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My Campaign teaser scenerios

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Number of Scenarios: 2
Difficulty: Easy
Since you guys are so keen to see what I am working on after reading the storyline I have put in the first two scenerios as teasers for you guys to feast upon. As these are the first 2 of a 30 scenerio long campaign they are understandably easy and are only meant as groundwork for the storyline. And of course they are set in the stone age and there is only SO MUCH you can do in it. Also no bit maps yet - but hold on im working on it. Well dont spare my feelings get right into them, I would like good constructive feed back from you guys please.

i was very tired. FORGIVE ME MASTER! dont send me to the salt mines again... oh and the comment about to many clumbed crap at the waterfront, thats meant to be wet sand in a ebbing tide plus rocks. I live at the beach. I modled this after my own home here in NZ.
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File Author
Thanks Mrcheeze, apparantly you have a reputation for being a stingy reviewer, and to get 4.5 for a teaser campaign for playtesting is quite pleasing. I had wanted to do the "Kll by own hand trick' but in all honesty I havent worked out how to do it. Eventurly I will but if you wanted to tell me to save time that will be appreciated. Oh and unfortunatly Gazan doesnt have a horse untill latter, Ugahond ecology doesnt include horses or elephants, Tropical island remember? And I take it your not much of a reader right?
MrCheeze I tried to be more generous than last time. (Thus not being sure whether I was overrating or underrating)

-Bring object to object: Gazan/Lion
-Destroy object: Lion

Actually I am a reader, but for some reason I still don't read really long scenario instruction stories. I'm usually too impatient to get to the scenario. *self-eyeroll*
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4.5
The playability is good, there is very little doubt about what your objectives are at any time and going about them is simple enough. There was a previously mentioned issue with the instructions about the lion king, but it's not too hard to figure out. Not much replay value here, but the author stated that the first few scenarios of the campaign (which are represented here) were intended to lay out the plot line rather than to provide a serious challenge. In the second scenario I had some difficulty: I lured the alligator into the cave but when I left to lure the lion the gator followed me and blocked the entrance, I had to lure him in and corner him with house foundations and then go for the lion. I'm not sure if the author tested this bit, but I think this design bit may need to be reconsidered.

Balance: 3.0
As I've already said, the scenarios are easy. Too easy, in fact; the (very few) enemies just stand there and there's no real opposition from two clubmen in the face of 50+ villagers. Perhaps add more military difficulty, or lacking that, a puzzle or two.

Creativity: 4.0
Good story, some innovative terrain rendering and a nice little puzzle/victory condition twist in the second scenario. Even though I can't find very many points here the whole campaign teaser feels fresh and new.

Map Design: 4.0
I would have liked to give a higher score here, but with the recent advances in map design I'll have to push the score back a bit.
That said, I like the various decorative uses of rocks in the scenarios used to mark out important objects. The desert/grass clump terrain also looks nice, I only suggest that the author not overuse it in the other scenarios of the full campaign. I would have liked to see a bridge somewhere in these scenarios, but I guess I'll have to wait for the full campaign for that, I can't expect too many fancy tricks in only two small scenarios.

Story/Instructions: 4.6
I am impressed by the sheer volume of writing here, but the length of the story deterred myself, an avid reader who devours all books in sight. I normally read everything in a scenario but I couldn't bring myself to tackle the whole thing this time. However, what I did read I liked, and the ponits off are for spelling and other errors. That and the length (which was also why I gave it a high score to begin with.) I guess the story comes down to "Too much of a good thing." I would have liked to see bitmaps, but the author has promised that they're on the way and do exist, just that they're still in the works.

Additional Comments:
Go ahead and try this campaign teaser, it's short and won't take too much of your time and while you're at it take in some of the nice views to be had.
File Author
Thanks tailspray, there WAS however a puzzle which you managed to do in a way i diddnt expect... House foundatons very nice. The trick with the trial of Hadan is that Gazan needs to lure a gazelle into the path of the lion which then chases it (hopefully) all the way into the arena and munchs on it for a while. THEN go for the alligator. But the way you did it with magic building plans falling from the sky would have really given Gazan quite the turn... Clever. But prehaps my puzzle was so subtle that people diddnt even realise it was a puzzle. I will have to work on that. But I DO have plans far into the campaign for a "Puzzle Island" type scernio which should frustrate as well as entertain. Thanks again for the review.
MrCheeze I thought you just had to outrun the gator, guess that's what I get for not actually doing it.

EDIT: Another way I guess would be to get the alligator to follow you to the lion. Maybe it's good to have all the different ways to do it?

[Edited on 03/21/09 @ 11:12 AM]

TailSpray That wouldn't work since the gator moves much slower than the lion. I'll give the puzzle a shot with the gazelle.

It doesn't work, maybe I didn't try enough times.

[Edited on 03/21/09 @ 12:39 PM]

File Author
Trust me it DOES work but like I said in hints, timing and chance. Hey its a trial, any way to get the job done right? But the Gazelle trick was the 'standard method', just sometimes the gazelle likes to run the wrong way.
File Author
When it works however it works beautifully, seeing the lion chase the gazelle all the way into the arena only for the gazelle to die on top of the sacrificial circle really captures the feel of the Hadan Trial.
Map Design4.5
I read the thread at the forums a while ago and was interested, so I played this today. Before I begin the review, I'd like to point out that you uploaded it in the wrong section, as the file is for Rise of Rome only. I also haven't written a review for quite some time, so my skills may be a little bit rusty. :)

Playability: 3.5

Certainly an interesting start to your campaign. The two scenarios showcase your own style of designing, with some kind of "fixed force but with villagers approach". While I like the concept, both levels were too long and repititive. I accept that the introductory scenarios should be easy, but if there's not too high of a difficulty, it shouldn't be too long either, or else it gets boring pretty fast. You're doing the same for most of the levels, killing animal after animal. There were some clever twists in the gameplay however, which I liked. The puzzle at the end of scenario two was especially good, unfortunately I read the solution before playing because you didn't put a spoiler warning into your comment above.

Balance: 3

Both levels are pretty easy, which doesn't have to be a bad thing for introductory scenarios, but the easiness just holds on for too long. Once you have found a few villagers in the first scenario, you can basically kill everything from a distance without ever taking a scratch. For quite some time, the only challenge is finding your way. I didn't even use the town center, because I had found enough men to kill anything in my way. I enjoyed the hidden lions though. The second scenario was just as easy, the town center being there from the start on. I don't know if I had found out the puzzle alone, but unfortunately I read the spoiler. I can say though, that it worked fine the first time. I would probably just have typed homerun if it didn't, because the catapult stones that are used as eyecandy prevent from saving.

Creativity: 3.8

The levels are definitely in a different style than most I have seen. The concept is pretty cool, it's just not executed as well as it could have been. Personally, I would have enjoyed more puzzles, instead of just killing one lion or aligator after another without any challenge. There are enough ideas to keep it interesting however, from the nice puzzle in scenario 2 to the inventive map design and the detailed story. The problem is that it's not balanced well enough. There are some very creative parts, while others are rather dull to play.

Map Design: 4.5

Beautiful maps in both scenarios, from perfectly rendered terrain to swampy ponds to overgrown forests. Some nice tricks were used too. And while there could have been some more variety, I'm pretty satisfied with the work done here.

Story/Instructions: 4.5

I actually read all of it, including loss conditions (I resigned just to read it). It's a real shame that there are so many writing mistakes, because the story itself is very interesting and well written. I agree with the others here that it should be shortened, but overall I like what I've read so far.

Additional Comments:

It's not all perfect yet, but these theaser scenarios are pretty promising. There's some work to be done, especially concering balance, gameplay and the story, but I enjoyed playing and am looking forward to the finished product.

[Edited on 04/05/09 @ 06:44 AM]

The Dark Archer 4.1 is a good score for teasers if you ask me. Also using my almighty Admin powers I've moved this to the correct section according to LittleFreak so spam my e-mail if it is now in the wrong section. :P

Edit: Also go NZ. :D

[Edited on 04/14/09 @ 01:22 AM]

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