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Friday the 13th: The Dark Ages

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Difficulty: Moderate
It was an idea I came up with while watching Friday the 13th. I also decided a stealthy assassin mission would be a nice change of pace from the majority of AOE maps. I noticed Centurions tend to "patrol" the area so I stuck with them. The houses are merely there to give it a city-like maze.
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MrCheeze I win before I have a chance to do anything...
File Author
I think it's because I set the victory condition as kill all villagers, and they often switch their task stubbornly. Now it's to kill 5 villagers.
MrCheeze You could replace them with clubmen or something...
Map Design1.5
SPOILER WARNING! Game secrets follows
This is a fiction Scenario based on a movie
Its one scenario that can be completed in under a minute
As a difficulty, very easy, the computer does most of the work for you
This is an RPG style

Playability: 1.5
Ok, this scenario was based on the “Friday, the 13th” horror movie. The author said they attempted to recreate the scenario of a homicidal (undead sort of) maniac with a hockey mask and a machete going nuts on a small town. A stealth/assassination idea showed good promise as a fiction scenario. However implementing the idea failed considerably. A bug in the computer PER means this scenario can be completed in under a minute. You’re meant to infiltrate a small maze-like town and wack off a bunch of random villagers. However the villagers are scripted to respond to any attack so once you kill one villager the rest come rushing over to die at your hero’s hands. The ‘police’ (Town watch) don’t need to even to be encountered or avoided for the scenario to be completed. If you reveal the map you also find that the villagers build generic houses/ town centre which in fact blocks off several parts of the maze. If the author wants to fix this, they can either recommend the difficulty set on “hard” and set villager’s resources to 0 or modify the Villagers PER/AI to stop them building anything altogether. It’s these two bugs that greatly reduce the playability score and ruin an otherwise potentially interesting scenario.

Balance: 1
In this case Playability greatly affects Balance as like I previously said, the scenario can be completed without any difficulty in under a minute. The hero is never in any danger unless you specifically make him attack the police and die. The villagers never offer any real resistance. We are told it would be foolish to go through the main gate as the ‘police’ would get Jason (the Hero) but the gate is walled off anyway making the raft through the side entrance THE ONLY way in.

Creativity: 1
Trying to taking after the movie the scenario failed to show any real creative spark. Wacking villagers while fun isn’t a sophisticated VC and the rest of the scenario shows this. Perhaps the less said, the better. There was no tension no drama, and certainly no compelling plot to follow. It would have been great to have seen Jason stalking specific individuals down alleyways in an otherwise bustling town like in the movie itself. Recreate the characters from the movie and the circumstances in which they died in. How about a unique challenge to knock off each target and every one of them under the nose of the police. What if Jason can’t go near water because of his secret fear of it. What if his mother turns up and starts hunting him turning the scenario into a double hunt or be hunted game?

Map Design: 1.5
Maze city was completely dull being composed entirely of houses and a single government centre. I found it amusing that the townspeople only control one building while law enforcement owned the entire town. So it looks to be a military dictatorship. The ‘Maze’ itself was simple in design and could be explored also in under a minute except for certain insignificant paths blocked by the police. The villagers are all isolated from the protection from the police so there is little ‘stealth’ involved. No obvious design tricks were used. I expect this was a ‘spur of the moment’ type thing after watching the movie.

Story/Instructions: 1.5
I can say there are little spelling or grammar errors which certainly goes in the author’s favour. But for people who have never seen the movie then the story will make little to no sense. History was provided for the character himself but didn’t elaborate much. We don’t know who this guy is, his ‘condition’, his ‘mother’, or why he must go around a tiny town and wiping out helpless targets. Victory conditions are laid out clearly and the author was kind enough to explain exactly how to get into the town and pretty much counter the only possible challenging aspect of the game. They are bugged however in saying “Kill all villagers and their market” where in actual fact all you need to do is kill 5 villagers.

Additional Comments:
As it is, I will accept that this scenario was an impulsive action taken after watching a horror movie. It shows this in every aspect of the scenario. However it has HUGE potential to be something really cool. I implore the author to go back and watch the movie and try again. Think dark landscapes and dark forests, murky lakes where a shadowed form emerges… and hunts. THIS IS FRIDAY THE 13th! Think blood massacres and freakish villains. Work on that, build on that theme and then you can make a truly memorable and fantastic scenario. Make every victim hard-to-get and every kill different to the last. Put a time limit on the scenario to add tension. Put in a real character from the movie to add drama. Make the police HUNT for the killer. Make a REAL city with dark alleyways and shadowed corners. Add atmosphere and make it a HORROR scenario. I believe the author is on to something here, he just needs to put in a bit more effort into it.
MrCheeze I think that's pretty harsh...
Gumble The review or the movie?
MrCheeze The review. This scenario is worth about 2.0 or so.
Gumble Then post your own review and be prepared to argue strongly why a scernario that can be completed in under a minute (under 30 seconds if you hurry) should be rated any higher than 1.5?
File Author
I don't get how they could be building things, I gave them 0 resources. As for the problems associated with villagers becoming woodcutters, I turned them into clubmen now. Also, the reason the "military owns everything" is I wanted to fix it so plowing through the houses would actually cause a reaction out of the soldiers, apparently it didn't work.
MrCheeze Gumble always sets the difficulty to hardest, which gives computers 2000 more resources. You probably should'nt use hardest except for random maps.
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Map Design1.5
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