or tower they should have some resistance against archers and more movement speed so they don't lose insight on villagers, and scouts are easily killed by a group of villagers should have more armor against melee and dies quickly against any tool unit army.

Could you add villager to attack automatically if attacked and scout to attack automatically units to have 2 options agressive or just stand by.

Really nice work by improving food that means chariots that only cost more wood than food will have less production.

Another suggestion I tried this strat on gr some people may had not try these strats others might:

To save economy try doing this try:

testings the bowman should be put in first on fight because their range is shorter.

8 chariots archers and 3 bowman vs 10 chariots archers the 8 chariots archers and 3 bowman wins however by short life.

6 chariots archers 4 chariots vs 10 chariots archers but the chariots needs to be upgraded on full damage to win.

8 composite bowman 5 bowman vs 10 chariots archers 5 composite bowman will be stay alive

8 bowman on iron age upgrade, 6 scythes vs 5 armoured elephants

you create alot of bowman on the normal game because they are cheap and comes out fast and they win margin by higher numbers.

I haven't test slingers combine with hoplite or calvary vs another unit but these combinations are a clue which you can try with the updates to balance it, because slingers comes out fast from barracks you can make alot.

5 axeman, 8 chariots vs 10 scythe both at iron age upgrade

8 chariots vs 5 horse archers both at iron age upgrade

Also watch towers are pretty weak against a any tool rush.

Making more damage against buldings, buildings at aoe series are pretty weak you can make alot of axeman and destroy buildings really quick I suggest adding more hp to walls not to towers just improve watch towers and improving buildings.

Also palmyran at no reveal they are pretty weak because you have less villagers to explore if killed by lions, certain maps are not really balance there is not enough food if you can balance maps, and add new maps would be cool. I suggest palmyran to have +1 armor vs archer because they are expensive to die against archers.

Jihad will make the gathering faster good for dmers bad for rmers. That means if you get to iron first and research jihad you will get alot of advantage and will make macedonian useless alot more disadvantage at economy. The first one to get iron will have alot of economy and also you can mine and control mining gold or stone faster.

[Edited on 07/13/10 @ 02:57 AM]

murdilator You do well, but you really don't get it.

Some things like +15% should remain 14.99%.

Looks good, but the crazed amount of things makes it impossible to follow, and it would be better to keep it simpler.

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